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Spearfisherman ;=- --->
Sep 14, 2001
Here's the tools for the job.....


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    p1010017 copy.jpg
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sorry about this, my ADSL connection died last night, I'll post the rest of the pics tonight, so you can all make your own :)

And i'll be testing it in the next few weeks to around 50m, so i'll let you know how it goes....
50m? is that all? that just won't do, i'm afraid. :confused:

i bow to thy greatness :cool:

It's not that great really andrsn when you consider my new technique, after this weekends no limits in Nice, the "Freediver Performance Team" ;) came up with a new freediving discipline (influenced by many beers):

Instead of "No Limits" - we call it "No Choice"

No Choice...

The subject is placed on a no limits sled and bound securely, the subject wears a noseclip so no hand movement is necessary, subject is then "sent" directly to required depth.... a button on the plate at the bottom provides the lifting mechanism for the sled......."No Choice"

We thought this was a fine idea at the time :D :D :D

WARNING : The above is a joke, and is no way endorsed or recommended!

Crispin- how did your pipe mask work? What is the diameter of the threaded barb? I am keen to make one. Thanks,
But how?

Hi Crispin,
Can you explain me the rest of pipemask making
ya, how do you make it? the plastic pipe, where do you get it, it looks like the stuff used in drips or that they stick up your nose in hospitals? and the blue 'screwy bit' where'd you get one of them? do you need a washer for both sides of the plastic window? and are the washers plastic or metal? cheers
pipe masks

the pipe mask i described in the other forum is based on crispins
model. He the pipemask master.................. with a larger than average weapon.
Respect to your lengthy tool from the lizard spearfishin collective.
Wow - haven't been around for a while - thanks for the replies guys...

if anyone wants a set of destructions mail me, and i'll send em on...alternatively, if there's enough interest i'll start selling them, for the price of the materials (i'll make that cost public) and $10 for my labour + postage if thats any use to anyone then let me know....otherwise you can all have the instructions and make em yourselves.....

Crispin 'all for sharing the knowledge and not scamming Freediving because it's a niche sport you n00bs' Wright
Good to see you around here again Crispin - hope you keep coming back! We must do that beer sometime soon...
i'm going to try to make a super low vol mask from swimming goggles(with 2 pipes obviously). the 'eyeline' goggles have a very thick rubber skirt that might be easier to attach to than the thin rubber/silicone skirt on a diving mask. though going through the lense might be the best solution. i'll post my results shortly,

theres a link to marcus`s site from www.freediver.co.uk
where i think you can also buy them ..... if you got nothing better to spend ya money on
:D just kidding they work fine but lets be honest how low do you really need to go. If you want kick ass zero volume buy fluid`s
if you want a fun pipemask thats user friendly and not to fiddly
i`d make the contraption above.
I just saw that Herbert used a version of my mask for his record - I hadn't seen that before - LOL - maybe I should put a patent on it - double LOL - nice one Herbert :D

anyway - since I can't find the charger for my Video camera to take pics for you guys i'll give you the best explanation I can anyway.....so here goes...

1. Take the mask and a hole punch, you need to turn the mask and place the hole punch right into the corner and make a hole:

Take care doing this not to split the skirt of the mask!!!!!


Hole punch - available from most stationary stores:


2. Once the hole has been made it's all over Ladies and Gents, what you need to do next is use the "Blue Bit" which is actually a compressor air line fitment, cut the top off using a hacksaw (pictured above) so you can breath through it, then screw it into the hole, puch the pipe onto it and thats it - finished. It really is that easy, the only thing you guys need are more photos, and the link to the site I got the blue bit from - which I will post ASAP...




The arrow on the compressor part nut points to where you have to chop the top off it, as the nut is sealed to block off an airway, we want to open it to breath through it, put it in a vice an lop the top off, and it makes for the other side of the seal on the silicon......

The compressor valve fits snugly into the silicon hole, thus making it's own seal, I have tested it to around 40m and it's fine*.

I will post more close up pics of each bit of equipment when I take the photos.

No warranty, either express or implied is given for the information above, all information is posted "as is", and by reading any or all parts of the above information the reader absolves the author of any liability whatsoever in the event of misuse of the above information. In the event of death, accident, or personal injury the author shall accept no responsibility whatsoever.
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swimming-goggle-pipe-mask came out sweet. as i said the goggles(eyeline) are made of thick(6mm) silicon which is sturdy enough to hold the tubing tightly and form a good seal without the need for any bonding agent, though i put glue arround it just to be shure. the hole i made with a hot poker of diameter one or two millimeters less than the tube(which i got from a pet store). as crispin said, pretty easy. just hope using it's as easy as making it!
exact part number

Crispin- I looked all over that website for the hose barb but I could not find it. Could you either tell me the part number or the exact name of the blue bit. Thanks in advance,
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