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In LA/OC County of California

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New Member
Nov 4, 2002
New to the sport and looking for general places to dive in LA County or Orange County. This is Southern california and I have only found 1 good spot to dive at in dana point. Looking for anyone in the general area that has good places to dive in Southern california or would care to join me. I'm a serious beginner so any and all info on where to go or where to get basic lessions etc is appreciated. My first post so far and I love this forum!!

People seem serious and geniun about the sport! I picked it up by getting a small JBL speargun and a snorkle and fell in love after 1-2 trips out!! :D
Me Too!!!!!!

sask here... i live in costa mesa/newport. i am serious beginner as well.. almost got the equipment. i have spoken with a couple of guys that scuba/snorkle in laguna/corona del mar/newport and i am anxious to get out to those spots. i am definately looking for a buddy to dive with (safety, etc). email me at


So Cal Dive Spots

Hey Guys, I'm fairly new to these forums but am not so new to so cal. There are tons of good dive spots here! Try these websites for some ideas and info:


Excellent diving rescources page with links to lots of info.


This is a scuba thing but it lists lots of shore dives with pictures, descriptions, maps etc. Almost all beach dives listed here are good for freediving too.


This is socal diving news' web site. Mostly scuba oriented, but features local dive spots each month, publisher also publishes book "So Cals Best Beach Dives" this would be a great book for you to learn about the best dive spots. You could also just ask about the best spots in local dive shops.

Cheers and good diving!:cool:
Thanks for the info i've actually visited a few websites you've listed, but haven't gotten a chance to get to any just yet. Once I find more time and people willing to go with i'll definetly check them out.

Thanks again!
One more thing...

..I thought of was that dive boats are typically cheaper if you free dive as opposed to scuba. On one boat a take I would pay $60 dollars to dive catalina all day, but the same boat would cost me $25 if I was freediving. :)
Really? That's good to know. I actually looked at that option for a few places down in San Diego, but like you said it was a bit costly for the boat on avg 50+, but I wasn't aware that if you free dive it would be cheaper. I'll have to look that info back up and see if I can swing a deal.
Thanks Again!
Cheaper boats for freediving

If the boats in San Diego don't go cheaper try the boats in San Pedro or Long Beach, thats where I've seen it done. Something about less liabillity costs for them. I believe the boats require that you take a float and use it on each dive. San Pedro and Long Beach may be similar distance from as San Diego from OC.
I did it!!!!!!!!!!

ok, finally!!!!! i have everything......gun, suit, etc. ... so now i just need some buddies to go with!!!! i live in costa mesa... can get a day off almost whenever...so let me know and i would love to meet up with you guys.

Hey I have some stuff still need to get a good full suit, but funds are tight so i'm not planning on it soon. Very new to the sport, but I got a gun and a spring suit and i'm in anaheim. I know a place down in newport off of PCH that has a great 10-20 foot cove with great rock reefs and it's pretty good for sand bass. Haven't got any my self, but it's a great small place to learn if your wann go e-mail.

Visit to LA

Was hoping some south cali locals could give me advice on how to best use my one day off on my trip to L.A.

I'm looking for a couple options on nice freediving sites within an hour or so of the airport (although I guess traffic could make that about 2 miles ;-). Ideally I'd want somewhere with nice stuff in the sub 40ft range because I want to take pictures and also I'll be diving alone so I want to be way under my limit and will be extra cautious. Also I'd prefer some kind of a beach access (or ferry trip), but if it is really worth it I would consider paying for a ride on a dive boat.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Bryan Snyder
(a poor bastard stuck in michigan)
Hey Sask & Lght

I grew up in Dana Point and lived in Laguna for 10 years and dove almost everyday. No just kidding, not everyday, but everyday it was above 55 degrees.

OK here's my secret spots. Shhhhhhhhh! don't tell anybody.

I mainly went for halibut.

1.) So. Lag. 1st street, small cove big halibut.
2.) So. Lag. West street, rock out cropping to the south had lobsters to the north in front of the condo complex shot my largest halibut with my trusty poll spear, 34lbs.
3.) Laguna, Moss Point, halibut and calico bass, keep an eye out for the white sea bass.
4.) Laguna, Pearl street, halibut and white sea bass.
5.) Laguna, Brooks street to Main Bch, halibut and lobsters.
6.) Laguna, Shaw's Cove south side halibut, to the north in the large crackes in the rocks lobsters.
7.) Laguna, Creasant Bay, around the point to the north there is another small cove. Every year a very large ball of fish comes in, I believe it was spring time, lots of halibut. I shot my limit there in 15 min one day.

Well hope this helps.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I did the majority of my diving at night. The halibut like the lights of the buildings (can see their prey silhouetted in the light) and come very close to shore (say knee deep water sometimes) and will usually lay on top of the sand. So anywhere there are lights there are halibut.

Have fun, I did!
Wow great info. I haven't been diving long, but tried and failed at a few halibut in Dana point. I think I need a 3 prong tip. I heard about the stories around the sand bottom by west street, but haven't had time to dive there. How in the heck can you see at night I have had a hard time seeing in day. lol
DiverD those are good site, but most are geared toward Scuba. Lots of good points though well worth the reading.

I only used a Coletti break-down poll spear (only 2 sections) with a 3 sided razor tip with 2" flips. This way if you get the tip throught the fish all you have to worry about is the fight. If you can get the fish betwween your legs then it all over for the bugger.

Use a flash light at night it helps;) You'll know it when you see one.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the Tips..

I'll have to get used to the night diving, but not sure if I want a big halibut between my legs :D
Light, point well taken.

DiverD those are good site, but most are geared toward Scuba. Lots of good points though well worth the reading.

Actaully I was trying to reply to bsnyder's post, where he asks about shore entries and cameras, not hunting. While the web pages hosting the descriptions are scuba oriented, I think just about every shore dive they describe (excepting the Redondo Canyon area) are also great free dive spots. I still think if bsnyder has one day to dive and wants shore entires and good photo ops, catalina's Casino point couldn't be more photogenic and the stairs into the water couldn't make and easier entry.

Cheers and good luck on those Laguna flatties!

P.S. about those flatties moving in close to shore at night, I was night diving Haggerty's cove a few months ago and lots of Halibuts were very close inshore hiding in rocks etc. My friend said they move in close to shore to hide while sleeping at night. I don't know if that's true, but they were there and in good numbers.
Wow I guess i'm going to have to try and learn to night dive. Since I don't posses the skills to dive deep just yet maybe that's the next best thing.
Catalina island

Diverd, thanks for the tip! I appreciate getting some good advice because this trip was pretty last minute so I haven't had hardly any time to check anything out. Hell, I'm barely going to have time to pack!

Looking forward to being blue in the face ;)
maybe you guys can help - going to be in Catalina Island for the summer and need a to fin an appropriate freedive/spearfishing suit. Is 3mm enough? or should I go 5? I'm looking at an omer team TI suit. so 3mm means 3mm in arms and legs and 6 in the torso/chest. any thoughts? never been to SoCal, but have been spearfishing for ages...

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