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For All Euro Spearos

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Bluefish are very common in the spring to fall where we are located New York to Maine and even down to florida... they can get to 15 lbs or more. Alot of people surf fish for them but we don't shoot too many because we're after better tasting gamefish up here in the Northeast.
Small ones are really tasty in here :D
Maybe its about the salinity but who knows...
Thanks again LittleJohn,for your advice about noisy aspetto,and for picture.I think we call it kofana nearly same with your gofari,as you know for centuries the communities around the Aegean Sea have used the same or nearly same words in our lifes.
LittleJohn, is there a Rabitech dealer in Greece? or do you import them?
Aydun...Nothing mate, my pleasure...:)...In lots of Aegean Islands (especially those closest to Turkey) we use turkish words. I was raised on an island called Samos ( which is really close to turkey ), and lots of words and town/ village names have turkish origins...

Memo. Yes, bluefish are really tasty here...:)...There`s a Rabitech/ rob allen dealer, located at Crete island, but i ordered mine directly from rabitech via mail order...
Maybe we should meet at a greek island this summer :)

not a bad idea..
In my opinion Bluefish is one of the best tasting fish the Med or the Black Sea can offer! :p

They come closer to the shore during the late summer/ autumn here. It's a fierce predator and if you see large schools of bait fish (anchovies, sprat) in September/October you can expect bluefish or bonitos. When they hunt they forget about everything and are easy to shoot. The bigger ones like the one on LittleJohn's picture form smaller schools, while normally they come in schools of 7-15 fishes (rarely more in the Black Sea).

LittleJohn, do you use attraction techniques for the Bluefish? When the fish passes by and I don't have a shot, what I do is remain in absolute repose and just twist the tip of the shaft or slowly rotate the gun upside down so the barb of the shaft can open. I guess it looks like a twisting sprat or something, cause the bluefish makes a complete U-turn to check it out. This trick ALWAYS worked for me. Any noise spooks them away.

Here's one of mine:


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Hey wishbone i tried that tirck before on the small Aj and it worked. But i did not do it intentionally. I saw i group of Aj little bigger than bluefish on the picture. They were swimming away i tried to chase them but they ver obviously faster than me:duh :head . So immediatelly stop and they stoped too. Then i point the gun to them and they started to swim to the tip of my gun. Hhehehee...:D
Wishbone...One trick that i do and works at almost any circumstance (especially with bluefish and ambjerjacks), it`s that when i realize that the fish is not going to come any closer ,i`m leaving aspetto position and i`m starting to retreat slowly, whilst i make sounds with my tongue. This makes the fish more curious and they come rapidly to check me out...:)
Another trick that works really well with pelagics, and i use it a lot with amberjacks, is the trick with the reflector. Take a large piece (2x2 feet) of wood (cheap teak will do) or any other hard plastic ,and wrap it with tinfoil (the surface of the tinfoil must be bumpy and not smooth). When doing bottom aspetto, place the reflector exactly in front of you (it must be placed vertically and not horizontally, 45-60 degrees will do). When you`re on mid-water , sink the reflector at the depth you`re doing aspettos (tight the reflector with a rope and sink it either from you boat or your diving balloon)...The reflector works amazingly well, because it attracts fish from long distance. It reflects both sun rays and surrounding enviromment, making a very interesting spectacle for the fish...:)
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Flashers! :D I'll do it as well, by hanging them in front of me from my float...
Yeppers Memo and LittleJohn,

Those should be flashers. They are not popular among our spearos. I can't say it's an ethical or any other reason. We just don't use flashers or chumming. Another reason is that we rarely go after a certain species. It's more like - go and hunt whatever you can get.

However, I've tried the usual sound attractions (with the tongue, knocking on the rocks/mask with the gun or the vibration of the bands) many times on bluefish and bonitos - they didn't respond. Other predators like the seabass and especially my favorite Sciaena Umbra (Brown Meagre I think) do respond positively, but not the Bonito or the Bluefish. Now I don't know about the Amberjacks, cause we don't have them (low salinity).

I dont usually go after a certain specie but new techniques are always welcome in my book. :)
Wishbone...It`s not really ethical as a technique, but if you use it wisely and with respect and you dont spear more than 1-2 fish per time, i think its ok...
Hey LittleJohn,

I don't think it's unethical or something. I personally never thought about it. After all line fishermen use both artificial lures (which ARE flashers) and live bait (which is sort of CHUMMING). So I can't really say whether it is unethical or not.
In my opinion, our guys locally don't use it simply because the eventual results don't justify the dragging of extra equipment and that's it.

The last thing I want is to initiate a major discussion about the ethics of artificial attractions in spearfishing! That would mean another endless discussion without straight answer...

Not to mention that since I've never used it I cannot provide any valid argument... :hmm

Really nice fishes.

The blue Fish we call it "Tassergal" in France.

We do not have a lot of them but for the last few years, we could see episodic catches.

Anyway, I 'm waiting for see one of them in front of my gun!!
hey im from greece also from the island of karpathos. im going to karpathos this summer and will be spearfishing. im only 14 and it will be my first time. by the way nice fish maybe ill have the chance to see some of them.

ps. how do u use the fishbase?
hey im from greece also from the island of karpathos. im going to karpathos this summer and will be spearfishing. im only 14 and it will be my first time. by the way nice fish maybe ill have the chance to see some of them.

ps. how do u use the fishbase?
hey im from greece also from the island of karpathos. im going to karpathos this summer and will be spearfishing. im only 14 and it will be my first time. by the way nice fish maybe ill have the chance to see some of them.

ps. how do u use the fishbase?
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