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Oil Spill May Be In Loop Current Now

Discussion in 'The Beach Bar' started by ricki, May 17, 2010.

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  1. ricki

    ricki Supporter Supporter

    JPL Imagery via Roffs. Labeling and highlighted areas have been added to aid clarity.

    Roffs reported what appears to be merging of the oil spill plume with the southern running flow of the Loop Current towards the Straits of Florida and the Florida Current/Gulfstream. Information was not provided regarding quantities and nature of the floating component of the spill that may be transported into the Straits of Florida. What near term impacts that may be experienced in these areas, if any, particularly closer to shore will be controlled in part by these factors and local weather/current conditions. Roffs previously monitored transport of oil spills created by Hurricane Katrina via the Loop Current into the Straits.

    More at: Oil Spill - Florida, Cuba, Bahamas & Eastern Seaboard Prospects, Deep Horizon Blowout - Page 2 - FKA Kiteboarding Forums
  2. agbiv

    agbiv Spear, cook, and eat fish

    This really sucks. :rcard
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  3. jtkwest

    jtkwest recreational user

    yeah,it really sucks! its coming right for the keys. if it ruins our reefs. i dont know what i will do. who allowed them to drill deeper than they can control? why would they do that? is greed going to kill us all? they need to take all british petroleum's money. all of it. use the u.s. military to take their assets by force. who would stop us? this is a crime against humanity. how much of this crap can the earth take before it shrugs us,(humans) off? i was hoping to live the rest of my life out before this world turned to sh!t before my eyes from stuff like this. its starting to look like i'm not gonna make it. we are all screwed. especially floridians this time around. freakin oil companies
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  4. jay cluskey

    jay cluskey Well-Known Member

    whilst i agree that the oil spill is a great tradgedy,your talk of taking bp by force "who can stop us" have bp not already agreed to meet cost of the clean up ?
    are the drilling company not american owned ? is it not the american branch of bp that are controling oil exploration operations?
    your talk of military action is quite disagreeable and somewhat hampers your credibility on such a serious topic.
    its not the first oil spill nor the last!
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  5. omega3

    omega3 Guest

    How very bizarre!

    Well done on making it to 37 jt, that is the greatest achievement of them all. I for one am amazed!

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  6. ricki

    ricki Supporter Supporter

    Tar balls retrieved from Fort Zachary State Park in Key West, Fla., is shown Monday, May 17, 2010, in this photo released by the U.S. Coast Guard

    Back on topic, tar balls from the spill "may" be showing up in Key West and the lower Keys. Testing is underway currently to check the origin. Either way, elements of the spill are predicted by USF to be in the lower Keys by Sunday.

    At lot depends on the quantity, consistency and chemical make up of the oil residue that makes it to the Keys and all the mangroves along the island arch and throughout Florida Bay. Information regarding degradation of water quality, deeper in the water column from the spill and impacts on turtle grass and patch reefs of Hawks Channel of corals of the Florida Reef Tract is uncertain.

    If you are worried about this and are able to help, they are looking for volunteers in the Keys to help with the response to the spill when it arrives.

    More at: [ame=http://fksa.org/showthread.php?p=45431#post45431]Oil Spill - Florida, Cuba, Bahamas & Eastern Seaboard Prospects, Deep Horizon Blowout - Page 2 - FKA Kiteboarding Forums[/ame]
  7. jtkwest

    jtkwest recreational user

    easy for you to say. what do you work for the oil company? they just found 8" tar balls on the beach in key west this morning. dozens of them. for the first time in history. the u.s government WILL take serious assets from bp. that IS certain. what is also certain, is that it wont be enough by a long shot to compensate everyone. i live 750 miles from that oil rig. the people of my state didnt vote for offshore drilling, nor do the people of my state benefit from the taxes paid by these oil companies. the people of louisiana and texas did that. we voted "no" on that one. now we ,(floridians) have to pay for their ,(louisiana's) mistake. all of it for greed. someone else's. as far as military action. i know its not a reality. its just that its very frustrating to be on the front lines of a war that started somewhere else by someone else. on top of it , a foriegn oil company? drilling wayyyyyy deeper than they can safely manage.. and one more thing old man, this is the biggest oil spill in history and its not even close to over yet and its on MY front doorstep, one mile from MY house. not yours. where you from? oh yeah britain, that makes sense. we have the 3rd longest coral reef system in the world here. it belongs to everyone on this planet really. how many oil spills you had on your pristine coral reefs? none. when you do, then you can tell me to grow up. you grow up. this is a REAL nightmare for me. not just something to watch on tv and comment on. in 10 days this slick will encircle the entire state of florida. then the shits gonna hit the fan for real. is bp planning on paying everyone in florida for all the lost tourism and wages and fishing and beachfront property and wildlife? yeah right. even THEY dont have that much money. and they for sure aint gonna give up any money without a fight. they are already shifting the blame, all the while posturing for an eventual court battle for money. they have been accused already of down playing the quantity of oil that is actually leaking out. the rate they are claiming, (according to expert on cnn) is up to 15 times more than that! up to 75,000 barrels every day,, not the 4,000 nbarrels they are admitting to. when asked about this by cnn, bp executive responded :" we arent concerning ourselves with flow rate at this time, we are concentrating on stopping the leak" as if they cant do 2 thing at once, as a huge multi national corporation. c'mon! what do you think? one good thing about this: a few more spills like this and we wont have to worry about global warming. we wont make it long enough to see that make a difference
    Last edited: May 18, 2010
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  8. jtkwest

    jtkwest recreational user

    if you have a point on topic, make it. jay cluskyis wrong, but atleast has point of view. if you just want to insult someone who cant really DO anything about it, THATS pathetic.
    .i'm sure they will edit this, but maybe you see it first, so, here goes.....
    Last edited by a moderator: May 19, 2010
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  9. jay cluskey

    jay cluskey Well-Known Member

    your very response says it all .....
    and go onto wickipedia and type in bp! do your research before you critisize anyone its the grown up thing to do .
    torrey canion ammoco cadiz were quite bad for our coastline as was the sea empress disaster.
    exxon ammoco burma castrol / transocean exploration american owned, registered in the cayman islands .
    all facts sad but true .
    so there you have it, im not wrong , look no further than your fellow countrymen to blame.
    omega 3 if im not mistaken works in the offshore industry so is as well informed as any one .
    whilst i am sad for all tradgedys that affect the enviroment i am even more displeased by your remarks ( who can stop us ) one too many war films i think .
    read a few history books and by the way how long have the coalition forces been in iraq /afganistan? 8 or nine years? superpowers my arse!!!
  10. jtkwest

    jtkwest recreational user

    PARDON ME i just looked it up, and you're right. englands coral reefs have sure taken a beating. THIS disaster NOW is the3rd biggest spill in world history. its 90 days from over by the best estimates. the 3rd biggest ever. i repeat that because you dont seem to get it. if the experts from mit are correct. this ALREADY is the3rd biggest spill EVER and its 1 mile deep. which makes it the deepest spill ever, which means THEY CANT STOP IT! the biggest oil spill ever was in the persian gulf 1,500,000 barrels the second biggest in uzbekistan was 450,000 barrels, this spill is equal to that now, maybe past it. i looked it up, there has never been an oil spill of the magnitude in england to even be listed in the top 50 spills but bp has been responsible for a few of them, check out wiki, since you told me to. how can you compare that to some single tanker of oil that washes up on some rocky coastline in ,(anywhere) one tanker is pumping out of this thing every day. and its been 2 weeks now and its gonna be as long as 3 months till they drill another well alongside to relieve pressure so they can cap it, THEY HOPE.that makes it , 105 days total x 75,000 barrels a day=the biggest oil spill in world history, and its on top of the 3rd longest/largest coral reef in the world. that is unprecedented. pardon me for being empassioned.i cant just turn off my tv and computer and escape the oil , like you. i wish the oil was in england and the arguement was reversed, i would just turn off the computer and say bye!.......
  11. ricki

    ricki Supporter Supporter

    We're not screwed yet in Florida and there will be plenty of time for blame and more importantly reform. That is if we work to improve things or allow business as usual to continue. Look at how well financial/banking reform worked out?! It seems to have been a massive joke, in very poor taste. If we apply enough pressure it may come, if not, it won't in all likelihood. Look at the rig safety standards in Norway, it costs to emulate but so do spills obviously enough.

    I would focus more on trying to help response efforts in the Keys for now. Those efforts could make a difference in just how bad things get. They need help placing and maintaining booms, helping with oiled wildlife, lots of tasks. From appearances, oil may be concentrated around the axis of the Florida Current perhaps biased to the west towards land by counter-current gyres and local winds. With the normal easterly flow, that should send tar balls and whatever else this mess brings towards shore. It will stall, in rafts around the shore waiting for low tide to vacuum it into Florida Bay to do even more harm to mangrove estuarine areas there. Those spill booms around the cuts may make a huge difference in just how many mangroves are impaired, worse wiped out. There may be a direct relationship to fish stocks and other marine life with how these estuaries fair. You are blessed with near zippo waves near the cuts which should help boom performance. So, why not saddle up to help the response and wait until later for retribution. Work to stop your house from burning down, or argue until it is gone? I vote for the former course.

    A volunteer group established for the Keys response at:
    Keys Oil Spill Volunteer Relief

    There also is a lot of information, sadly more to come likely at:
    [ame=http://fksa.org/forumdisplay.php?f=27]** KITER BUZZ ** - FKA Kiteboarding Forums[/ame]

    Some say oil may be concentrated along the shores of Palm Beach County before the Keys due to approach of the Gulfstream, gyres, easterly winds and narrow shelf. There are lots of waves up there but fewer inlets. If this comes to pass it may be a major mess. Lots of volunteer work to go around for folks that live here and care.

    Good luck to us.

    Last edited: May 19, 2010
  12. jtkwest

    jtkwest recreational user

    Last edited: May 19, 2010
  13. jtkwest

    jtkwest recreational user

    oh yeah, and to riki: i am typing this stuff primarily at night. during the week. i have already signed up to volunteer, i am taking hazmat course at the college on stock island this coming weekend. i own a 25ft sea vee . so i am sure i will be an asset to this cleanup. dont worry, i dont just talk. i live here specifically to dive and spearfish, so , to me ,this is really going to ruin my life. if it ruins the reef i will move. i will try to help out to stop it, but if i cant spearfish , i'm gone. but dont worry, i put my money where my mouth is when it counts. and its coming. all these oil company employees in england talking shit are just getting me more fired up to help. now i'm gonna get a team together to ride in my boat. we are gonna all take the hazmat course this weekend. i'll get atleast 6 people including myself into this. i wish i was rich, then i could really help. but atleast with a boat, i can do something,.i got a 17 yr old son/slave i can use to start with,....thats 2. its gonna be easy to find volunteers in key west. we all love the water here and almost the whole island is directly connected to the ocean for their livelihood. i just play there, but it means the world to me.
  14. spaghetti

    spaghetti Campari Survivor Staff Member Team Leader

    the anger and the emotion are understandable, but why calling names like idiot, asshole et cetera? Of course you're free to speak your minds, but certain words had to be deleted by the forum staff.
    Please try to understand.

    Now...BOXE! :ko
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  15. Spear0Joe

    Spear0Joe here fishy fishy fishy

    Spaghetti its typical americans, they go GUN HO' about everything!
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  16. spaghetti

    spaghetti Campari Survivor Staff Member Team Leader

    I'm okay with americans, I grew up with them and made friends.
    It's just that Deeperblue doesn't allow personal attacks, swearing and name calling. And in this discussion, the name calling came from both sides of the ocean.

    In this forum it's okay to engage in emotional confrontations, and even bitter confrontations if necessary. But the name calling is not necessary and will be deleted. Always.
    Simple as that. :)
    Last edited: May 19, 2010
  17. ricki

    ricki Supporter Supporter

    Some good news,

    "KEY WEST The Coast Guard announced this morning that that blobs of tar that have washed up on the Florida Keys this week are not related to the Gulf oil spill.

    The Coast Guard set to work analyzing blobs of tar that washed up on the Keys on Monday and Tuesday, as evidence mounted that at least some oil from the Gulf spill soon would be in South Florida.

    The analysis determined conclusively that the tar balls collected from the Keys beaches do not match the type of oil from the Gulf spill, the agency announced in a press release. The source of those tar blobs is unknown.

    "The conclusion that these tar balls are not from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill incident in no way diminishes the need to continue to aggressively identify and clean up tar ball-contaminated areas in the Florida Keys," said Capt. Pat DeQuattro, commanding officer of sector Key West.

    Tar balls washed up in Key West, Loggerhead Key in the Dry Tortugas and Big Pine Key, home of the Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge.

    Sticky blobs of congealed oil, which range from the size of a coin to the size of a baseball glove, occasionally turn up on beaches, having formed from oil dumped from ships' bilges, leaks from offshore rigs and natural seepage from the ocean floor.

    But their sudden appearance in the Keys prompted concern that the tar balls were the leading edge of a wave of oil headed for the state's coasts."

    Continued at: Gulf oil spill: Key West tar balls not related to spill, Coast Guard said - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

    More at:
    Florida Keys tar balls not linked to Deepwater Horizon oil spill

    Back to waiting, hope not much makes it over to the east coast. Time will tell.
  18. Mr. X

    Mr. X Forum Mentor Staff Member Supporter Forum Mentor

    Good points. Of the 3 companies involved, one was BP, another American and the third Swiss I believe - but perhaps those are just shell companies for just this sort of situation? Sounds like BP has the main responsibility though. Who owns BP these days - I would not be surprised if it was mainly US pension funds. These companies are international. Barclays Bank owned a huge chunk of Microsoft last time I checked - not something I would have necessarily expected. Sounds like Obama is going to hold them all to account -- good for him, we can't afford screw-ups like this on many different levels.

    The oil companies aren't all bad. Try doing without petrol, oil and plastics jtkwest, see how far you get.
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  19. jay cluskey

    jay cluskey Well-Known Member

    spag i am trying really hard here mate really hard i am aware of pg 13 after so many reminders .
    but some one does not get what i am saying .
    his first post mentions bp as an english company and military action against them to seize assets all i did was try really hard to explain that the company although british by name is very much an american company .
    even your average knuckle dragging neanderthal would of taken the hint to look at wikipedia.
    he seems to think britain has no marine ecosystem and oil never gets washed up here
    his response to some one dissagreeing with him is to insult them .
    i am quite alarmed at the fact he has pro created and spawned already .
    if the oil does not kill us jt is gonna out smart us all to death
  20. jtkwest

    jtkwest recreational user

    clusky, thanks for repeatingly taking this thread off topic. i really dont care who owns this company, i never did. i never said it was english either. i never did, check the post, its in black and white. what i said was they should seize all bps assets, by force if necessary. i stand behind that statement. stop trying to tell me who owns this company. i dont care. if they are in miami, it will just be that much easier to seize the assets. tTHAT is my view, stop distorting it. all the constant insults really is starting to make you look foolish, if you have a point make it. if its not about the oil spill start a new thread, you can call it "who really oowns bp" and you can talk to your self on there. my reasoning for seizing the assets is because the damage from this will be more than they will freely give. alot more, so instead of fighting them in court, simply seize their assets. all of them. because they are drilling deeper than they can stop the flow. THATS why , not because they spilled some oil. one tanker of oil every so often, while tragic. may be acceptable on some level. we all use oil. i do. and if it means some gets spilled, now and again, so be it. but when they drill like a mile deep with no plan that will work or has been tested EVER to stop the flow in case of emergency, then creating a situation , where one or two stupid guys can blow up the rig. where are the safe guards, the redundant security, you would find in a military installation , for instance.? seems like the failure to have something in place is acually criminal. i know its against the law to spill a bunch of paint into a lake . if i did that, i would be arrested. besides paying a huge fine. even if it was some kind of asccident. i would still have to face criminal prosecution. so who's gonna get arrested for this one? no none -thats who, know why? i dont. and jayclusky:i dont now, nor have i ever gave a shit who owns bp. only that they pay dearly. regardless of who owns it. even if it was based in london. it still wouldnt be english PEOPLE's fault, i never implied that, so relax. quit insulting me. it would be different if we cold settle it face to face. but we obviously cannot, so hiding behind the computer and chucking insults is ridiculous.even a little pathetic. maybe you should look at yourself before you go calling ME names. what is your sick need? explore THAT. why do you even care that much? you live far far away from this,(or any other) coral reef. what do you care so much? what ,do you just go around looking for stuff to be "offended" about? i've seen that before. what a lame hobby!
    Last edited: May 19, 2010
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