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Hunting Technique

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
And once again another constructive DB thread falls prey to our randomness...

:naughty :head
True enough...

And in order to turn the tendency around, guys: I am European and we do not really practice any blue water hunting. I'd love to get some ABC on it: basic techniques and stuff so at least I can know what you guys are talking about sometimes!

Hey RC, nice thread, karma heading your way :)

I like your method of diving in the wash... it's actually something I do a bit (by choice! :D), and pretty much always pulls the best results... you see all these guys swimming as far off the rocks as they can, but a lot of the good fish are right against the rocks... you gotta plan your entry and exit though hey, we lost like $800 worth of gear one day... :duh
Hey SASPEARO, whats up with hating on surfers?:naughty You seem pretty core and you are in SA killing fish and swimming with the great white ghost, but don't hate surfers because you are scared of waves:waterwork. I hope I am not to harsh on you bro :D
Ooooohhh ....

I don't reckon that I COULD possibly hate surfers, as I surf myself.

And I don't really hate waves .... I just don't like swimming into a well known shark spot at dusk into 8 foot rollers in 3 feet of water and millions of jellies .....

I dig surfers. I just don't dig some of their habits .....
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Gday Guys
This is a late reply to SA Spearo and others to let you know My Ideas on accurate shooting related to rifle, shotgun, bow, speargun
Aiming with a rifle is aiming using a scope or a rear sight and front sight and alignining these to each other then with the target, with a shotgun , bow (BareBow- no sights) and speargun we have no rear sight -(generally) for a shotgun the Stock is shaped to align your eye in the same place every time with the same gun holding position (Mounting) with a bow you use a HOLD position ie. to put your little finger in the corner of your mouth - thumb on your ear etc. -this positions the rear end of arrow in the same position relative to your eye and front of arrow then you just focuss on your target and shoot basically instinctively after a bit of practice you get pretty good at it with no concious aiming .
with a speargun you have to shoot at all different angles to your body to get around rocks or shoot up at fish overhead down at fish directly below etc etc as fish appear where they appear and you dont have time to always position your body to suit where the fish is -any movement may spook the fish
so you need to learn to shoot from alll weird positions when spearing and just try to learn a sight picture ie roughly how high above the axis of the shaft should my eye be for a given distance and elevation of target.
Hope this helps - but I havent got it sussed right yet I seem to shoot uder fish sometimes - usually when I try to aim
Regards Peter:D
over the top aiming.

I have read and understand the principle of aiming down the side of a eurogun for better accuracy in the vertical plane where the fish is in it's smallest dimension.

But whilst a speargun has no sights front or rear its perfectly flat over the top. To me its the simplest thing to aim down the v created by the loaded rubbers and see the muzzle enclosure against the fish. I usually first place the muzzle / speartip on the fish and then lift the handle till i see the fish and the muzzle enclosure through the v of the rubbers. I shoot and he usually gets snacked that night.

Perhaps cos I grew up with a pellet gun welded to my hands and and mouthful of pellets and these days i hunt and clay and wingshoot plenty and a gun of any description in my hands feels more familiar than even my peeing tackle especially when i'm looking over the top of it. :)

Hi all

Have found this thread very interesting from the point of view of someone who is starting to get into the spearo game. Riaan, where do you do most of your diving Moz by the looks of it ?
For anyone else on the list who is keen to learn some stuff, I am working at an awesome place on the West Coast called Cape Columbine. Our Beach Camp houses 16 at the moment, and my partner is a spearo since age 7. ( 33 yrs) He is starting spearo courses for freedivers new to the sport, so if anyone wants to escape the European / US winter and come to CapeTown, we will house you at the camp with pleasure, and show you our favourite hunting spots !! Attatched is a pic of the camp, you sleep in the A-Frames just meters from the ocean. Look foward to welcoming some of you !! Riaan, no excuse dude, you're only 2 hrs flight away !!


Re: Ooooohhh ....

Originally posted by SASpearo
.... I just don't like swimming into a well known shark spot at dusk into 8 foot rollers in 3 feet of water

pussy. :hmm

Re: Re: Ooooohhh ....

Originally posted by icarus pacific
pussy. :hmm


Yes Please. :D

Bluecape - I dive all over the how. I lived in Cape Town for two years, where I speared everywhere from Arniston to Deep South to Saldanha area. I also spear on the wild coast, south and north coast, and then I do some spearing in Moz. I've also speared in Tanzania and Madagascar som time ago.

Well, bud, YOU'VE got no excuse then to join us on a trip to Mozambique - check out the marketplace forum - there's an add there about a Moz trip. Whatcha waitin for?
Hi SA Spearo

I do know about the trip, ( Presume it's the dolphin encountours??) Sounds awesome, but unfortunately have to pass on this one due to work. I am planning a trip to Durban to do some spearing with a friend of mine who will teach me some stuff, a guy called Chris West. But as I said in my previous post, am new to the spearo scene, and have a long learning path ahead of me. My partner at Columbine beach camp is planning a live-aboard trip to Dassen Island, also to Mt Vema.
Will let you know how those go.



Are you going on that trip? If so we finally get to meet and you owe me a beer.

Nope ...

Had his wires crossed for a second. I'm organizing a different trip to Moz - 6th to 10th August. Well, actually that one is filled. So i'm organizing one on the 13th as well - but that might be completely booked out by some builder-type dude and his family ... sigh. At least the spearing'll be good!

But ja, we should have that beer (by now, with interest, it sounds more like a case to me!) sometime ... lemme know.
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