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Rob Allen Breakaway.

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Oct 8, 2002
I have been searching old posts regarding the Rob Allen breakaway system but I can't seem to find a close up picture and a detailed explanation of how it works.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

I want to set a breakaway rig onto my Picasso Century. Is this possible? How?

Thanks a lot

This is the official Rob Allen breakaway system:

Looks like it's fine for your Picasso if you're willing to drill through the barrel...

The way I set up breakaways on pretty much any gun I use a breakaway for is how w3ac describes:
"My dive partner and I use the same breakaway setup. All we do is use a small section of light bungee or even a thick hair rubber band (the kind that comes in different colors) and tie it in a loop. We go ahead and rig our shooting line the usual two wraps but also give an extra half wrap so the shooting line extends almost down to the line release. Don't tie off to the line post/hole in the front of the gun. We attach the bungee/rubber band to the end of the shooting line and loop the bungee over the line release. Make sure that the bungee keeps the shooting line tight but not to the point that the stretch of the bungee is maxed out. The float line is then clipped directly to the loop in the shooting line and not to the bungee. This has proved to be a very simple, cheap, and effective setup for both reef and blue water applications."


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Cheers mate. I will see if I can decipher that explanation of the cheap and cheerful breakaway.

Is that stainless line release part of the setup as well?

Is there no other way but to drill a hole in the barrell?


Yes, the SS line release is part of the setup.

Since your gun doesn't have a rail, there are other alternatives to mounting a line release. I personally prefer the quoted method, but only use it in anticipation of big fish since it can add a little more work to the process.
Might just link the floatline to the back of the gun like everyone else does.

When not using a reel, do you tie the shooting line to the bottom of the muzzle? The reson I ask is that I would not trust the plastic to hold up against a powerful fish.
The plastic should hold up fine - I've never seen one break.

I use a 3-4 inch bungie on all my spearguns(even with reels) just because it helps a bit with shock & mostly to keep mild tension on the line so it easily slips over the line release.

I generally use a float or line to the back of the gun. Unless you go after huge fish or fish that'll drag your gun through caves, it's probably not worth setting up. I've let my gun get towed around many times with the floatline attatched to the butt without any consequences. ;)
Thanks man. THats what I will do. I don't do a lot of cave fishing anyway so I'm sweet.
I made up my own breakaway for my RobAllen, cost me $5 all up.

First thing to do was to pull the safety out and use that hole to hold the steel ring bolt. Then I got some old rubber that would just fit (with some pulling) into the ring.
Shadow, I know what you mean, but could you snap a quick picture of it for our benefit? ;)
Rather than holing your :girlie euro rig, go this route- like on Alexander's and most homemades that don't use a Riffe setup, (drilling a hole in the rear of the Wood stock) simply cut a 1"x1" piece of aluminum angle, drill a hole for the breakaway plug and then hose clamp the thing to the barrel wherever you want it. Wrap a couple of passes of electrical tape over the clamp's worm gear and you stylin'. :cool:

Happy bday btw Harold.
How is the handle of your gun connected to the barrel. If it's pinned or held w/ screws then you should be able to take the pins/screws out and put the Rob Allen break away in(you may have to enlarge the hole). Or just go to the hardware store and p/u the same stuff. It's pretty simple, I added this set up to my RA. I also added a Omer palegic reel so I'm covered either way.
Pics of my breakaway setup:


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pretty, uh, manly rig...

When did Riffe start painting the wood black and start using rusty eyebolts on their guns?? :t
Err when they invented the Metal tech series... :cool:

When did Riffe make a reasonably priced gun that was deadly accurate and didn't require a swag of accessories?

:D oohhh I can feel a bite coming right their ;)

Re: pretty, uh, manly rig...

Originally posted by icarus pacific
start using rusty eyebolts on their guns?? :t

The scene: Bunnings Hardware Store

Me: Are these bolts Marine grade stainless?
Salesdude: Yes.

4 weeks later:
Me: Marine grade my a$$... I want my 35 cents back!


I will get around to putting in a new shiny one... one day...:D
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