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Freediving in Rhode Island

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frostbite? me? NEVA! :p nah actually its a lot better than it was the last time i tried one on, I went to East Bay dive and they didnt have any XXL hoods, so I ordered one, and they didnt have any to let me borrow either, but they let me borrow a super-stretchy one until my new one gets in, and i tried it out today in the coles river, didnt hurt at all :) so thats what I will be wearing on saturday. I ordered a brand new 6 mm farmer john off overtons (its an awesome suit for the money, i know a few people who have them and love them... ) and a wooden JBL gun off leisurepro, both should be here before saturday. I need to go pick up a new pair of fins, my old ones dont work with my new booties :-/ anyone knows a place around here selling some big-ass freediving fins for reasonably low prices? Or even decently large scuba fins?
Ok scratch that, turns out my bank is being a little bitch, and I gotta wait until my new card comes in before i can do anymore credit card orders online... so I will probably be renting a suit and gun for this weekend, as I doubt I will be able to get the new card and make the order in time for it to be here :-/

EDIT: Ok I found a sneaky way to activate my new card before I even get it, so the orders will be going through tomorrow and HOPEFULLY my gear will be here on saturday... I hate rental suits... I like to be the only one who has peed in my suit.

:friday Cheers!
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BBBBRRRRR... spent 1 1/2 hours in the water today screwing around and digging quohogs... found a cool railroad spike with a piece of petrified wood still stuck to it as well... Goddamn 3/2 shortie is NOT enough hehehe im still cold! Good damn thing my 6 mil suit WILL be here on friday, and my speargun will *probably be here as well... Already got myself a new knife that'll be better for spearing, and an auto coil cord for my gun :-D
ActiveMatrix, I went out this morning with a friend. Water temp. was a whopping 45 degrees. we saw no fish though. You probally won't need that speargun yet. You are one sick .... diving in that shorty. I got some water down my neck when I was adjusting my hood. That sucked.

hahahaha it was worth it man... This spike I found is pretty awesome. Its definitely not steel or iron, looks like brass to me, and the wood is eroded in some really cool patterns, looks kind of like sandstone eroded by wind, with round holes and crevices... I will try and take a few pics with my digital camera when I get some initiative up... I am going diving tomorrow as well. Its not a big deal if I don't see anything to shoot, it will be nice just to get out on a real dive for once, and do a little equalization practice... In the mean time I have a bunch of quohogs, and plan on getting a bunch more tomorrow, and then its chowder time! I would like to make some stuffies too, but all I could find was littlenecks :-/ (I know, I know, littlenecks taste so much better... but they are too damn small to stuff!) Even if I don't see any fish, I will probably bring a bleach jug or 2 and take some practice shots with my new gun, to get used to it.
Ok here's a few pics of the thing...

This is a picture of the whole thing from above

The next 3 are of teh wood stuck to it



Here's a link to a short video I made of it

Sorry if the download speeds are a little slow, they are hosted on my personal webserver, which is stuck on a crappy cable modem at the moment
ARGH!!! So I got my new speargun in yesturday, and its pretty awesome... they even had the courtesy to screw on the tip at the warehouse, which was nice of them... except for one thing. THEY FORGOT THE THREAD LOCK! So I spent 3 hours in the cold-ass water this morning wearing my 3 mil shortie (my new 6 mil 2 piece will be here in an hour or 2!) and see nothing, so finally with my legs cramping up, i swim against the current back to my car, and about 100 feet off shore I decide to dive down 1 last time to look in a hole that stripers usually hang out in during the summer. Right below me is a GORGEOUS fluke (I didnt know they were around yet, but this guy was) took aim and shot... perfect shot, but my lungs were SCREAMING for air, so I headed up to the surface after seeing that the spear was going right through the fluke. I go to pull up the spear, and i feel almost no resistance, and sure enough the damn tip had popped off and the fluke swam off and the tip was nowhere to be found.
ActiveMatrix, No idea what that spike is. Scrounger, you still going diving this weekend?
Hey Scrounger and Beavertail we should meet up some afternoon this week. I am free tuesday morning, wednesday all day thursday morning, friday after 5, and all day saturday. I will have my new suit on monday, so FINALLY no more hypothermia! :cheers
Mornings are tough for me but friday after 5:00pm is fine. I do have vacation time but I would like to save the remainder of days for warmer weather. I get 2 more weeks vacation starting in July. Next Saturday is fine too. So I'm in for either one of those days or both.:D

well either is fine for me, but I figure if scrounger has the time off saturday would probably be better since we could get there earlier and the sun would hopefully be out, and warm, unlike today, that way if I get hypothermia again I can lay on the rocks and sun myself :t plus it gives the tetaug an extra day to get off their arses and show up. I was wondering, would a chum pot full of broken mussels be cheating? cause I can get a ton of mussels, if you've got a chum pot... :p
hey guys... the unknown wreck in the bay SE of Prudence Island I told you about is awesome. 40-50 foot freedive, I was out there yesturday and vis was 15 feet! Current RIPS through the area tho, but I did about 15-20 freedives on it, couldnt bring my gun down because there were a lot of divers on it that day... but a TON of fish! Absolutely PACKED. The wreck itself looks great, its a ton of fun to explore...unfortunately i forgot to bring my camera, still kickin myself about that... but the numbers are N 41° 34' 31.938" W 071° 19' 00.750", and its buoyed bow and stern with orange lobster pot buoys... On the qweekends a lot of divers, but i bet during the week its deserted. If anyone's up for diving or fishing on it, let me know... I'm down for a run out there :D

Hey if you are interested, I would love to see that wreck. All of my former buddies have either moved or have been married so they no longer dive. So let me know, I could give you a phone no to reach me. I don't know if you have a boat, but I would gladly pay for any gas you need and any lessons/pointers you could provide me with.


unfortunately I do not have a boat available to me at this time, and I live in western massachusetts now. If you can find some boat access on a weekend, let me know and I'd be glad to dive it with you...
Hey guys...
Planning on spending 4 or 5 days in July (a friday-wednesday thing) freediving/spearfishing, and scuba diving in and around the bay. Let me know if anyone wants to join in. Also, I would love an update on how the bay's doin, as I havent made it out there yet this year :-/
hey, looking for spot to dive in RI, how is the water. not from around ther but we are looking for different places to dive,
Beavertail said:
Looking for buddy to freedive/spearfish, train in Rhode Island. Not really interested in competitions. Spearfishing @ 4yrs, but know Rhode Island coast very well.

Hi beavertail...I have some spots here in CT and offshore of CT and am looking for dive partner through November. We can swap spot knowledge. Spearfishing over 6 yrs, I have killed 13 stipers over 30" since July.
respond at spearinhand@aol.com

Hope you are not female with name like yours other wise wife would take a dim view....
Anyone been doing any diving in RI lately? I just moved back to the area and am looking for dive buddies.
Hey folks... looks like I found the new england nuts finally!!! I'm a freakin' noob whose tryin' spearfishin for the first time this year. I'm pretty much a boater and kayaker who's lookin to get a 50# bass this season. I'm a veteran above water but a total rookie under water. I know some spots and some techniques to get on some elusive fish such as the Black Sea Bass... I landed an 19" off rod and reel last july from a boat though... Same technique is always used to get the action though. I'm gonna get in the water this weekend just to familiarize myself with the gear and aiming my new Airbalete... not sure exactly how just yet.. I figure a full day of training in the water and I'll be ready to give some spots a try.

Let me know if anyone wants to get together possibly... Share spots and techniques... I can't wait to get into the water!!

Cheers, Matt
its going to take more than a day. you might learn some form in a day but you will be working for a while to get it right. that and to find the big fish you will need to dive towards 60' after the water warms. so it will take a bit of time unless you are lucky to get a slob.