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Snorkel Pole...err, poll

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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Where's your snorkel?

  • Right

    Votes: 52 33.5%
  • Left

    Votes: 71 45.8%
  • Left.....in the dive bag

    Votes: 8 5.2%
  • Middle (Finswimmer)

    Votes: 4 2.6%
  • Don't use one

    Votes: 12 7.7%
  • Other orifice...snorkel not visible

    Votes: 8 5.2%

  • Total voters
Originally posted by Uli
I'm so sorry. I tried to use the word "snorkel" as a metaphor (as quite a few posts in this thread did before) and "two feet" long as a hyperbole. In addition, I tried to use tons of smileys to show the irony, but I clearly failed... :waterwork


Hey Uli, that one went over my head too! Sometimes we have some tension on the forums (not this time), and i usually try to interject that we are limited by the use of the typed word, and that translations and cultural differences also can confuse the "tone" of the words written.
I like irony too, so please carry on ironing.....LOL.
Guten tag,
Erik Y.
from Herr Professor...

...metaphor? hyperbole? tone? I like this guy!

sven -showing the World that being hung like a stud field mouse means you have to hold your breath.
Intercultural formus are the best:martial :ko :wave :friday :crutch

In the words of another infamous president...

"I wear mine on the right... but I don't inhale" :naughty
Geez Jer thats funny after the spring dive in 4 degree water last weekend I could've swore you didn't wear a snorkel at all :D

I think the turtle is going to be the official alberta mascot!:waterwork (see famous seinfield episode elain "it shrinks?" George "like a frightened turtle")

As for the inhaling that might be why you were diving so shallow, lets try a breath up tommorrow :head
I always wore it on the right as far as I can remember and when I was scuba ing ? dont remember ever using it- I had a fenzy vest so once I got to surface and blew that up I was on my back with hy head a foot out of the water the snorkel was probably in the vest or just stuck in suit I cant remember at all. that was 20 years ago now I spear and spit snorkel out on way down leave it hanging on strap if I stuck it in my belt like I saw esclapez doing Id probably make the dive shop rich selling me new ones im good at loosing stuff- on the right is easier to get back in mouth on way up too.:)
I wear it on the right, perhaps being a south-paw (lefty) has something to do with it? Iv'e never thought of why I wear it there, probably intuitively to use my more effective hand in securing it quiclky in place?

I wear mine on the left. My buddy corrected my when I was Sucuba diving. I had mine on the right and he told me that's where I put the regulator. Since then it's been on my left.

I just bought a sporasub snorkel. It said H.Dessault and if you want the sign to face infront you have to wear it on your right. Intersting
What a riot! Loads of laughs on this thread! Thanks Erik for getting this one started!

Ok, my snorkel ($5 Voit Wal-Mart special :) ) is on the left because it seems more natural to me. And like Uli, I've never taken SCUBA either! So thats not the reason for me. (although my snorkel is shorter than 2 feet!! ;) )

A quick question though, I've heard some people advocating snorkels without purge valves, does anyone know why? Ever since I started using one with, I've enjoyed my snorkeling alot more because of the ease of getting all the water out without the rollover technique. I guess there's always the possibility of a purge valve starting to leak, as Vincent pointed out, but is this the only reason? I'm interested to hear some more opinions!

You know, I actually was "forced" to use my friend Lee's big bore, dual-purge, splash-guard snorkel a few weeks back, as I had forgotten my OMER soft-and-simple. I have to admit that it was really nice for breath-ups since I never once had to blast any water during them. Maybe I'll go spend 60$ on one!
Erik Y.
Impulse II

I went through a lot of pain to get an Impulse II snorkel after spending a part of every spearing trip throwing up. I never got sick though as in sea sick. Rather one moment i was fine and the next was washed in waves of nausea and then throw up and then totally fine for a half an hour.
I did two things. Got a suit that fitted my neck a bit looser and got the Impulse II snorkel. My spearing trips are now permanently chum free and breathups are a pleasure. If a wave splashes over it, it does not reach your mouth.
I'm sure it was a combo of the tight suit and the salt water in my mough that got me chucking up.

This think has a very effective purge reservoir and i dont care about the bit of drag its bulk exerts.

It Rocks !

OK, this is a fun thread so I'll bite...

Most of you probably know this but for the few that don't and who want your snorkel to be "out of the way" and not ridgidly fixed to your head when you dive, her is my favorite way for snorkel attachment.

Take a standard, thin, supple (not a thick silicone one!) normal snorkel keeper (the "extended figure 8" one) and insterad of using it the normal way attach it like this:

On the mask strap at the back of your head, slightly off to whichever side you wear your snorkel, wrap the snorkel keeper around the mask strap (top or bottom strap; try both for comfort) and push one end thru the other hole. Now you have the snorkel keeper in a closed loop around the mask strap with one end with a hole sticking out. Push your snorkel through this single hole.

Now your snorkel is attached to the back of the mask strap VERY loosely and can flop totally behind you when you dive.. you will no longer feel the drag at the side of your head when you spit our your snorkel when you dive. It will trail behind your head.

You may have to move the location of the keeper from top to bottom strap are along the strap so the snorkel doesn't bother your ear but for freediving when the snorkel out of your mouth this is the most comfortable way for me. Your mileage may vary...


PS I dress left...<GGG>
Does everyone here release the snorkel when they dive? I never have before, but i started reading it's safer, especially incase of B.O. I never fully surface though, and don't really want to come all the way out, clear the snorkel, then look back down.
left to back... on the back part of the strap.
snorkels are a pain in the ... hair!
. i also have a sporasub cos i wanted just a simple one with no fangle-dangles.
still get all my hair wrapped around it. :(
LoL im a 15 yr old guy, i hear ya :) I need to cut my shaggy hair, i can't see when i swim.
Just spray paint your hair green and put some leaves in it! Perfect kelp camouflage! :D

I use an Impulse II as well - allways been a non-fan of purge valves but this thing works really well - esp appreciated in choppy waters. On the left from my scuba - though I vastly prefer freediving.
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