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Its da bomb!

Hey Mark- Great recipe! I tried it and got a very nice compliment, 'course I was making it for myself, but I'm sure it'll work...
I know the fish is done after about 15 - 20 mins but this is what we call a "stew down" here. All the fish juices mix in with the butter and veggie juices and create a sauce that has to be tried.:D
Here's one I tried last night:
I used one large fillet, but I guess you could use a few smaller ones. You will need enough bread crumbs to cover the fillet. Melt butter and olive oil(50/50), enough to moisten the bread crumbs. Minced garlic to taste, salt,pepper, herbs de provience, parmisican(sp?) cheese-the stuff in the green can. Combine all the ingredients. Preheat oven to 350. Line a baking pan w/ foil, spray w/ Pam and lay the fillet(s) on the pan. Cover w/ the bread crumb mixture. Bake for about 30min. The bread crumbs should be golden brown, check frequently after 30min to ensure the bread crumbs don't burn. I had a thick fillet so it took 40min for mine. Serve w/ a fresh garden salad, maybe some french bread and the beverage of your choice. Simple yet elagant. Candles on the table, some flowers and something chocolate for desert and you're set. Like Sven I got two thumbs up on this-- too bad they were mine:(
sounds yummy, jay

wait till you get a taste of aquiles' cooking down in the keys! :p holy cow! he'll quickly redeem himself from the speedo issue. :D

cottage cheese ceilings

I can handle an occaisional hair in the snapper, but the other bones in that Cayman stuff, I don't know... :yack


Yeah, my favorite... "food"
This is for any firm white meat (although I have used it for Ahi with good success)

Cut fish into 1" cubes (deboned of course)

Rub a mixture of Miracle whip (or mayo), wasabe (to taste, whould be a little spicy), and futakake (it's a flaked seaweed and sesame seed mixture found in japanese section).

Roll into mixture of (should be about equal amounts):
japanese bread crumbs (wheat style or white)
and crushed arare ("arare" are little glazed rice crackers found in japanese section, you need to crush them yourself)

Fry (deep fry is best) till golden brown.

You can use a tempura dipping sauce or the old mayo/relish standby

This is my all-time favorite way to have Ono or Mahi.

Enjoy, Chris
more from gullet of Rico

This one flat out slays 'em!!

Get a Salmon fillet, skinned and boned. I know, you can't shoot salmon, but she doesn't...;) Butterfly that bad boy and then between a couple of pieces of wax paper, roll or gently flatten the two halves to about 1/4" thickness. Place this on a sheet of parchment paper.

Julienne a couple of leeks in butter until wilted and soft. Layer these on the salmon. With care and grace befitting a chef, roll the salmon/leek into a tight roll, twisting the ends of the paper to seal, and place in the fridge for an hour or so.

While it's chillin', mix the juice of 3-4 tomatoes w/o seeds and a cucumber with 2-3 tablespoons of mayonaisse. Strain real well and let it chill for an hour too.

Take the paper of of the salmon roll. Lay a piece of aluminum foil out flat and sprinkle a small amount of really virgin :t olive oil on the foil and spread around. Sprinkle a good dose of coarse black pepper on the oil/foil and lay the fish roll in the center. Roll the fish roll in the pepper and then completely roll the fish in the foil, again, really tight.

On a HOT flat plate or tray, roll the foil wrapped fish back and forth on the HOT plate for about 4-5 minutes. It's done when the roll is slightly firm to finger pressure. Remove from the heat and go do the artsy stuff...

Like taking the tomato/mayo sauce and spreading a thin layer on your plate, and placing a fan of asparagus and lemon slices in a nice pattern. Slice through the foil and fish about 1" thick, like a loaf of bread, peel the foil off and place artfully on the sauced plate. Drip a little sauce onto the fish, place with a flourish on the table. Figure two or three pieces per person, four if she's a grain-fed gal. :rcard

I've not tried this with other fish as the oil in the salmon is what makes this posible, but I've got to figure you could swing it with a slab of tuna. But whatever this is the one that'll get you noticed! All you have to do now is hope her tests come back negative.;)

sven suave
Man Sven, you're a hard act to follow...ok lets hear all the jokes.;) Here's one from the Betty Crocker Test Kitchen: Neoprene Division. Take a couple of fillets of your choice and lay in a shallow baking pan(coat the bottom w/ oil or Pam first). Dice one large tomatoe, mince a shallot and a couple of cloves of garlic, combine w/ a couple of tbs. of chili paste. Spoon over fillets. S/P to taste. Sprinkle capers(no Anderson thats not what Batman and Robin wore) over mixture. Squeeze one lime over this. Thinnly slice a med. onion and lay over everything. Drizzle w/ EV olive oil. Bake either covered or uncovered in a 350 oven for about 30 min. Drizzle w/ a good Balsalmic vinagar upon completion. Contact Martha Stew...I mean Sven for info on salad fork placement and how to fold the napkins so they look like cute little animals. Just kiddin', Sven you can cook for me anytime!

I like this thread. I feel that cooking it is half of the sport.

This is for what we call "tableboss", it's a type of hogfish. It has a very white meat but dries out easy while cooking. An old Hawaiian fisherman made this for me once and showed me how.

Clean fish (scale, gut, AND head), make very shallow cuts into the skin every inch or so (stops skin from curling). You need a pot big enough to poach your fish, a VERY small pot (sauce pot), and a large serving plate large enought to hold fish.

Poach fish for 3min for so (kinda depends on size)
While it's cooking, heat about 1/4 cup peanut oil (you'll want it smoking when your ready for it)
Take fish out of water and place into serving plate.
Rub fish with minced ginger, crushed garlic, chives, and Maui onion (red onion works too).
When oil is smoking, SLOWLY pour hot oil over fish.
This crisps the outside yet keeps inside moist, works good with tarter or a dipping sauce.

It impress' the girls if you do this at the table (not to be done after a few drinks :duh

I hope you guys like it as much as I. It also works with a lot of other types of reef fish.

Aloha Chris
Originally posted by Jay Styron
Man Sven, you're a hard act to follow...and lay a shallow Pam to taste. Sprinkle over mixture.


Awww Jay, ya big tease! I can go for the Pam or Torrey for that matter, if she's shallow, but the Golden Shower thing...:naughty

Hey Anderson!, where're all these recipes on your website ya big pudthumper!

i didn't realize i get such a great response. :D i had put up the format for the page, but then put things on hold to see what other recipes would pop up.

i leave tuesday for keys kraze, but will definitely update everything once i get back. by the way sven, did you want the hello kitty wetsuit for your picture? :confused: rofl

Re: cottage cheese ceilings

Originally posted by icarus pacific
I can handle an occaisional hair in the snapper, but the other bones in that Cayman stuff, I don't know... :yack


Sorry... should have mentioned boneless fillets...my bad
Pink kitty this...

You put that pic in the page, my delicate sensitivities will be sorely strained.

And having boned aCaymanian, I know of what I speak...:p

Re: Pink kitty this...

Originally posted by icarus pacific
You put that pic in the page, my delicate sensitivities will be sorely strained.

And having boned aCaymanian, I know of what I speak...:p


Hee Hee
You must have caught one of those skinny ones
You bet Mark- I leave the fat ones for the locals...rofl

And hey, Chris, I've had fish prepared that way and you're right- it's great tasting and it really makes an impression on the guest(s).

how about this?


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