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How deep will Topi go?

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Well-Known Member
Aug 7, 2001
He did 54m WR unassisted dive today and next dive will be at Wednesday. It is quite nice to see his WR diary at Suuntosports.com (at Topi´s freediving friends) with diving logs and some pictures ;-)

best rgds,

- kimmo


Please give my best to Topi for this Wednesday's attempt. I think he'll remember me, I was the curious Canadian freediver in Ibiza who was checking out his monofin.

I also want to congratulate him on his new record. I have been training in no fins constant ballast. It's a difficult discipline, the most challenging I've tried. 54m is deep! I think the way he's going he could make 60m or more.

I couldn't get to the suunto site (slow computer). Do you know any details as far as dive time, etc? I hope he didn't have a nose bleed this time. Way to go Topi!


Vancouver, BC
Good luck Topi, and congrats on the new WR!
I did 25 metres in the Red Sea without fins, and it was TOUGH! So, dive safely and have fun :)
Erik Y.
Originally posted by Erik
I did 25 metres in the Red Sea without fins
Erik Y.

Nyah, nyah, nyah...
I love a showoff, (especially when they can actually pull it off! :D )
I went out today and cracked off a mind numbing 15m. I'm eating the results as we type.:p

Much love baldy! Get my mail and return her shades yet? :king

Last edited:
I admit to being a huge showoff...it's my parents fault for putting me on stage at 6 years old ;)
I got your mail amigo....glad to hear the good news...and I LIKE my new shades :cool:
Now get ta work ya bum,
Erik Y.


How's things? You get mail in your neck of the woods? It's getting cold here...in Vancouver. But somehow I miss the crisp cool winter of the Yukon. I guess that's what I get for growing up in WINTER (Canada).

Can I show off, too? 41m, no fins, 5mm suit, cold water, rip in the arm of my suit 6 inches long, shivering like mad.... I love no-fins constant weight. The freedom, the flight, the loooooooong way back up with too much weight!

Hope you're good in Indonesia, compadre.

Hey Mr. Canadian Dynamic Holder, things are good in filthy Jakarta...I love it here :)
I miss you guys and the cool West Coast too, but not enough to move out of the tropics (yet).
I heard about your 41 metres....outstanding! I think you'd be good competition for David and Topi down here in the 28C water.
I'm still at the same 2 email addresses, and you can PM me here on DB as well.
It's 35C and sunny here by the way....mostly I teach swimming here, so the tan is good and the job is fantastic.
I'll post a bit about some diving I did in the Thousand Islands last month when I get a half hour to write :)
Erik Y.

57m today for Topi and once again new WR. At Saturday the last one...

- kimmo

Please give Topi my best for Sunday. I know he can do it. It would be amazing for him to do 60m. It's the first real excitment I've felt in a long time!

After this is over (I don't want to bother him now) could you give me his email address. I'd love to discuss the record with him, possibly interview him for deeperblue. You can contact me by private email.


57m 1:50

1:50 for his 57m...faster than most people with monofins!
And in his journal he says he wanted to use his 1.5mm suit, but he was forced to use his 3mm (+2kg) due to the weather. And he finally stopped using seawater in his fluid goggles and switched to saline!

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
So it was 60m

At the unassisted constant ballast´category 60 meters in time of 1´59 is no so bad dive at all. So Topi did it :)
I suppose that the details regarding this WR attempt will be found at suuntosports.com (under Topi´s freediving friends).

best rgds,

- kimmo
It looks as if Topi has "kicked it up a notch" for the rest of the freediving world! Congrats from me.
This reminded me that AIDA is intending on introducing this discipline into its folder of events. Now, how the hell is anyone supposed to beat 60 metres (Topi) without fluid goggles? Does anyone know if AIDA intends to allow goggles or "no mask" swimming in this event? In records only? Or in competition too?
I think that if they are going to allow goggles, it should be for all events, otherwise anyone serious about the No Fins category will go to F.R.E.E. for ratification. If they allow them for records, then they should allow them for competition. What inane reason is there to not allow goggles in competition, but allow them for records?
This is something that has been argued a lot on yahoo groups, but not here...any opinions?
Erik Y.
Congratulations Topi!

60m is quite the achievement. I can imagine all the feelings he must be having right now.

You can use fluid goggles for AIDA records, they're just forbidden in competitions. Remember that Eric Fattah did 82m with fluid goggles. I think FREE has shown tremendous professionalism in doing these records and will lead the way. Hopefully, their judging won't be abandoned for the more popular AIDA.

I wonder at which depth the first AIDA unassisted record will be? And who will be the one to set it? 60m is an amazing depth. Just a few years ago it was the depth of Pipin and Mayol. And it's still a respectable depth at any AIDA competition. But no fins! WHooo-hooooo!!!!!!!


Congrats Topi! And under two minutes!
Is there a video of the dive somewhere? It would be really great to see it....

Congrats Topi! And under two minutes!
Is there a video of the dive somewhere? It would be really great to see it....
Guys (and gals):

You must see the incredible videos that F.R.E.E. have in his page.

I has seen many good and even extraordinaire free divers, but the swimming technique, the easy and elegance of this incredible athlete had my jaws drop.

I am pretty sure he is destined to be heard of a lot more!


For more information of this golden new comer, fi you wish, please contact:

Awsome video!

Great video, great technique...

Does anyone know the song in the background of the video? I know it from the radio, but I don't know it's name....
Re: Awsome video!

Originally posted by DeepThought
Great video, great technique...

Does anyone know the song in the background of the video? I know it from the radio, but I don't know it's name....

After telling Topi that he is as fast as a torpedo I asked the same question...

It's "Breathe" by Telepopmusik

You know what's even more incredible? Topi's speed is as fast as most people with the monofin! 1:59 for 60m...That's pretty damn fast! makes me wonder what the hell I was doing at 51m for 2:14 :D got to quit messin around down there.
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It's true that Topi is diving as fast (or faster) than people with monofins; my fastest 60m was 1:57. However, I don't believe that faster is better. Of course, the ideal speed profile will probably vary dramatically between fins/monofin/no-fins. For monofins, I prefer a very slow descent to 30m, sink from there, and then sprint the whole way back up.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
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