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Personal bests

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Free Immersion?


Nice photos! It looks like you're wearing a mask and fins. Is that really all free immersion is (wearing full freediving gear but pulling yourself up and down a rope)? Is it easier to pull up and down a rope than swim or is it all the same?

Scott Turgeon
pictures are 1000 well thought out words...

Yeah, and where's the speargun? ;)

btw, nice stats erik; good luck this weekend.

Free Immersion

Scott Turgeon,

I believe that you are correct about free immersion simply being like constant ballast except that you have the benefit of pulling yourself down and up a rope (or in the Florida springs, limestone ledges). I have never done it with a rope, but pulling on the hard ledges sure is easier than kicking - especially when going against a current or coming back up when you are negative.

I would have thought that the free immersion world records would have been deeper than constant ballast but, according to the IAFD USA web site, this is only true for women (Tanya 67 meters in CB and Deborah Andollo 74 meters in free). Perhaps this is because the top male freedivers just prefer CB (correct Eric?).

My congratulations to Cliff and Erik for hitting their PB's. I'll be going to Tanya's clinic in a few weeks and hope to best mine as well.

Was just reading through this thread again, and thought I'd update my PB. Not in the same class as some of you guys, but I managed to edge past 24m constant ballast last weekend. At the pub afterwards (while drinking water) I was complaining to Pete (laminar) that I hadn't been able to get back to even a 3 minute static in over a month. He described a simple technique to me and the next day I managed a 4:30 dry static. This morning I did a 4:45 dry static for a new personal best, and it feels like there is more to be had.

FWIW: I have been very impressed by the PFD group, both in their emphasis on safety and operating at your own level of ability, and in Kirk's abilities as a coach. I'm a very conservative non-athlete, but I feel safer being out in the water freediving with the PFD group than I have while scuba diving with some PADI dive leaders and instructors. And I'd rather have PFD-trained dive buddies. Kirk is also very concerned with good public exposure of the sport as a safety concious athletic activity, rather than as a dare-devil stunt.
Constant ballast.....30 m
Free immersion.......10 m
Longest dive...........1:24
Best dry static.........2:47
Best wet static........2:00

Still new to all this, gimme a couple of months these numbers are gonn change.
Re: Free Immersion

Originally posted by scott
Scott Turgeon,

I would have thought that the free immersion world records would have been deeper than constant ballast but, according to the IAFD USA web site, this is only true for women (Tanya 67 meters in CB and Deborah Andollo 74 meters in free). Perhaps this is because the top male freedivers just prefer CB (correct Eric?).

-Scott; Marten Stepanek holds the Free Immersion record at -90 metres, and Tanya did 70 metres last year. :)

My congratulations to Cliff and Erik for hitting their PB's. I'll be going to Tanya's clinic in a few weeks and hope to best mine as well.

-Thanks amigo, enjoy the clinic
Erik Y.
Re: Free Immersion?

Originally posted by sturgeon
Is it easier to pull up and down a rope than swim or is it all the same?
Scott Turgeon

Just from my experience, if I can pull myself down a rope, chain or kelp stalk rather than swim, I'll sure do it, especially to get past the point that I'm still positively bouyant, around 7m. From there the shift to being negative takes hold and then I can put myself on cruise to the bottom or wherever. Having a line to initiate the ascent is a great help too.


Since my return from the North and my 5 month hiatus from freediving, I've been taking my descent back to last year's depths rather slowly.

My goal was to get back to the point where -45m was my easy, no contraction warm-up dive before my target for training.

Lately, though, I've been having horrible problems with my right ear. It blocks (or doesn't) at the surface, making it hard to know if I'll be able to make a dive at all. And it happens usually when I pack before a dive.

So I've been eliminating packing from my diving altogether.
Yesterday (out with Erik) I went to 43.8m on a breath with no packing and equalized at the bottom, no contractions and one breath recovery. Last year, I would have spend 15 seconds packing to the max to reach that depth comfortably. I think the difference here is being more relaxed and enjoying each dive that my ears allow me to make.

My goal for the end of summer: -70m.

Glad I could help Andrew!

Better Late Than Never

Personal Best Depth: 117Fsw
1. constant ballast:
2. other, specify:
3. Average:
4. Time spent at depth: 10 sec
5. Most recent best:

Personal best Dynamic Apnea

1. below 15 feet: n/a
2. distance (any depth):75m
3. longest time spent on one dive (while active): never timed
4. Most recent best:

Personal best Static Apnea

1. In pool: 2:30
2. best combination of depth and static:
3. Most recent best: 3:14

Went for my first time recently. First day, I did 86 feet, second day I did 117 feet(35.6) meters
Im loving the hell out of this!


:martial :martial
personal best depth

constant ballast:

25m, no weight belt fins had 28cm blade

personal best dynamic apnea:

with my fins:50m

without fins 72m

personal best static apnea:

dry: 5:06

wet :4:15

dont time anything recreational dont have a depth gauge, or depth sounder

As this thread seems to stay alive, I'll update mine from this past weekend at Tanya's clinic:

CW - 100'
Wet Static - 4'34"

Both surprisingly easy - due both to Tanya's training/motivation as well as me diving in a safe environment for really the first time (to my shame).

Here's my numbers...I've discovered the joys o breathhold diving only about 4 months ago and i'm still in the phase where improvement comes almost every time I jump in the water...so these numbers are bound to change quite soon...

but for now :

Personal Best Depth:
1. constant ballast: 30.5m/100ft
2. Average: 20m
3. Longest Dive : 2min25sec
4. Time spent at depth: 30sec @ 20m, 0.5sec @ 30m :)
5. Most recent best: 26m yesterday
6. average divetime : 1-1.30min

Personal best Static Apnea

1. In ocean: 4.30
2. best combination of depth and static: 1min45sec @ 12m
3. Most recent best: 4.30

Free Immersion : I haven't found a vertical line yet to try (guess i'll have to lay one myself haven't had the chance yet). But I do love the pulling down the line and I do it alot on the anchorlines of boats. I managed to get to 20m with a line that had an angle of about 45degrees. The total divetime on that dive was 2min15sec (pulling down and pulling up). I find using a line very calming and I can concentrate a lot better because of the rhytmic movement...It's almost like meditation.

My progress

Personal best depth
1 constant ballast: 60m (without packing + BTV even at the bottom!!!)
2 other: Constant ballast without fins 35m, free immersion 40m, No-limits 59m.

Personal best dynamic
distance: 100m with fins, 113m without fins

Personal best static apnea
1 in pool 5m02s

In two of the above posts I have seen a dynamic withOUT fins listed that was longer than a dynamic with fins.
Are these typos, or am I misinterpreting something?
Can't you always go further on a single breath with fins than without?

Anyway, mine are:

dry static 6 minutes
dynamic without fins: 58 meters (distance)
constant weight with fins: 16 meters (depth)

Also, what is the differance between constant weight and free immersion?

Just to say that my performances weren't a typo, it's just that I haven't really tried with fins.

The difference between constant Ballast and free immersion is;
CB you use a fin to reach the depths and back
Free immersion you pull on the rope to go down and back

In both cases you keep the same amount of weight through out the dive.
-Deep Diving
Constant weight: 28 meters

Longest distance: 80m

4'25 with samba and blackout (during competition) I've only tried once wet so I put the result even if I blacked out.
Pb dry: 6'00
Hello All,
I'm kinda new at freediving, so most of my records are set from lack of opportunities.

Personal Best Depth:
1. constant ballast:

5-8 meters estimated. It was THAT shallow 250meters from the beach.
and it was also Totally unassisted, even without a mask. :)

2. other, specify:

8 meters - when snorkeling, didn't even know i was free diving that time.

Personal best Dynamic Apnea

2. distance (any depth):

without fins - 40 meters on a 10 meter pool, so i can't really tell what's my real limit.

Personal best Static Apnea

1. In pool:

4:15 (the water were disgustingly warm.)
PB : 5:03 - in bathtub. :) :)

I can certainly say that ALL my records are ahead of me. :)

Hi, I'm totally new to this.

I recently tested my breath holding ability whilst sitting in front of my computer just chilling out.

some of my times were:

and finally

I've done a little research and I can see this is above average...
Do you think this is strange for an untrained person?
I actually only stopped because I thought I should, I felt no real need to breath after the first minute...
Maybe I should get into this sport?? Maybe I shouldn't??
Any suggestions

I suggest that you has to start practicing this sport only if you like it, not because you're good....
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