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Jay-jay-dog face boy,

That's a tasty recipe you put up. I've tried somthing similiar with slices of fennel over the fillets; it adds a spicy flava without overpowering the fish. Dice up some roasted and skinned bell peppers, yellow/red and green and add at the end for a little garnish/color and huge throbbing compliments.

Hey Sven,
I just got back from diving w/ Anderson, Aquiles and Scott in the Keys. I'm sure you'll be seeing pics of the trip soon. Anderson shot a fat daddy mackeral! Aquiles showed us his culinary skills every night w/ the fish. Man that little speedo clad cuban can cook:p . One of these days you'll have to make it out here and show us how you left coasters do it.
And whats this dog face boy- such an undeserved attack :D , At least I don't have a pink kitty on my wetsuit, which leaves open a whole range of possibilities for descriptive phrases of your manhood.
aww, change yer pad

Saw the pics on the keys kraze site. Damn nice job. I was particularly impressed with the fact that your snapper looked like it had the only headkill shot of the bunch. Classy.

Yeah, having some pink on the suit can be a mite tough. Anderson's gonna have some brown in his, he comes out here and tries it. ;)

Hey Sven,
I tried to tell those guys-"shoot 'em in the head and don't mess up any meat" Did they they listen-noooo. Thats ok, I'm sure I'll be continually reminded of Andersons many kills in the weeks to come. Since I was the "fillet master" for the trip I salvaged the meat from those body shots. And as for the wetsuit I'm sure you'll hear some very colorful descriptions of my camo pattern, all I can say is I got it cheap.

head shot? we don't need no stinking head shot!? :D i shot a couple of the fat b@st@rds in the rear and totally took out there props. made it much easier to keep the groupers from getting in their holes.

plus, that king.... only had one spot to hit where i knew the flopper would open on the other side. a mile later and i was starting to ask myself if that shot was really necessary. ;)

jay, you definitely made up for your... hmmm... selectivity?... by working your cutlery skills like emeril on 'roids. :D great job! we were all impressed(extremely impressed). and... the suit looked pretty killer underwater, so i have no grounds for bashing. ;) by the way, were those paisleys or the laura ashley flower print? rofl

sven, i'm hoping my 5mm omer prof will do the trick in that kohones numbing water out there. :(
Re: rudder-man

Originally posted by andrsn
head ? we don't need no stinking head!

I could go for some!

plus, that king.... only had one spot to hit where i knew the flopper would open on the other side.

Yeah, OK... you saw that thing, crapped yourself and didn't lead it. Rigorous honesty here lads.

sven, i'm hoping my 5mm omer prof will do the trick in that kohones numbing water out there. :(

You'll be OK, just ease up on the suit lube and have decent gloves/boots. I've got spares and you'll need a license, an ab card and the like, I think $20-25 scoots'l cover it.

sven -DB's advocate for better head
octo just told me that one of his favorite fish out there is almost all head. :D forgot the name, couldn't pronounce it anyways.

actually, the shot on the king, was perfect. no messed up flesh or nothin. :eek: shaft entered right behind his ears and came out on his bottom jaw.

ask jay about the sharks swiping at his mutton on the stringer! :D
Originally posted by andrsn
octo just told me that one of his favorite fish out there is almost all head. :D forgot the name, couldn't pronounce it anyways.

That would be the juvenile jawfish. :inlove

Sunbear's snapper

OK you sick puds, let's get back to the cooking side of this thing. I present my oldest daughter's favorite red snapper recipe. Pay attention, you'll be asked about it later.

1 4-5 lb red snapper ( we call em bait...)
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup chopped onions
4 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup celery, chopped
2 1 pound cans of tomatoes
1 bay leaf
couple pinches of thyme, oregano and the young lady's rearend
salt and peper to your demented taste

In your best and biggest seasoned iron frypan with high sides, make a dark brown roux of the oil and flour. This is the staple start of Gulf and cajun cookin. Get it right. The oil and flour are cheap so experiment on not burning it and not browning it enough. It'll resemble mud. Trust me.

Add the onions, celery, garlic and cook till they're soft. Add the tomatoes, bay leaf, thyme and oregano, salt and pepper. Squeeze her once for the Master at this point.

Cook this mess for an hour. Slowly, as in reeeal slow. As in now would be a great time to show her your new fins, your latest scar, ask her opinion on the pattern of your new duvet...

Wash your face, then pour this sauce-like mix over the fish; I do it over the whole thing, you can use fillets if you like. I'll never tell. Throw this whole thing in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes or so. Baste that badboy often. And the fish too.

A fork will pierce it easily when it's done. Just like you when she lays a big wet thanks on you. You owe me.

Shnugga's b-base

This is my youngest daughter's choice. Pay attention.

4 lbs of redfish and or red snapper ( yeah...bait)
3 sprigs of thyme, minced very fine, so take your thyme doing it
3 sprigs of parsely, fine as well
3 bay leaves, these are fine too
3 cloves of garlic Guess what?, these are chopped fine too.
6 allspice ground....fine
2 tablespoons of your ...finest... olive oil or butter. (Use the oil ;) )
2 onions, you guessed it, chopped fine
2/3 cup sherry If you don't drink, like me, use a flavored oil in lieu of the sherry, about 1/4 cup and some vinegar.
2 cups of pureed tomato
1/2 a lemon sliced, yep..fine
1 pint fish stock or boil some water if you don't cook much
salt, pepper and a good dose of cayenne pepper. Not too much for the kids and if the person at the other end of the table is someone you want to have over again. And over again.
A pinch of saffron, chop it fine...it costs.

Now here's where I hook you up- fish stock 101.

Boil the heads of the red snapper and red fish together in 1 1/2 quarts of water, (no I don't know how many liters that is...) containing a sliced lemon and a cheesecloth bag of thyme, bayleaf and parsley. We cook types call it a bouquet. She'll call it and you, cute. When this is reduced to a pint, pull the heads, strain and reserve.

Dat's fish stock.

Rub each slice of fish with salt and pepper and then the mixture of the herbs, garlic and allspice. Rub her too. Really work it in,(the spices guys!), as you want the stuff really deep in the fish.

Heat the oil in your best iron pan that'll let the fish sit in there without overlapping. Everything needs it's space... Add the onion to the oil and lay the fish in and let it, now get this- etouffe, or smother about 10 minutes, turning once, letting it partially cook. Remove the fillets and add the vino and stir it up before you add the tomato, lemon and fish stock. Salt pepper and cayenne here. Boil this off until it's reduced by half. Take her for a stroll down to the creek or something...

Check your hair for muss, then add the fillets back to the mix and cook for another 5 minutes. I spalsh in the habanero sauce here and a pinch of saffron so it dissolves. Spread the saffron over the fish. Ladel this stuff over the cooked rice and get after it. Immediately. She wants it.

Who's the man? :king

Pudman's shrimp

My son Eric is going to be really pissed if you don't get over with this one... Shrimp au vin.

5 pounds of shrimp, make'em big. And yes, you caught them yourself ;)
1 1/2 sticks of butter, don't worry, it'll come off later.
2 teaspoons of flour
1 cup of heavy cream, less if she's one of those thick types...:rcard
1/2 cup of light cream, go ahead, let her enjoy the meal...
salt as you decide, you being the cook and all...
Red pepper to your taste. Tell you have taste, trust me.
1 bunch of green onions, minced all up nice and pretty
1 cup dry white wine, leave her the rest. Really trust me here!

Wsh, peel and de vein the shrimp, then chop 'em up coarse. Coarse means large pieces fellas. Put them aside while you make your white sauce. Yes, you can do this, just watch- melt the butter and add the flour gradually blending really well. Can you say whisk? Add the cream and seasoning to taste. Remember, you have taste...:hmm Cook this slow for 20 minutes or so, stirring constantly in a double boiler until thick. Have her wipe your sweaty... brow. Thank her. Keep her and the sauce warm. Saute the shrimp in some of the butter you wisely set aside until they're nice and slightly pink. How pink? Ask her to show you later. Trust me.

Throw in the green onions and then the cream sauce. Simmer this for 15 minutes while she describes the right shade pink. Add the wine she left and let the mix sit for a minute or two.

Now here's where you can seperate the men from the wankers- in a rumekin or cupcake tin, grease the cups, add a thin coating of garlic mashed potato to the cup and fill each with the shrimp mixture. Sprinkle a little cheddar cheese, the yellow looks nice, over the top and lay these beauties under the broiler until the top gets brown a little. Ask her to show you the correct shade of brown as above with the pink. Trust me.

My mighty Pudman's favorite and now hers.

Re: Sunbear's snapper

Originally posted by icarus pacific

A fork will pierce it easily when it's done. Just like you when she lays a big wet thanks on you. You owe me.

sven [/B]

I'm assuming that you are talking about whoever cooks it for your pride and joy! Anyway, you certainly have some awesome (trying to stay with the younger generation here) recipes and I look forward to trying them.
Your name goes here...

The you's, she's and her's are for you to insert the person(s) of your choice. I make no claims other than my kids rule.

no butts about it, it's good.

Alright everybody, tear yourselves away from my latest poster and cook for the real person of the household. You can come back to my picture if you burn it and she leaves...:t

Halibut with Red pepper and Green olives.

Halibut start to show here in California about now through the end of Fall, so lob a sharpened piece of stainless at one and proceed- In a large pan or skillet if you must, heat up a couple tablespoons of butterand add 2 sliced onions, 2 cloves of garlic also sliced, 2 ripe and reddy (!) tomatoes, chopped, and a sliced up red pepper.
Saute this on fairly high heat for acouple of minutes while she admires your tools. Add a good dash of salt and pepper, stir, cover and let sit on low heat for 10 minutes or so.

Put your broiler shelf a few inches form the heat and preheat. Have her drizzle a good dash of virgin:t olive oil in a non-glass baking pan. Rinse your 'but, the fish, all 2 pounds of it, in cold water and pat it dry. Pat her too. Place it in the pan and squeeze half a lemon over it. I'll tell you what to do with the other half after dinner ;). Sprinkle a little more olive oil and some slat over the fish. Pepper too. Place under the broiler and nuke it for 8-10 minutes or until it's as flaky as anderson.

Stir your tomato mix and add 1/2 cup of pitted green olives. If she's a keeper :inlove use capers instead to show you care. Cook this for another minute or so, then spoon over the fish you've removed from the baking dish. Be nice and artsy about it.

Now, take the rest of that lemon you thought I was going to tell you to get kinky with and slice wedges of it over the dish, you sick pervs. Go buy a T-shirt if that's the way you feel.

Add some brown rice to the side and you're golden.

sven- DB's Vanna White of fashion and cooking
abalone ceviche

What?! I gotta carry this thread??

Here's what you clowns thta show up to sven's ab grab, end of April got to make for your sweety, soon to be sweety or right hand.

Take the abalone that Sven got for you...rofl and after cleaning it and losing the tough slice at the top and bottom of the foot, dice that thing up, smallish cubes maybe an 1/8 " or so. If you wnat to cheat and use a processor:ycard be careful as you don't want it to go to mush.

Lob the chunks into a glass bowl to which you, being the crafty type you are, have already placed 3-4 minced up garlic cloves, 1 smallish red onion and 3-4 diced serrano chiles. Mix this all up and cover with fresh lime juice. Cover and let it find it's chi in your refrigerator overnight.

Come the dawn, with freshly heated tortillas, almost as heated as you were last night, add a couple of diced roma tomatos, a 1/2 cup of cilantro and a pinch'o salt. Get's no bettah!

Slammin snails...

This works.

The other ab that Sven got for you :thankyou goes into a pillowcase or a clean bulap sack minus the shell and guts and black outer mantle. Head over to Anderson or the driveway and play Mark McGuire. About 5-6 good thumps and you're done. Trust me.

Make a couple incisions into the slab and stuff some garlic into it. Dip the slab into some milk and bread crumbs and lay a little butter on top before you wrap in foil. Place in a 400 F oven for 30-40 minutes.

Open the foil and stand back, you have become the man. :king

South Sea Cobia

1 can sliced pinapple in juice
½ cup butter
1 cup orange juice
¼ cup grated coconut
2 cobia steaks (1/2") thick

mix together butter, orange juice, coconut and pinapple juice
over low heat until blended.

place cobia steaks in foil, saturate with mixture, and wrap up.

broil in oven or on grill for 8min

open foil place pinapple rings on steaks and continue broiling for 3 or 4 min.

Plate and serve.

Fresh Crayfish
Lemon Juice
Butter\Margerine whatever

Take a sharp knife and cut the crayfish in half - Lengthwise.
You can leave the legs on.

Ok now english isn't my first language so I don't know the term for the next utensil. We call it a "Toe knyp Rooster". This is a grill that you can fold in half to clamp the stuff in the middle.

Ok now that that piece of language is sorted out you are ready to rumble. Melt the Butter\Margerine whatever and add the garlic to it with a pinch of salt.

Take the grill with the crayfish in it and putt it on the fire with the flesh side DOWN. Leave there for +- 2 Min. Turn around and start basting these babies with garlic butter. Braai for another 5 or 6 miniutes.

The legs often burn but it looks spectacular if you have 10 crayfish on a grill. You can also remove the legs and boil them seperatley. A more tasty starter you will not find.
Lip Smacking Good!!!!!!!!!

You can also serve with cheese sauce or cheddar melted over it.
Last edited:
Ablone stirfry

+- 3 Kg Ablone
Chopped Garlic
6 large Onions chopped.
peri-peri sauce
Grated cheddar.

Clean the ablone. You don't want pieces of sand in your food.

Now you want to take the ablone and beat the crap out of it with a piece of wood\rock\hammer.
Have a kid at hand to go fetch the thing if it slips out from under your hitting\beating utensil. A younger Sister\brother, girlfriend's younger sister\brother or the kid next door will do admirably.
The kid can also refill your Brandy and coke. (Usefull stuff, kids)

You will feel when the ab is ready. one moment it will be all stiff and hard like a cramped muscle and the next moment it will be as soft as a piece of steak.

Now take these the abs and cut them into 1 X 1 cm cube's.

Tell the Wife\Girlfriend to put on some rice.

Take a large skotel braai an put it on the fire.
Melt butter and add garlic and onions and ab cubes and stir, otherwise it wouldn't be a stirfry.

You can start tasting after about 7 to 10 min. When it is ready add a half cup of white wine. Wait till all this has evaporated and them serve over a bed of rice with chilli sauce.
(How pro does that sound ???)

Send the kids to bed and retire to your room with Wife\Girlfriend.
Light the candles and behold the Naked chef.
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