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New US Static record - 7.21

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Oz freediver
Oct 3, 2001
Hi guys,
had my first judging assigment today. Martin Stepenak and I judged some old guy from Kona who did a very nice 7.21 static ! :D
Big congrats.

Cheers Wal
Congratulations rofl Both to the old guy and the judge on his first assignment.:p 7:21:head
Congrats Bill!!! (well, Wal did say "some old guy"). :friday:friday:friday
Not bad, that's like 5 seconds per year, no? ;)
Way to go Bill!!:) Congrats on the 7.21....2004 has been a great year for you!!

regards and with respect


7:21??!! Are you freaking kidding me??!

Bill, my respect for you grows with the days and deepens with the depth. You are sooo da MAN! :king

Decorum and tact prohibit my expounding on your accomplishment in a manner more true to my amazement. Holy sweet jeeezus, are you da MAN!

From here on you join a rarified crowd of those with nicknames commensurate with their prowess. You sir are hereby dubbed- the BARON of BREATHHOLD!! Long may you reign.:king
Last edited:
*CONGRATS*--Old Guy! I don't think I've hit the 7's yet. The clock makes me too nervous to LOOK--most of the time.
What I ORIGINALLY logged onto DB for tonight was: FREEDIVING IS IN THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS!!! I didn't know THAT! YOW! It's listed under Unusual Sports--right next to Bizarre Sports--LOL! :)
Shall I write the GBOWR folks and suggest they list Regular Dynamics, and Statics? Lots more folks would be listed--including Lotta Ericson--unless'n somebody's broken her 6:31. She's one COOL Lady. :):)
Congrats--Tanya Streeter--Deepest Constant Weight, Congrats, Guillaume Nery, DCW, Congrats, Benjamin Franz, Deepest Variable Weight, Congrats, Deborah Andollo, DVW, Congrats, Tanya again, *Deepest UNLIMITED*--MY idea of the Ultimate in COOL DIVING--Same to Loic Leferme--Unlimited Deepest--KOO-EL!
Congrats--Herbert Nitsch, Deepest Dynamic Apnea Freedive Without Fins, Congrats--Nathalie Desreac, DDAFWF....
YOU GUYS (AND GALS) have made it where I always wanted to be--so yeah--Congrats!!-I JUST NEVER THOUGHT THEY'D PUT ANY BREATH-HOLDING STUFF BACK IN THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS at all! Like I said--YOWEE! YIPPIE! HIPPIE! DIPPIE! We'll All have a chance to fulfill Water Rat's Old Dream! I wonder what they did with Robert L. Foster and Georges Pouliquin--of 1959, (Rob) and 1912 (Georgie).
I say--Deeperblue Gang--LET'S ROCK AND ROLL! A Gang after me OWN heart--LBC Ron should be here....it would be like Catnip to him!
Water Rat--Smiling Again--As Just One of the GANG :)
Yeah! Go Bill! :D :D

Well done mate, you're making the rest of us look bad! *grumble* *grumble*

:D :D :D
Erez beatus, the former world record holder in unassisted freediving and Israeli champion did 7'10 a year ago!

Erez has a freediving school in Eilat, Israel.

He is also the Israeli freediving team captain and coach!
I don't believe in an aquatic evolutionary past--'cause I don't believe in evolution. HOWEVER, that said--I believe in a GOD-GIVEN aquatic potential. We all knew how to hold our breaths as kids, did we not? INBORN. Some of us just fell in love with it SO MUCH--we COULDN'T QUIT! I say, freedivers are BORN--not Made....My sister saw the same Sea Hunt TV series in the '60s that I did--we watched it together. *I* grabbed onto it--still lovin' it. Apnea activities, that is. Jeanne went for SCUBA--and, as all the other SCUBA folks I know, says, "I like my air. I like breathing."
Sooo--with the Isely Brothers, I say....

"It's your thing,
Do what ya wanna do...
Da Da Da Da Da....
I cain't tell ya,
Who to sock it to.....
It's your thing,
Do what ya wanna do....

We each find out God's purpose for our lives. I thought mine was to set a world record doing this stuff--NOW--I see it's more like, Writing about it! I DO have some certain characters to WRITE about THEIR *world record* attempts! Hubby has made it clear he does not want me to attempt any records myself as research--as my parents did not want me to attempt any records just for the sake of records. (In 1976) I have a 2004 copy of the Guinness Book--I can write for their guidelines, and tell them I'm a writer--so they won't be expecting ME to set a record! The guidelines are no longer in the book--they expect you to apply for an application to actually SET a RECORD! As much as I'd love to--IT WOULD MAKE SUCH A GREAT STORY--! :):) --my family would prefer I not...and Hey--I can kick aside personal glory-seeking and Still find a way to WRITE THAT STORY! I was thinking on Randi not making it into the record book--and starting her "Screwed Up World Records Club"--for fun. After she learns records aren't everything. BUT--some of Samantha's LBC Gang just MIGHT get in the book! Soo I still need that info--:)
I ain't tryin' to diss NOBODY who's in the record books--I still think it's COOL--but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
And the 2004 copy is due back at the library--in 4 days! Gotta get writing! That letter that's going across the pond.
Wish I coulda talked to Jacques Mayol--I think I woulda liked him a lot--he and I think alot alike--according to what I've heard and read about him--his diving style. But that's from what Kars and other members of Christianfreedivers have told me... and The Big Blue--of which he helped write the script. Loooosely based on his and Enzo's lives. As a writer--I know--WE EMBELLISH.
Water Rat, addicted to her pens and paper, her PC, her paints, brushes, and canvases--AND her apnea--whatever form it takes!
Thanks for all the kind words. It was a great weekend, with success for all. More than two dozen people spent a lot of time and effort on the challenge. Most of us are thankful that the bill won't appear on our credit card and I lost count of the last minute fixes that Matt had to make.
On friday, about fifteen people came out to help me. Actually there was a lot of work going on, but it was easy for me to feel that they were there just for my benefit. Everything came together, from the weather and slightly cooler water, to the let us know when your ready kind of schedule. It was seven minute static # 103 and I think, the most comfortable of them all.
My new title sounds very impressive Sven. Thank you. May the biggest snail ever seen, crawl on top of a rock and surrender next weekend.
Your Quote at the end your post, Bill...? LOVE it! I always thought a 7-minute breath-hold was THE ULTIMATE! *And if I could enjoy the ride--it would be SOOO COOL!*
Pride was always MY enemy.... :(
But HEY! You Obviously Enjoyed That 7! Soooo--KUDOS! :):):)
You did 103 of them? Sevens, I mean? YOU are a Better Breathholder than *I* am--LOL! Um--Could you tell Jane, my therapist, that a 7-minute hold ISN'T the DEATH of a guy--OR girl?
She's terrified of anything past 1 minute--!!! AND I may never get beyond the 6'es. BUT--I'm tired of scaring folks--WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND FREEDIVING--and would (^%^%^%) their drawers in I DID hit 7--or Heaven Forbid--*8*...I wanna enjoy the sport--BUT not at anyone's Expense! I tossed my pride aside today--decided to quit timing them....BUT THAT DON'T MEAN I CAIN'T ENJOY SOMEBODY ELSE'S RECORD!
In a word--Bill--I think you're COOL--And Cute! I dare ya--Sultan of Apnea--GO FOR 8! :):):) Maybe 9....
Water Rat
I say it was a hellavuh time ONLY IF YA ENJOYED IT! I was always scared to. NOW--I know why. I hadn't forgiven myself for being the FIRST GIRL 6:40--And ticking off my "friends"--God forbid *I* have something THEY don't! I almost ditched freediving for GOOD over that. Is that pathetic, or what?? It's a GOD--GIVEN SPORT, a God-given Talent--and I was gonna waste it--'cause I was scared of other people's opinions! Ya know what rescued me from that Crappy Mindset? Realizing I had it--AND REALIZING I DIDN'T NEED IT! *KNOWING JESUS SET ME FREE* :):):)
Now I'm free to enjoy God's H20, and my apnea activities--Strings UNATTACHED. That means EVEN in the YMCA Swimming Pool--even if I NEVER set an Official, Certified Record--even if I NEVER GET to COMPETE!
AND--I'm free to enjoy YOU guys's apnea activities--and appreciate YOU making YOUR dreams come true--WITHOUT JEALOUSY! The 6:40 was nothing but a hangman's noose--without any friends--ESPECIALLY THE ULTIMATE FRIEND!
Sooo--EVERYBODY--Let's DIVE--Don't fight the feelin'--God will help you survive....If YOU LOVE doin' it--go right ahead--I do it FOR JESUS.....AND write about it too....
Everybody Let's Dive--We're ALL the Best in the World--and we can THRIVE...
All ya gotta do is--Hold your Breath--any number will do it--if you love doin' it....
OK--soo I suck at Song-writing! LOL!
Water Rat--grooming her tail to Keep on Truckin' with her BREATH-HOLDETTS! (Told ya I was BAD!) :p
Don't worry--I don't think our brains are gangreneous 'CAUSE OF OUR SPORT!
LOL! P: 'Nother try at "Big Grin." (Without clicking on an actual smilie symbol)....Maybe MY brain is going bad--RAOFLOL!!!
Anyhows--"The TRUTH will set you FREE."
Jesus Christ--a long, long, long, time ago.....
Water Rat--Quoting her BEST FRIEND.
YOW--I suck at Computer Skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Water Rat--Quoting the Many Computer Dummies out here!
Old Guy?

Man, you guys have no respect at all..."....Some old guy" ?

Bill, congrats, dude! You rock it till the wheels come off!
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