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merou guns

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
They are very basic. Price is cheap, but if you are very much into spearing, you'll soon wish to upgrade to something more solid.
Why not invest in a good solid gun right away??

Hey Harpune,

Those guns are manufactured by Demka and commercialised by a whole series of companies including Spetton, Devoto to name a few.

The guns are good although the plastic muzzle and handle are quite cheaply built. On the other hand Demka shafts and Reels are really good.

NOt sure about open muzzle with no rail setup though.

For that price I would look at a better quality eurogun.
reel and shaft should be good quality barrel seems to be carbon if a change muzzle and trigger mech it should be a quite powerfull gun with two omer 18power-bands .
does anyone know how to build a muzzle like the master america for using two circular slings

wanna build dream gun with plenty of power and range

ps:would an immersion handle hold two 18mm bands or would it explode
Yes an Immersion trigger will hold 2 18mm power bands but if you need a gun that powerfull, go with shaneshac's idea! What are you hoping to shoot anyway?
if i can go freshwater catfish and esox, in the see mackarel an sm all tuna
i think he is skeeing cheaper gun than the totem...

Hey harpune, for a while you are asking about guns and fins, why don't you tell your buddget first? so we can help you better.

You want power, accuracy and balance..........simply buy a RABITECH!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D

Sorry, couldn't resist!!!!!

for gun not more than 110 euro
for fins :the best i can get for 50-60 (or less euro)
i have no shop around because of that I am forced to order everything --> shipping:waterwork :waterwork
i thougt about another excalibur but 100cm or an picasso basik the same length or in 90cm, what gu´n is the better one ???
I never used picasso but it seems they are only real opponent for omer (in europe) btw. omer is 85 and picasso 60E

would garas be ok(2000) omer tend to crack and i wont risk ordering fins i cannot try on before i by them:head
Ok now,

for 110 euro you can choose many gun, i can advise you what i used and liked, excalibur.

italian shop, emperiodellapesca (or something like that) doesnot charge shipping much, only 20-25 euro for international which is very good compared to most other shops, their prices are very goos as well.

If you will buy an omer ask them if they change the shaft with cressi, i used several types of omer shafts and they are bit soft can be bent easily while hunting around rocks, epecially when you miss the sargo, belive me you will see that yourself. On the other hand cressi shafts are immune to bent. Only problem with them is floopper design which is not very hydrodynamic but this not much problem.


If you want "unbreakable" fin, buy gara 3000. They perform good on both surface swmming and medium depth (for me). But they are bit pricey and you can not upgrade them later (changing blades).

I know many people here using omer milleniums and don't encounter anyone with cracked fins other than some "tuna model" users. I don't say they can not break, they can but not very easily. Even if they breake after several years you can change blades for 10 or less euro. If you ever change your mind to use fiberglass or carbon fin later (i am sure you will soon or later) you can use fin pockets.
what woul you recommend to me (Siffness) milenium winter(soft??)
millenium competition (med)

or the others , i don`t know gara 2000 are soft, right ?and I could get them for the same price?
forget about soft fins, after a month you want a stifffer.

Gara 3000's is my first longblade fins, i switched from very very soft little scuba fins (toys) and after 2 week my legs adapted gara 3000, now i am seeking something stiffer.

Gara 2000 has two model, gara 2000ld, gara 2000 hf, LD is grey blade and its soft. Hf is black blade and its stiff. I don't advise you gara 2000 because if they broke which can be quite easily compared to gara 3000 you can not change the blade, you will end up with a buying new pair.

Omer has three model stiffnes, soft (millenium winter grey blade), medium (millenium standart black-gree blade), stiff ( millenium competition- black blade)

If you are heavy you better to look stiffer fins, check fin line up thread you will get the idea, if you ask my opinion buy pair of omer millenium standart and pair of comtetion blades which will not cost you more than 70 euro.;)
Originally posted by miles

You want power, accuracy and balance..........simply buy a RABITECH!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D

Sorry, couldn't resist!!!!!


Wasn't your new favorite C4????????????
gara 3000 are about 8o euro

at emporidellapesca i could get omer+cressi 2000 for 59E each:D
Faint heart never won fair maiden! 21 euro thats pocket money, take good advice and buy then Murat knows of where he speaks. This is supposed to be fun not a technical nightmare

Murat, you've busted me!!!!!! :D :D :D

I do love my C4, but realistically, the Rabitechs are much better value for money. If money is not an issue, then the C4 wins hands down. Plus it looks wicked on my gun shelf!!!!!:D :D :D

what size will I need i`ve got mares footpockets in 44/45 the fit perfekt( without socks)---> will 44-46 omer sizing be ok???
the garas i could try on anyway (3000) but I ve got to say that i wont be using this fins often just in hollidays, alllright for that?
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