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Snorkel Pole...err, poll

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.

Where's your snorkel?

  • Right

    Votes: 52 33.5%
  • Left

    Votes: 71 45.8%
  • Left.....in the dive bag

    Votes: 8 5.2%
  • Middle (Finswimmer)

    Votes: 4 2.6%
  • Don't use one

    Votes: 12 7.7%
  • Other orifice...snorkel not visible

    Votes: 8 5.2%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
Jan 21, 2001
Everyone else makes polls, and I'm feeling left out, so in a deep trance, my vast Atman came up with this:head . I wear mine to the right.....keep quiet, Sven:naughty
Erik Y.
C'mon, after all the hours of effort and research I put in to this?
Vote, you bums...LOL!
Erik Y. ;)
And what about snappy comebacks...come on Sven, Elvis, Riaan, Bill?
Erik Y.

HHHHAAAAAAA! I couldn't resist the temptation to choose the last option. Actually, i'm a righty so i wear it on the right. I keep my snorkel attach to my mask via a 8 strap. Some wear it under the strap and some hold it in place with a plastic fixation. What's your style everyone?
On the left with a .357 magnum powerhead strapped onto it, in case Mr. Wighty decides to bite my head off :D :D
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On the left.... come on you know its right, er left, er you know what I mean!
Oh by the way whats a farrolon snorkel? Im sure I spelled that wrong but hope you'll know what I mean!
For some reason I couldn't vote but right side!!! I have gotten used to that way and if it is on the left side (as it should be) I feel strange......I am talking about snorkel of course rofl rofl rofl
switch hitter!

left side for spearfishing, right side for photography. (don't ask :cool: )

mostly it's just a simple adjustment of the wetsuit. ;) sometimes if it's too cold, it's hard to tell if it's on the right side or left, so you see... it's really hard for me to vote here and i can't vote more than once!

tubular topic, dudes!
.._[:]p (see, now it's on the right!)
' ' ' \_[:]p (that's it if she's ugly)
...___[:]p (that's a hottie)
' ' ' ***$[:]p (that's when they aren't as innocent as they say :D)
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More snorkel excitement

If you'll all excuse my ignorance on yet another topic ("what? another one?") ... whereabout on the head do you put your snorkel? When I've been trying to go at any speed underwater, the drag on the snorkel's been a real pain. A guy at my local diving shop suggested putting it further back so the tube runs from my mouth under my ear, and clips to the mask strap behind the ear. But for that to work, the mask strap has to cover the ear, which i find uncomfortable. Maybe my snorkel's the wrong length or whatever? I've seen a piccy of a snorkel that can be tied in a knot - is this flexibility to reduce drag, or for some other reason?

And ... more ignorance here ("is there no end?") what the **** does "LOL" mean? It's been bugging me since I started reading these forums. I'm desperate to know - I'll pay money! I want in on this, guys! I want to feel like I belong ... :waterwork
So far - the lefts have it!

and so far there are 3 of you that I don't want to ever borrow your snorkel - well .... I'm just laughing out loud! LOL
I wear my snorkel in my mouth--I don't know about you guys. :duh

Since I don't spearfish, I hold the snorkel in my hand once I get underwater, or leave it for a buddy to grab on a deep dive.

I use a US Diver Impulse II--my favourite by far for deep diving. The mouthpiece is great for underwater boxing with seals.

Glad to see that you're able to sit at your computer again, Erik!

...to the left, but it flops around to much...

Hey Pete & Erik (everyone else),

I'm right-handed, so I when I wear a snorkel, it's to the left. I use it for facial immersion pre-dive and in bad weather, but it just flops around to much underwater. I hate it when that happens! :eek:

I wear Cressi HF's, so I tend to swim sideways on the surface and I just hold my breath when I peruse the depths.

This whole thread reminds me of something the late Sam Kinison said [to his significant other] '...Aw c'mon, the other guys are taking theirs...'. :D

By the way Pete, is there anyway I can talk you into stopping by Juneau to dive? After all, everyone should dive in Alaska at least once; it makes diving in warmer climes that much more enjoyable! :waterwork

Staying Warm,


'Once more into the breach dear friends'...and I don't mean the snorkel!

Sorry--too much going on right now, but I would like to make the trip someday.

Maybe I'll swim up the coast sometime. ;)

side snorkel

In the words of an infamous president, it depends what you mean by side.

I was taught to wear it on the left 'cuz the regulator hose goes on the right. Force of habit I guess or my once-a-decade scuba dive.

>And what about snappy comebacks...come on Sven, Elvis, Riaan, Bill?
Erik Y.<

........ when Sven asked for all that thinking, he promised fame and fortune. Or was it a T-shirt? I forget.


PS I'm going to run down to the pool now and get in Kirk's way. He can probably use a bad example as a teaching aid in his class.
No snorkel, too many bad memories!

.. although my instructor in scuba made me do some different snorkel exchanges that were not in the book....HAHA

My purge valve broke and so I go commando.

What is it about men and their snorkels anyway... whose is bigger, where do you wear it, and what accessories do you have with it!

Can't a guy have a day off here??!!

Originally posted by Erik
And what about snappy comebacks...come on Sven
Erik Y.


Like I'm supposed to just whip out a snappy one-liner, such as, "Hey, Beavis! Erik said snorkel...heh, heh..."

The tube's on the left lads, at least the one that's not tied. That being said, where the hell are all my peeps here with their letters telling me of the whereabouts of a Farallon snorkel for sale??? HUH?

ahhh, good to be back and enjoying the postive Karma being showered upon me...

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i wear mine on the left, always have even before i learned to scuba, while were talkin about snorkels i was wondering what i should get, my hot pink(so my parents can se me from shore when i snorkel alone, its bad but oh well) snorkeling snorkel is starting to leak at the purge valve

i went to a few stores when i was in florida and not one store had a snorkel without a purge except for the kiddie snorkels.

as for the drag problem, i would suggest mounting it under your ear, i do this for UWH but for freediving i just leave it like "normal"

it snowed today :duh i hate this weather
Left RIght

I am righthanded and left snorkeled and neither seem to have any had impact on my love life.
Snorkle Drag

I have a flexible snorkel (very small and short), which does not help with the drag of the water. I attach it high on the left side and spit it out while diving. If I spit the snorkel with the correct timing, the mouthpeice lands on my left sholderblade, greatly reducing drag on the water.

Snorkling in bed is a favorite activity and I usually need a mask light see.

I will pray for sun and warm water for you northern people! This thread could get really out of...hand.

Gotta go shave my palms
Octo spits

Aww Octo, you are seriously asking for it. Be very glad Anderson's probably out getting a new Speedo for his gig in Fl. (Nail biting smilie face icon)
But keep a tight grip on things to handle the flexibiltiy issue.
I gave up the mask light and learned to use my sense of smell. :p
This threads gonna get popped for sure...:naughty

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