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Gara 3000

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Re: depth issue

Originally posted by gitano
belt low on the hip!

I concur w/ this statement. Having the belt/weights low on your hips and off your pelvis helps quite a bit in many arenas. One, it'll move back your center of gravity and two, it'll allow less restriction when you're trying to get a full breath. :D

However gitano... We appreciate your concern for everyone's safety here, just please have a little more patience with us. Not everyone's on your level and not everyone has your technique. Just because ankle weights aren't your bag, doesn't mean they can't be the best thing that's ever happened to someone else. So, please just "share" with us your opinions, try not to sanitize this place with your beliefs. :naughty

The comment about tech divers getting away from ankle weights because they now use drysuit gaiters is only partialy true.

The reason tech divers, mainly DIR divers, have stopped using ankle weights is because we now use heavier fins!

When diving DIR we use Scubapro, rubber, jet fins or IDI, turtle, rubber fins. These fins are much heavier than the plastic scuba fins that are out there, and act like built-in ankle weights. This means that we have one, acutally two, less pieces of gear to wear.

The drysuit leg gaiters are only for those with super baggy drysuits. A properly cut drysuit doesn't require a diver to use these- I never have.

As far as the rest of it goes, I would think that a proper buddy should help to cover your butt in a samba or black out situation.

I have never need any kind of extra weight on my legs when freediving. This time of year I am diving a 6.5mm suit in fairly cold water- as in there's 2' of ice covering most of it right now.:(

Just my $0.02


back to the gara 3000, nice pictures! that is a very attractive and simple looking fin especially the notched tip detail. actually i lived on the coast of most of spain, portugal, france, and italy. my father worked in fine marbles and we did many traveling contracts always hugging the coast line(my mother insisted that if we travel we stay near the seas). now i live in the north pacific ocean(washington state/british columbian border) and am going on 1year. the islands here are more like atolls and the are conservation acts to protect the sealife. i am only a subsistance spearfisher(one a day medium in size) and support the restrictions. the abundance of sealife is a testament to their effectiveness if they are well written restrictions.

tell me how is the fishing in spain it has been nearly ten years since i have gone spear fishing and the last time was just outside of San Feliu de Guxiols. i never seem to get back to spain, always italy instead(my wife is italian) but i still maintain close contacts with dear friends and family there.

in may i pull anchor and head to hawaii for two months. afterward some time this summer i hope to arrive in italy(maybe even spain this year?!). keep me posted as to your progress with the fins. i my self have a pair of 2000 HF and use them often. i make my own fins and always have an interest in stealing the best portions of good design so tell me if the fin tips have a noticable positive effect!
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responce to all

the deal with the thinner leg suit is a little trick i like, the 7mm suit was just a simple example for explanation of theory. i own several old crusty suits many secondhanders and i like to swap out my tops and bottoms depending on the dive. lots of surface time= fatten up the top skinny the bottom(a sort of trade off for the thermal protection while pitching my body at a good angle). if training for my plunging vert technique, i skinny the top fatten the bottom this gives a good push of weight when lifting your legs out of the water. the thinner top gives less boyancy and the effect is a nice clean penetration.

the samba well that wasn't bragging it just happened and no that is the bugger i really didn't feel like i was pushing it(ask most samba, BO or SWB victims and they will say the same thing). as for my good buddy well that happened to be my father he caught me in my last few metres and steadied me at the surface(gracias papa)! the water here in this region is a bit murky due to phytoplankton in the first five metres. he was just decending below the murk on a multi submersion saftey for me when he saw me making an accent with no weights. he intercepted me and steadied me at the surface by evry means possible removing the mask,etc... totally cool vietnam vet airborne ranger LRRP sergent in crisis control mode(too bad he had to go through that crap but what a level head). i would have no other watch my back given that situation!!!

and about the cold well diving 6-9celcius surface all day drifting, swimming, diving and hunting the strong 5metre tidal exchange currents is what i am all about all winter long(i work seasonally). i run many different suit setups and more often than not don't pause(got to keep up with my old man). drag some drinking water with you, hydrate before hand with many litres of good warm water and piss clean clear urin into your suit it'll help warm you. the more you drink the better and the fish hear don't seem to mind either. take a shower when you get out of the water and wash your suit well. again more water=cleaner urin=less uric acids=less damage to the suit(negligable damage in the first place really!) it also makes you very diet conscientious big added plus, ha ha ha! have fun guys i'm really not trying to aggrivate any one ;) ;)
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If you are competing in a spearfishing competition that doesn't let you get out of the water, then it is obviously not a safe competition so don't compete in it!

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

Pissing in your wetsuit is truely the only way to get some extra warmth. And it is ture that the fish doesn't mind it. Some of our guys make a simple modification to their suits - what we call "the urinator". I am sure you've seen it.. It's something like an extra neoprene "sleeve" for the penis that ends with the simplest of one-way valves (I don't know the exact name in English, but it looks like a duck mouth). I naver made one even though my GF tends to avoid me until I get a proper shower... :D
Wearing the belt on the hips is something I have tried. But I am facing a problem - even the rubber belt tends to fall down to the waist when you're searching the caves head down.
I am personally using a harness for two seasons already - I had some back pain and the reason appeared to be the constant weight on the waist.


Unfortunately all the spearfishing competitions (at least in Europe) are like that. It has always been a rule for all CMAS federations - you are disqualified if you set foot on dry land. Not that they would shoot you in the back of the head if you have a problem and do it, but you'll be off the score sheet. And I believe it's like that with the freediving - you don't get a record if you interrupt your dive for some reason, right?
Now if you look at the latest amendments to the rules in Italy and France this year, you'd find out that even the boats are kicked out of the picture. Boats will be provided only for the Nationals and the spearos will be allowed to board them only to rest and not to move throughout the competition area. For all other competiotions the rules are quite simple - either beach-start or one vessel anchored at the center of the zone and all the competitors enter the water from it. Now mind you that those zones are quite wide, so it would take you a lot of efforts to get back and rest on the boat.
It was a big uissue during the World Champs in Brazil - only one boat was provided per nation (team of 3 + 1 reserve). In order to compensate this, the hosts imposed a rule that all the spearos must use dive boards instead of the classic buoy (float).
I had a conversation about this with the Chairman of the CMAS Spearfishing Commission Joao Gomes Pedro in September during one of the stages of the Euro-African Cup. He shared the view that the dive board is the future. No federation can afford to maintain a fleet of 100+ boats and the costs for hiring those are already reaching cosmic proportions. New solutions should be implemented or this would be a rather silly end of competitive spearfishing. And that's what happens in Europe now.

However, for the poor federations (like mine) this is no news. All our competitions except the Nationals are done this way.

I can't really comment on whether this will compromise the safety of the divers. I know that in France the dive boards have been very popular for ages already and they provide better safety than the regular buoy, but you never know. Thanks God, I haven't heard of any spearfishing competition accidents lately (knock on wood)!


its true!

this is the practice(common or strange) in most of europe with trends going to boards(think glorified sponger). the weighted vests like that of omer are more common place everyday. and if you want to see a dry sea compaired to its life support capability go to italy(first a comp site then to isola ustica a marine sanctuary) it will make you cry at the disparity between the two. ustica is so full of life it is amazing. i can't remember the web site but if you can find totem spearguns(italian woodies) and go to their site, they have video clips of catches. look at the puny size of the fish and the think `this is a promotion`, it is pathetic the state of sea in the mother land of spearfishing but where in the world isn't depleated?:confused:
Deserted sea...

If there's someone on the forum that knows what a deserted sea is, that's me! The Black Sea is the most polluted and empty puddle you have ever seen.

However, the dive board or the vest is not really enhancing the environmental damage. They have been introduced to mae the competitions even harder... It's actually a huge debate for decades already that I don't want to transfer here, but I don't really think the spearfishing is in any way resposnsible for the critical situation in the Med and the other partially closed seas in the region. It is the commercial overfishing and the pollution - no doubt about it. I can't resist from sharing some views! :)

It is obvious for every freediver here in Bulgaria that the species that are not a subject of commercial fishing are doing just fine - the mullets, the seabass. Now that's not the issue with the Atlantic bonito and the other members of the family. Local poaching and also the one form neighbouring Turkey is also a big issue. Every year in late March and April we are invaded by Turkish fishing boats illigaly catching Halibut during the spawning season. And there's nothing the Coast gurds can do, cause those boats are faster and better equipped.
But it's not only that - another issue from the last years - the European fishermen don't really care about the international fishing quotas. The latest report of the WWF clearly accuses Europe of violating the international laws in this regards. So overfishing is what causes the most trouble.
The organized spearfishing today is VERY environmentaly conscious, believe me guys! The new rules I have mentioned provide for restriction over the catch of all species (10 pieces per family, and other per species restrictions) during competitions, redefined minimum and maximum weights of the valid fish. In italy you can shoot maximum 5 brown meagres per comp day. The Grouper (Merou, Cernia) is no longer a valid species for the competitions and in France the FFESSM banned completely the hunt on this "Queen among fishes" for every Europoean spearo...
Now there are stories that are not really nice. I had a talk with the Greek National team about the situation there after the country reopened its waters for spearfishing to European citizens last year. It appears that the Grouper is hardly to be found on the western coasts of Greece due to poaching .... from Italy. It appears there's a little war going on out there! Poachers from Italy scuba dive like normal tourists during the day marking Groupers and at night they come back. It is a nasty technique - they use some kind of substance (simple artificial fertilizer) that chases the fish out of its cave and the other scuba diver outside shoots the fish... That way they're able to "wipe" huge areas for only one night. The local Greek spearos have organized some kind of a millitia to assist the coast guard, but that doesn't help much.
And that's just half of the whole issue. The economic crisis in Easter Europe amazingly provided us with a very sound proof that we're fighting only one side of the problem. There are several huge rivers (like the Danube and the Dniepr) that empty into the Black Sea. That's why the salinity of the water here is much lower (which allowes us to drop a weight or two! :D ). The problem is that those rivers carry with themselves a huge volume of industrialy polluted water and also all the artificial fertilizers from the Russian and European agricultural lands... As a rsult we rarely have visibility over 3-4 meters due to the blooming of the phytoplankton. The phytoplankton dies, falls to the bottom and decays into sulphur hydrogen gas (hope that's the name in English) and as a result there is no life below the 80th meter in the Black Sea. Now during the economic crisis in the begining of the 90's the East european countries and Russia didn't have the funds to support the huge industry and the agriculture. And for our surprise in 1992 - 1993 all the fish started to come back to the Black Sea! We had nice visibility and all that transformation happened very fast (which is good, the healing is not such a long process)! That was also the clearest proof possible - it's not the spearos' or the fishos' fault! :D
Now we managed to enjoy the situation for only three - four years. It's gradually getting back to normal now...

Think that's enough on the subject! Don't want to bore yall. :)


P.S. The new O.ME.R harness - great camouflage and versatile design, but... .... 3 BUCKLES! Now I wouldn't really get one of those!
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Omer Harness

That Omer harness is part of the "Bassofondo" range of Omer products. Bassofondo means shallow depths and the range has been designed for spearfishing inshore.

Hope that explains it.


scusami ragazzo ma bassofondo non voule dire niente come fondo supeficiale(shallow bottom)!

bassofondo=the bottom, used in dialect or slang it means slums or ghetto, i know it is kind of funny.

though it may be designed for the shallows it does not have a name that so denotes, a better translation for maketing might be sea floor or bottom dragger.

yes wishbone you are right on with your analasys, but yet again you have missunderstood me. i did not imply that the boards and vest are causing overfishing or making it easier, i only wanted to reaffirm what you had said.

in regard to the spearfishing comps. the sad truth is that in italy the fish that are hunted are territorial(ie. wipe-out a zone and there is very little left to breed in the area). when i was 15 the small town where i live in italy hosted the biggest regional/sub-national competition and everyone was so excited to hunt local grounds during the tournament. the excitement died after the comp though as the impact was felt for over a year.

i don't think that competitions should be banned i think they should be moddified. i mean there is no way for an ecosystem to support hundreds of predators(human or not) converging in one day on a small area(like a bay or harbour) and killing beyond the means of sustinance. although it would be more difficult to govern the hunting grounds should be divided into smaller areas and the divers should be shuttled between them(in a perfect world). this will never happen because it is a general belief amongst europeans(myself being one) that to pay high fees is absurd and govenment subsidization is better (ie. outrageous broad base collective taxes=revenue lost/wasted by yet more government).

just the way i see it.
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3 buckles?

in a ceartain sense you have 3 buckles(between the belt and both ankles) already when using ankle weights, yes or no? maybe you could elaborate on the ankle weight system.

about the back pain if it is in the waist area it might not be the belt. it could be that the erector spinea(i don't remeber how to spell this) has been overly stressed by the ankle weights(i know it sounds like i am badgering but...) in the horizontal position with your belly down the weights and the end of your legs have a profound effect on the lower back(it is a 3rd class lever and the weights are more difficult to move the further down the leg you move them). the weights are disrupting the dynamics of the force counter force on the down and up stroke rhythem(of a normal finning pattern) thus the lower back muscles contract to compensate for the added effort on the up stroke. this upsets the balance between the abdominal and lower back muscles and can result in pain.

about the belt low on the hip, i have seen divers with a modified crotch strap on their belts that some how releases with the belt buckle. i can honestly say i have never had this problem and thus haven't felt a need to further investigate. if you wish to persue the crotch strap idea try to look for good examples and or use your imagination.

as a result of those ankle weights i bet you have one of the strongest kicks around!

hey i'm a positive guy, could somebody do something about my karma rating. i never thiught a little tounge in cheek humour would bring bad karma, sorry if i hurt some feelings out there!
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Re: 3 buckles?

Originally posted by gitano
hey i'm a positive guy, could somebody do something about my karma rating?

Start a new thread on ankle weights or weighting for technique or something along those lines and I'll see what I can do about your karma. :D I'll drag all these posts out of this "GARA 3000" thread and into the one you start. How about them apples? :t

Hey Gitano,

Sorry if I got the idea wrong before, mate...

About the backpain - it went away when I strated using the harness, so I guess it wasn't the ankle weights... And no, I am sure I am not among the strongest kickers around - those anckle weights were 500 grams when I got them, but I removed 100 out of each cause 400 was enough to keep my legs on the bottom even in tha shallows. So not too much weightlifting! Those anckle weights do not have a buckle but velcro strap (?). I can take them off with one light kick of the other fin... Not to mention that the total added weight is less than one standard 1kg diving weight - I still go up as fast as a cork cap even if I don't take those off. Maby I'm getting fat, huh? :D
Man, about that crotch strap... I am already having the beaver tail of the suit between me legs. Adding a crotch strap like a scuba diver would be a bit too much for me! But it may well be a great solution for someone else...

All the harnesses made so far were designed for shallow hunting, since the fixed weight on them was 6-7 kilos, which is way too much if you constantly dive under 10 meters even with a 7 mm suit. (Read one of Gitano's previous posts). And the general idea behind them is to distribute the heavy weight better on the diver's body. Even though my harness is an old Beuchat model, I made all fixed weights on it removable in order to be able tu use it in the deep too. The Omer harness uses pockets and standard diving weights - finally someone made our lifes easier! But even if Marco Bardi (my deepest respect to this great champion) names it 20cmfondo my humble opinion is that this harness would still be a dangerous one with the three buckles. And mind you - those are not even one-touch release buckles but standard buckles for backpack straps - takes two hands to unbuckle...

On the competitions issue, Gitano, you're way too right.

I know in Italy you guys are predominantly hunting on territorial species like the Sparidae (saraghi (?)), but it's like that in the whole Med. Organizing a comp in such a small area would be pure idiotism! However, I think the info you have on the competitions is rather old. The competition zones are quite wide - even the tiniest competition where I live has a zone of at least 15km coastline. I can't really tell how much that is in square Km since it depends on the terrain of the sea bed, but that's a lot! The given aquatory can be reduced only in case of very bad weather, and even then the reserve zone should be at least 4-5 km wide. So such "wipe wash attack" on the poor local saraghi is rather impossible.
I guess the perfect world you are describing is finally coming true! Without a boat, or with a boat used only for the initial dislocation, the spearos won't be able to cover as much acquatory as they used to in the past. It's way too much swimming man! What they gonna do is divide the whole huge aquatory in smaller zones with a boat anchored in the middle of each zone. The spreading of the spearos between the boats would come naturally, cause noone would like to enter a zone already packed with other competitors, right?
Plus - there is a maximum species of a single family limit already in force. Which means you can catch only ten Sparidae (breams) - not only the common Diplodus vulgaris, but all the other seabreams! There is also a per species limit (5) on one of the most territorial species out there - the brown meagre (sciaena umbra). Now usually there are more than 5 meagres in one cave, which means you won't be able to empty even one of the many caves. Those restrictions are something I am voting for with two hands! This is the only way to force the athletes to become skilled in every hunting technique possible and not sticking to their favorite species.
Now in France they're trying to introduce a TOTAL catch limit of 15 fishes, which is a bit too much already if you ask me.

Anderson, what apples!? The apples are red, mate! All I can see are those blue balls of karma! (Now who said that!?) :mute

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bringing it home

o.k so this thread wandered and wandered sorry guys my fault... to all of you whom reside in europe i found omer for 60euros and CRESSI 3000 for 70euros on two online stores(they might send to the states too if i ask really nice)...
there is so much product in these two stores that i won't try to list any of it... here is the catch it is only in italian, i will translate for anyone who is interested... so does anyone really know which fin the 3000 replaces?

I read all the posts, and still have one important question. Are these gara 3000 as better as 2000 LD while surface swimming. Surface swimming is the main task for me because, always i have hard times to find even single fish. Med. sea is not fish heaven place at least the places where i dive but still better than Black Sea Hehehee:D Soory Ivan.....

BTW I am planning to buy Gara 2000 LD this summer sesion. I am palnning to reach 15-17 meter i hope LD can handle that pretty easily.
Murat - you won't have any problems getting to that depth with LD's, I have the ANCIENT Gara2000's and I can hit it with out difficulty. (and I'm a fat, beer drinking, mountain freak)

you'll probably learn quickly that surface swimming with any long fin is a pain in the A$$! try swimming on you side or back. forces the fins to take a deeper profile and I tend to get better results that way.

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Thanks for the input dude. Its not easy to swim back while spearfishing you know:D . Ha, and my ass is pretty tight:eek:
Originally posted by Murat
Ha, and my ass is pretty tight:eek:

Waaaay too much information, mate but thanks for sharing it! Do you want me to forward it to any interrested parties? rofl
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