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Help to Choose the speargun

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Thanks to all for helping me.

My options drops to 3

1- Riffe MT3
2-OMER Alluminium 100 with 18mm power band
3-Totemsub Thaiti 100 with teo 16mm power band

Riffe MT3 gives me greatest upgrade options it costs me 390 $ with three 9/16 powerbands and 9/32 tahiti shaft.

OMER alluminium didn`t arrive our dealers yet but they said it will arrive next week. I expect the cost between 200 and 300 dolars.

Some guys says Totemsub tahiti has great range and great accuracy. They are manufacturing in the Italy. They have laminated hard tropical wood stock. They are hand made and it cost just 270 dollars with reel and 45 meter line.It tooks at least 2 month to make and arrive here. I asked the manufacturer about the shipping cost three times but i didn`t recive an answer.

My exams will finish at the 2nd of the next month. I must first buy long blade fins. I will buy OMER Millenium Standart Black or Green.
Then i use my OMER MB 30/86 untill the end of the summer then i will have enough money to buy second gun. Then i will buy one of them which is available.
Hi Murat,

Since the next gun u r buying is a second gun,wouln't u want to try something different than the first Euro gun u are using ?

1 Euro, another say a Riffe and later a Hybrid and so on.

Anyway study well and have fun later.

Yeah i think Iya could have a point... well worth taking the time to try out another gun... least you will have an idea of what you like... that and it adds to the armory :)
Well... i am hitting a mate home brew bundy rum.... and are already conciderably on the way!:duh hehehe Goo luck with chosing your weapon! Wish me luck in PNG (I leave saturday)
Hi Murat,

I just saw the Totem www. The design concept is similiar to Riffe Competitor series. Definitely I will get the Competitor series say #2 instead of the 2 Totem you mentioned. All Riffes can be modified extensively. Ask Anderson on his Competitor, he swear by it. I had the opportunity to use a 2 banded 12mm Competitor #2, nice and light....not as light as Euro gun, but sure easier swing than my Standard #2.

I read the info on the Tahiti and I just realised the very fact mentioned there, that a band above the muzzle cause vibration when swinging. I been wondering why the hell my ex JBL Aluminum +- 140 cm ( or JBL Woody Magnum) , which only uses small pipe as the stock/barrel is so much less comfortable to swing and yes.....wobble......when compared to my Standard #2 at 124cm, which the teak stock is having more surface area. How stupid of me only to realize it today. :duh

I would not say much of Totem just by looking at it, unfair comment it will be.

OK, OK, let's get a couple of things put to rest...

The Totemsub guns are all rear handle styles, meaning that tracking with them is a bitch, you'll find that you'll have your other hand holding it mid-barrel to swing the things around- not what you want to have to do when your targets are fast and smaller reef fish. Open water-wise, you'll have a little more freedom to move around but you better have bigger wrists than me to get used to them, and you'll still need to have the fish pass in front most of the time... The material they're made from is mahogany, just like the JBL Woody series and it's fine stuff. My opinion? Pass.

Second, if you've got a euro:girlie gun and it's working for you, there's no need to change unless it's either too short, jams and/or doesn't perform- all things I've been accused of but that was her problem... :chatup I'm detecting some wannabe in your mail where you see all these characters and these fish that are bigger than their car, and between them is a Riffe. Well, yeah they got their prizes with a Riffe or similar styled gun, but by and large, these folks have had long fins for a while and knew how to use them. They had to start sometime, I agree, and maybe had a Riffe to begin with, but before they went launching at 300kg tuna, they were pretty good at the 4-5kg stuff closer inshore. :hmm If your euro style gun works, get a little bigger one, beef it up to suit your skill level and prey, then, well, pray.
My opinion? Go for the OMER Aluminum. It breaks you can get parts for it and upgrades too.

Thirdly, the stabilizers on the Riffe's are there not so much to guide the bands, though that was certainly an unexpected and dare I say, unengineered piece of luck, as told to me by Jay himself, than they are installed to reduce the upwards jolt of the gun as the rubbers are released. You go throw 4- 5/8" rubbers, reduced length at that, on an Island or Blue Water gun and think the muzzle isn't going to want to trade places with the grip when you pull the trigger, you're dreaming. The stabilizers act to drag against this force and gives the shaft a chance to leave the area of the barrel before it starts doing the whoopty out about 15 feet. True, the stabilizers make vertical movement with the gun a bit more effort-filled, but here's a little trick, direct from Uncle Svensky, ex competition type guy...
turn the gun 90 degrees in your hands so the stabilizers are vertical !! :duh That's what the Big Guy gave you wrists for!
The stabilizers do help in the alignment of the bands and anything you can do to improve the level-ness of that plane is a good thing.

And in summation, going off and getting a new gun and new fins is a piece of work coming at you. May I suggest that you get your new fins, learn on them with your old gun and then if you feel big and badass, go and get a gun that more closely suits your needs. End of story.

The sven is leavin the building.
Second, if you've got a euro gun and it's working for you, there's no need to change unless it's either too short, jams and/or doesn't perform- all things I've been accused of but that was HER problem...

:D :naughty

A Sultan original he he he
Thats why I like this guy

I think you just got some great advice from our straight shootin', tellin' it like it is Sven. You have to be honest w/ yourself and the REAL possibilities of needing (notice I didn't say wanting) the more expensive higher profile gun. Everyone is talking about all the upgrades that can be done w/ a riffe, granted there are some but just as many can be made w/ a quality euro gun. I mean, come on, the shaft /band combos are endless. On the B/W side of things it sounds like the chances of actually needing a gun for that is even more remote than seeing one of the big grouper or AJ's. Develope your stalking skills, get a little longer gun and when you start having opportunities to hunt B/W then consider expanding your collection. Believe me-- you may be looking for the one gun that does it all, but first- it doesn't exist, second- if you think you've found it, soon, as your skills increase another one will catch your eye, then another,ect...
Yea sven is right. I will buy my new fins use my gun and develop my skill after i will go for the second gun.
Hey Iya did your friend test his MT#3?

I am going to go to the fishing tomorrow. I heard that some sharks seen in the area but i dunno what are their species. Sharks are realy scarring me i wish to have not encounter with them. If i meet one of them what should i do?Except than the become relax and direct my gun to them?
Yo Murat,

Unfortunately the sea ( Indian Ocean ) where my MT3 friend hunt is really bad now, water sucks. So I won't be hearing till after July when we expect better water.

As for me on the Java Sea side has been shit hole for weeks. My last week was one of the worts........... but at least.... I got wet and practiced my freediving. In fact I felt more comfortable. I tried shooting 1.5" thick squids at night under the pier flood light but I missed twice and they dissapeared 4 good.

I'm piling up what I need 4 a more suitable freediving gear. My Tusa mask now has so much volume I think I can put a small clown fish and let it swim around while I dive ..:D :D

I am aiming 4 Scubapro "Frameless" mask but Erik said that it is not low volume enough. I am still confused over the fin because my feet is sensitive to cramp on the "shoulder" ( I am not sure of the English word 4 it ) area.

I'm diving tomorrow, as usual. If the wave ain't big, I have a secret rocky shoreline where I might have a good chance seeing 20 pounders Giant Trevallies , maybe 5 or 10 of them and the water is only 15 feet deep................WOOOW !!! The last time I was there I lost a fish, I was using my friend's Riffe Competitor #2 to test and he made his own spearhead.......... it broke into pieces...Damn, I lost the fish.

Have a good weekend.

As nice as rig diving is, it would be nice not to have to make that 55 mile boat ride to dive...guess the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
i think im gonna cry

don’t bother getting real expensive equipment sometimes. I just got back and my 300 dollar euro gun with reel wasn’t on the float anymore and for some reason it wasn’t on the bottom either. :head :waterwork :waterwork

Lesson for today: be careful with your expensive gear, once its gone, its not coming back.... :waterwork

Long time no see ur post. Tell us what happened ? Must be a big one that "confiscated" ur gun. Story please.


I’ve been traveling a lot so there hasn’t been much fishing lately. Today I just went to go spearfish off the shore and the vis was pretty bad, maybe 5-10 feet max. I stopped and quickly strapped my gun to my float to help a friend with equipment failure and literally a few minutes later I swam back to my float and the gun was gone from the float. I searched for about 2 hours on the bottom but the vis kept getting worse and worse so I decided to call it a day and try to forget about it. Not much of a story but it’s the truth.

For lack of funds I’m looking at a cheaper reef gun. Anyone know anything about the OMER Tempest (I’ve never used a pneumatic before)? How would you compare it to an Excalibur Aluminum of the same size?
Hi Hapa,

A sad one indeed. If that shoreline is a not a popular area and close by to you, I advice you to go back at soonest opportunity and do some Search & Recovery, especialy if the visibility improves. Get a buddy to assist. If u want the S&R method, Private Message me. Most importantly is that you must remember where you last lost it, I mean the land mark and bearing you need to return to it.

Can't help you on the Omer. Try my post on Mares Cyrano 85cm pneumatic, it might help you on overall pneumatic info.

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