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Karma, Can be a tool for the the cowards.......

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Mr. Long Post
Apr 22, 2002
Hi Gentlemen,

First I would like to past on my sincere thanks to those who have passed me Karma with a name of origin, regardless of positive or negative, I don't care, with a name on it, I am most grateful.

I hardly look at the user profile but a few days ago I wanted to make changes on something and I happened to see what the Karma list was showing.

To those who likes giving bad Karma to people, I would suggest a manly attitude and show ur real identity. In my entire time posting on this board, I have given my only one "negative" Karma to CubanDiver ( I showed my ID ) for the childishness he showed along time ago.

I been ignoring "bad" Karma on some posts , but the specific thread where I put it to the attention of my dear friend Donmoore for a Carter float discussion and I am getting a bad Karma under no name, is an act of real cowards. If u don't like it, don't read it, it is not for you. If you can't afford a Carter float, sue ur bank.

Come on, don't be a sissy and hide behind a system that do not show your name. If u got the balls.... be a man and put what u don't like about my post, afterall it is not meant for you.

I am not usually rude, and I am highly tolerant of insult but an act of a coward is not part of it. Spit what u want, we can sort it out the "sissy" way or the way "guys" should do it. Make ur decision.

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Bagus bilang temanku...ada orang bodoh di dunia aku pikir. Tapi aku pikir mereka tak bisa pakai bahasa Indonesia, ya?
Kamu laki2 bagus sekali: jangan dengar mereka, sahabat.
Hari yang baik Pak,
Erik Y.
I have received negative karma for the dumbest reasons. I once wrote how my suunto D3 had malfunctioned, and I explained in detail how it malfunctioned. I received negative karma immediately! No name of course. Maybe it was a Suunto employee??

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Or a disgruntled wet lens wearer? :D
As the reigning Collector Of Cosmic Karma here, :hmm I've receievd more than few little jabs from persons that it's pretty easy to figure out who they are. I mean if I'm going toe to toe with member X or Y and we just for heavensakes can't agree and neither will back off, and the very next karma I receive is red, well go figure... :duh And then even if it's not that particular member lobbing the love, you gotta figure that the clown is own the other guy's side, so it might as well be him. Ya know?

That said, believe what you write in that it doesn't bother you by considering the source. Karma is like that in real life- it comes around.

And Erik, watch your language man! :t
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The really sillyness of it all is how I can get both good karma and bad karma for the EXACT same post.:duh I guess it just goes to show that we are all different people with different ideas of what we like, and don't like.

I do wonder about some of the "threats" that have appeared in some of my, and other member's, karma boxes. There is some satanic person out there that wants to "cut my face with a razor" and want's to "taste your flesh in my mouth" of at least one other member on this board. Then there are other's who get people swearing at them in their karma boxes and nothing but sweetness on the actual board.

I think that karma should not be anynomous. I think that we would have way more positive vibes flowing on the board if it weren't. Having said that, I still feel that this board is 1,000 times better than all of the other scuba boards that are out there- just take a look at RECSCUBA.COM to see how nasty people can really get. :head

Jon bonjovi and I were mullin over this whole karma bad/good thingy in the car on the way to Beaver Lake today (have at it Sven). Anyway, we both noticed that much of the karma we have been receiving lately has been grey (color). Jon thinks this is neg karma, but I think it is karma from a person who has not either received enough karma or has not posted enough to actually have any karma "hand". This being because many of my 'grey' karmas had positive comments and even had their names signed. Further evidence for this includes the fact that grey karma (pos or neg comments) seems to have no impact on the total karma number.

So here's what I gather. Red karma = bad (from an 'established' member). Blue karma = good (from an established member). Grey karma = good or bad (from a karma 'virgin').

Lookin to get to the bottom of this one. Have we been chasing a ghost?

What do you think Watson?

Hi Ted,
I think it goes like this --- slight alteration added:

Red karma = bad (from an 'established' member). Blue karma = good (from an established member). Grey karma = good (from a karma 'virgin'/'lightweight').

I agree about signing the karma. Personally I think it's the only way to give a show of 'teeth' to what is said.
Signing karma?
Doesn't everyone whos opinion matters sign karma?
Unsigned neg karma denies the receiver a potential change in perspective or opinion. It's a hit for the sake of the strike-value = counterproductive.
Perhaps those who need to post anonymous and vague neg's aren't capable of articulating a suitable reason for the dig.
It would seem more friendly to ask/PM someone about a disagreement, but to each their own way.
....I have to say the members on this forum seem very cordial and polite. Serious differences of opinion seem to get resolved off-screen. Something I appreciate for sure.

Signing positive karma allows us to 'thank' the giver -- what a great concept, eh?

Iya, thanks for bringing up an interesting point.

As i said before i never care about this stupid carma business. Because i think its not fair... I never give anyone negative karma at least as far as i can remmember. But i regullarly receiving unsigned neg. karma. The last time i took one in my own OMER Atoll Float thread. If you looked at this thread you can see no evil minded post. I only tried to find to solution my float and when i find solution to my float (from other local diver) i wanted to share with other fellows but i took neg. carma for it. So i gave up long time ago to questioning this karma business...
As i always say if its unsigned don't bother your mind with it, really doesn't worth...
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I have just once in my db forum time given anyone negative karma. I did sign it though. But i've been thinking that maybe i shouldn't sign positive karma. This because im givin good karma for someone because i approved or liked very much his/her post or something in that post. I'm not wanting to get karma paybacks from people i've given karma. I wish only to recieve good karma if i've actaully posted something worth good karma.

Still i sometimes sign good karma too.
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I respect all opinion, even those contrary to my own, but it is hard to respect any opinion from someone who doesnt want to stand behind their words. Having recieved my share of positive and negative karma I find humor in the unsigned negatives...how can you take someone serious if they dont take themselves serious enough to sign it? Its not like Im gonna jump on the next flight and challenge them to a duel:D
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Ah - I was wondering when there'd be another Karma discussion! We were getting overdue :D

Karma is a popular, yet controversal tool on these forums. It is mostly used in a positive manner, however it also allows for some people to post negative Karma without having to sign it. This works both ways - some people want to disagree but fear speaking out and Karma gives them a way of making their feelings felt, likewise for positive karma.

Every user has a weighting in the Karma system - which is based on numerous factors including length of membership, number of posts and karma from other people. Other factors come into play but those are the main ones. Hence people who are viewed more positively in the community, have a lot of posts and have been hanging around since day 1 will have a lot more weight when they click on the karma button than a joe nobody who has just joined (so don't annoy Sven OK :D)

The system is actually designed to be anonymous and it's interesting that people do sign the Karma. That's where the problem comes in - everyone wants to sign positive Karma because it reflects well on them, but few people want to sign negative Karma. If the system was used totally anonymously it would give you an indication of the reaction to posts in general terms.

On the subject of what the colours mean - Blue is positive, Red is negative and Grey is neutral Karma. Neutral usually comes happens when a new member gives Karma - they haven't established themselves in the community yet so their influence is "zero" on your actual Karma.
...So, Stephen,
What does it take to be considered an 'established' member of DeeperBlue? Years?(how many?)
Posts?(again, how many?)
..........Just curious ;)
Thanks for the input and perspective.
Originally posted by unirdna
Jon bonjovi and I were over this whole Lookin to get to the bottom.
What do you think?


The guys from Def Leppard, Whitesnake and I are all in agreement- you need some salt water. :t
I live in the backwoods of California (Oakley) and I prayed and prayed, for an answer to my biggus quesshun of them all...What in tarnashun is a karma...lo and behold an answer:p :duh

I never really paid much attention to the karma thing. But what the heck...can someone give me some please...i feel lonely having only one:waterwork. Please
Originally posted by OceanSwimmer
...So, Stephen,
What does it take to be considered an 'established' member of DeeperBlue? Years?(how many?)
Posts?(again, how many?)
..........Just curious ;)
Thanks for the input and perspective.
It takes a rather small 10 posts to become an established member of the forums.

Or if Uncle Sven takes pity and gives you some positive karma it's likely you'll gain enough to become Karmic enabled :D
Originally posted by Cingene
I live in the backwoods of California (Oakley) and I prayed and prayed, for an answer to my biggus quesshun of them all...What in tarnashun is a karma...lo and behold an answer:p :duh

I never really paid much attention to the karma thing. But what the heck...can someone give me some please...i feel lonely having only one:waterwork. Please

It's pretty simple: to get it, give it/earn it.
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Puttin on the Seal!

Originally posted by icarus pacific
Yeah sure, put it on me. :hmm

Hey Sven,

I thought that is what you had the Seal for - slappin' the Karma button.... or maybe EATING the Karma button.... after it is done with your fin! rofl

Stephan, is it possible to turn the negative part of karma off? Seems like this would solve a lot of problems.

Unfortunately you can't selectively turn off different bits of the karma. I was thinking about removing the ability to add comments which would solve the signed/unsigned problem as all Karma would be unsigned then.

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