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Opinions about respons from EliosSub

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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Hello motionsync,
I'm diving at the other side of the Aegean Sea and I also want to buy and Elios 3 mm but I could not decide which type of interior and exterior,I wonder which type did you buy?
I think I go with a 5mm low-density Heiwa neoprene
Smoothskin Slide Outside (same qualities like Smoothskin but more resistent and not so fragile & delicated)
Black coating Inside.
Jacket closed with hood incorporated + high waist pants and vest with short sleeves and high collar. (Vest is great for pooltraining or when water is warm)

Later I will order a 3mm Elios for Greece but with Super elastic inside becauce 3mm is to fragile if it is only open cell inside

3mm low density heiwa, open cell inside, smooth outside, is incredibly strong, almost impossible to break.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
I havent think that 3mm low density heiwa, open cell inside, smooth outside, is so strong.
But my bigest problem is 3mm or 5 mm
Becauce this is my first apnea suit and many say that tey are warmer that normal scuba suits i dont know what i need
I am scaredthat 5mm well be to warm

Priority is Greek water, Pool training and sometimes lake & see in Sweden
I've been following this thread because I too am close to ordering a suit from Elios. I have to say I'm amused by the W I D E difference of opinion that's gone back and forth about the durability/resistence to breakage of Heiwa 3mm open cell inside-smooth cell outside low density neoprene! I can't wait til I receive my sample swatches. rofl

Elios suits are exelent. Every freediver have other priorities
It depent if you are diving only the rope or you must go trough stones. If tis warm water , if you whant to use it only for freediving or maybe for spearfishing to ..........

For my I WILL GO with low density heiwa.!!!
I dont know if I go with 3 or 5 mm and becauce 3 mm is not so thick neoprene maybe Super elastic inside is lite more durable.

I just ordered an Elios 3mm low-density Heiwa neoprene jacket with smoothskin out and open cell in. Also got a cocking pad on the chest. Never seen an Elios suit but I'm banking Eric F. knows what he's talking about (never seen him either though). I'll let you guys know what I think when I get it.

Scott T.
I'm certain I'll order 5mm for our waters here; one of the things I'm a bit undecided about is whether I'll order low or medium density.
Elios makes an awesome suit. After a summer of diving mine fits even better than when I first got it :)
Why doesn't Elios mention Heiwa?


I have no idea why Elios does not mention Heiwa on their webpage, since it seem to be a fairly popular and very good neoprene! Overall I think the Elios website can be fairly confusing, especially if you are new to the wetsuit market.

But Elios does sell Heiwa suits for sure! I received my new 3 mm low density Heiwa smoothskin/open-cell suit this monday and I can't wait to use it in the ocean! (Have only tried it in the shower so far, but it feels wonderful!)

I would suggest that you didn't use the Elios website, but rather communicate with them via email and request Heiwa neoprene. That's what I did, and it worked great for me!

// Johnny
Originally posted by motionsync

Becauce this is my first apnea suit and many say that tey are warmer that normal scuba suits i dont know what i need
I am scaredthat 5mm well be to warm

Priority is Greek water, Pool training and sometimes lake & see in Sweden

Hi motionsync

You seem to be trying to cover a wide temperature range with 1 suit.

I don't have an elios suit but I do have a well fitting 5mm suit made by a local company in New Zealand.

My suit is open cell inside and is much warmer than my 5mm scuba wetsuits. It keeps me warm for hours in 11 degree water.

When the water is over 20 degrees here in summer, I can still use the 5mm suit. If I get too hot while surface swimming, I just let in a bit of water.

A 5mm suit is the ideal compromise for me, as it will work year round out here.

I recently ordered a 3mm bottom just to be able to drop some weight and in 14-degree water, the 3mm bottom and 5mm top are still more than warm enough.

You might want to look at getting a 3mm suit if your local Greek water is quite warm and ordering a 5mm top at a later stage for when you dive in Sweden?

It sounds like you really need 2 suits in the long term though.


3 mm low density Heiwa smoothskin/open-cell suit for Sweden??
I was thinking to order the same configuration. Is it not fragile without lining?
When you have tried it write a review.


Yes I was trying to cover a wide temperature range with 1 suit but that until i gett a second suit.
Anyway I have now some samples from Elios and that will hell me.
to choice my suit
Last edited:
Originally posted by motionsync
3 mm low density Heiwa smoothskin/open-cell suit for Sweden??
I was thinking to order the same configuration. Is it not fragile without lining?

Actually the season is pretty much over here in Sweden now. I did use my 5 mm suit a couple of weeks ago in 12 degree (centigrade) water. That was a bit chilly but not nearly enough to make me shiver. That suit has superelastic lining on the inside, so I expect an open cell 5mm would have kept me quite comfortable in 12 degree water.

I will however use my new suit when I go to Dahab in Egypt in two weeks! :D I will let you know how it worked when I get back. I also expect to be able to use it during the warmer parts of the Swedish summer.

Not having any exterior you have to be a bit careful about what you swim into, sit on etc, but I have used my 5 mm all summer without any visible damage at all, so as long as you are not too careless you should be fine.

Not having any interior lining means the suit will be more fragile while putting it on and taking it off, but once you have done that you are safe. I can't really say how careful you have to be since because I havent ripped my suit (yet) I don't know. Perhaps you can have Elios send you a sample of the material which you can test to see how much force is required to break it.

// Johnny

Have a great time in Dahab in Egypt.
I will go there December if everything is going well (Work-work.....)
I have samples of the material from Elios but not open cell inside
They are lining or coating(Black & Gold)
I think that they are not so fragile like many say in this forum It is very hard to break it.
The coated samples should be the same as open cell in durability since the coating does not result in added strength.

I agree that it is not particularly fragile as long as you are careful. You can't use it like it was a scuba-suit, but I think I will be fine in my new suit and I doubt that I will ever want to go back from open cell once I get used to it!
I just received my Elios custom wetsuit jacket this weekend. I got it made out of 3mm low-density Hewia neoprene (as per Erik F.'s advice). The fit is exceptional!!! It looks like somebody painted it on me and yet it's not tight at all. I can easily undress myself. Water's still too hot (82 degrees) here to try it out but after I get some use out of it this winter, I'll check back in and let everybody know what I think about it's durability.

Scott T.

Is your Elios custom wetsuit jacket open cell inside smothskin outside?
I read that you undress easily but how is dress up??


I took Eric F.'s advice about keeping it simple and just got plain old open-cell inside with smoothskin outside (with a cocking pad on the chest for loading my speargun). Because of the un-coated open-cell, I have to lube up to put it on. It goes on very easy once it's wet and soapy. They sent some samples of their other coatings/coverings along with my suit. The superstrectch nylon looks very stretchy and the Benthos painted pattern looks extremely cool. I'm going to use my new jacket for the winter and see how well it holds up for reef spearfishing and then I'll probably order an Elios full suit of some kind in the spring for use at next year's Nationals in Hawaii.

Scott T.

I have to a sample of superstrectch nylon inside / smothskin outside and it is realy very very stretchy.
But superstrectch nylon leads more water into the suit .
If Elios have done a superstrectch nylon inside suit with Aquastop system (Smothskin will do the job) to seal wrists and ankles that will be a great suit.

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