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Freediving in Rhode Island

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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hey guys
I live in wakefield RI and also dive point judith, ocean rd, and I also have a friend with a boat in avondale,frank hall marina.
Am always looking for new dive buddies too.
Sorry I have not posted much but I just worked out some computer problems. Anyway, Btrone and ActiveMatrix going diving sounds great. Just p/m me when your interested in going. Bunkerspoon how did the move go? I need to purchase a new pair of fins this year do any of you guys have a recommendations for shallow water? I currently have a pair of Ocean Fly fins from OMER but the foot pockets are weak in the back. I had to use wire ties to reinforce them. They still work well but I don't think they will last much longer. Paul, I rarely go to Fort Wetherill b/c all the scuba divers but it is a great place to go when you want a nice relaxing dive.

maybe you got a bad pair, i have the omer tuna comps and i have the riffe fins with the melium foot pockets, bothe are good but the tuna comp fins are alot better, the riffe fins suck the crrapped out. good thing they stopped making them, go try a bunch on, flex the pockes a bunch and see if they will hold up.
Scrounger, Thanks for the reply. Are the Tuna Comps. blades flexible enough for the surface?

they are a bit stiff but, i like them for my more adventurous trip throught the surf and in the narrow river. but i would look for somthing a bit softer. with the softer blades you dont have to worry about overworking yourself. and most of the time you dont need the stiff fins for the nice end of the day dive. well i would compare flex and go a a bit softer tha the tuna comps, i think i will look into them for my next set of blades,
hehe my favorite pair of fins at the moment are a pair of US Diver snorkel fins (not sure of the model, but they are the longest model they make for snorkelling) that I picked up from my work for around $25. They retail at around $60 I think, but I got a good deal. They may not be fancy, but they work great, and you can't beat the price. The only problem I have with them is that they are a tad large in the foot pockets, and i lost one once swimming through a 10 nmph current. :head Its a wonder I didnt lose it! I plan to remedy the situation by picking up a pair of freediving socks, which should fit perfect with the extra room

I love Fort Wetherill at night, I think it might be closed then, but we enter by sea and anchor and do some (slightly less than legal) bug hunting by torchlight. What a haul!
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Thanks, I will visit some dive shops this weekend to look at what they have got. A co-worker of mine told me the herring is in @ Gilbert Stuart though I have not confirmed it. ActiveMatrix have you ever been diving off Gooseberry Point? Looks like a pretty good spot for Tautog. Too bad you can't shoot stripers in Mass.

the herring have been in for a week and a half, and there are keepers around. just got one tonight 28 but still legal. so i know whats for dinner tommarow. anyway i havent been in for a swim for a bit but i will be out monday for a swim and if that doesnt work, i will be after them with a rod, flounder that is. anyway dont be afraid of the water there are plenty of bass around, they are just a bit short. well good hunting or if its to cold pull out that old trust surf rod.
Unfortunately I lost my spear gun in an unfortunate accident with a blue shark :-D (no, I wasnt in the water, just being an idiot... turns out they DO taste like wetsuit soaked in piss) and I don't have money to buy even a cheap one. I work at Sports Authority in Seekonk, in the hunting/fishing/camping/watersports section (go figure, eh?) and we are in the middle of a massive remodel right now, so I'm working as many hours as I possibly can (like 8-10 hours a day, 7 days a week) for the next couple weeks so I have very little time to dive/fish, although I have some nice new gear I want to try out. I really need a wetsuit, all I have is a shorty suit, which, being the crazy bastard I am is good for 55° water and up, but right now its just a bit chilly out there still. Anyways, I hope to get a bit of time off to fish this week... know of any good spots in the upper bay for stripers lately? I dont care about size, as I usually dont take what i catch with a rod. Oh yeah, gooseberry, I've been on many a trip out there, the underwater arches are awesome and its absolutely LOADED with tautog, as long as you have the cajones to anchor your boat 50 feet from the rocks in the large surf...
There are a a bunch of fish near the point St. bridge. Just fish after dark. I think that is the closest place to you that I know has fish. Anyway I am in north Kingstown. In a couple week they fish will be hot in the Bristol narrows, did i let that slip? oh well. anyway i have shot big bass in places they shouldn't be this time of year so look for warm water and food and you will be all set, any place that has herring the bass will be some where..
thanx, if I get time i'll check it out. Just put the boat in so I may take a run to the hill and up through the ponds for some muscles and clams. I was hoping you were near the pawcatuck.
I went to galillee tonight and saw some guys fishing off the jetty @ Salty Brine beach. They were over at the west wall also. Fishermen have been catching small schoolies from there. Scrounger I live in potowomut.

i was told that the flounder was opened yesterday instead of monday, typo i guess. but iwill be taking a swim for some tommarow. i will let you guys know how it goes. send me a pm if you would like to meet up and cast for some schoolies. west wall looks the best for the most volume, maybe a coulpe other places but i think that is the best for now.
scrounger, how did you make out with your swim. What do you ware in this water temp. Its cooooooold
I was in the boat on sunday and saw about 100 seals off fishers, it was cool, they came real close when i shut the engine off. cant wait to start diving, I was a little jelouse of them.
im am wearing the picasso 5mm bio thermic, with 5mm booties and 3mm gloves. i can stay in for 40 minutes befor i get to cold to want to do anything.
Scrounger any flounder? I'm going to try next weekend. Hopefully, the water will approach 50 degrees. Talk to you soon.

i haven't made it out tomorrow i have the morning off so I am going to take a swim. i have been working to much to have free time. the flounder spots that i had turned out to be duds. i am getting excited about turkey season and then blackfish opening up. ill have to wait for the fluke to come in. anyone want to take a dive on the first? maybe beavertail?
hmmm, I'll probably be down for that, I think I have the day off, and hopefully my new suit will be in by then... I am buying a ton of new stuff for scuba/freediving this week, and I will have my suit sent fedex 3 day air so it will be here. I also need new booties and hood, but I'm having a bitch of a time finding an XXL hood, and my XL one hurts pretty bad when i put it on due to multiple unhealed ear piercings :crutch so you may see my crazy ass going hoodless :D I also dont have a gun right now, although I might buy one of those as well, ya never know... even if I don't, first real (I had to abort a dive a couple weeks ago after about 10 minutes in the water, 42° is just WAY too cold for a 3 mm shortie and no hood/booties) dive of the year should be a good time
Scrounger, Saturday should be fine. Guy's Just p/m me with your #'s and I'll can give you a call. ActiveMatrix, What's hurts more your ears b/c of the hood or frostbite? hahaha...

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