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spearfishing with kayak

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how do you go spearfishing

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Vis was at least 15'. It could have been better, but that lake has a strange bottom that gets stirred up and makes kind of a haze in the water. I am sure if we got there on a week day in the spring we'd have over 30'.

I've been using a Perception Prism sit-on kayak for about 4 years. I've used it in the Gulf(of Mexico) to reach near-shore platforms and along jettys- the Galveston channel jettys are 2 miles long. I"ve used it in the bays to coon oysters, and in lakes for diving and spearing. It's gotten me to dive sites I couldn't have otherwise reached.
The Prism is designed for fishing the bays. You can sit crosswise and run a fishing rod or put your fins and gear on. It's pretty easy to climb onboard from the water. With 2 hatches you can carry a lot of stuff, but I usually just strap my gear on top of the hatches. She paddles easier than the scrambler, not quite as stable, not as fast as a sea kayak. She's good for 2 or 3 mile trips. Paddling flat out I can keep up with a shrimp boat trawling, and that's a good place to find kingfish, dolphins and sharks.
Get all the boats you can afford, you'll use the smallest one the most. Even a used Yak Board will get you to new places.
If your looking for speed, and can spend a little more, then consider a surfski.

I started with the Scrambler and eventually decided to move up to something faster. Surfskis aren't as stable as a plastic dive kayak, but are much faster on the water.

Here's a couple shots of my futura.

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Cobra expedition, fusion wing paddle and loads of gear... a range of about 15 nautical miles, moving fast on most weather conditions and heavily loaded.
For some reason I never get as much fish diving from motor boats... the best is the kayak, specially for the kingfish.
I've notice that a couple of hours paddling have a much nicer impact on my apneas than the engine fumes...

Your kayak is a beauty Jon!!!
I just got my Malibu Extreme a couple of weeks ago. We have had a horrible amount of rain and the water after almost 2 weeks is still like 4 feet (horrible for what I am used too). I was just playing around the other day and was able to fit 4 7 foot fishing rods and my 110 rabitech, 2 pairs of short funs (haven't bought free diving fins yet), mask and snorkel, a lobster float and a lot 50 feet of rope with plenty of extra room. If money is a issue just find a wallet like I did with $652 in it, call the person up, ask them if they lost money, and hopefully they will give it to you as a reward. Then find a year old kayak with lot sof accesories for $500 and wallla there you have it. The cheap way to get a kayak. (it is true about the wallet fine too)
Great pics. Your Ocean Kayak, looks like cool. The only one I have seen apart from the Diveyak where you can load your gear onto the rear. My impression is when I was looking at kayaks that a lot of manufacturers call their touring kayaks scuba kayaks to cash in on the kayak diving market. They don't however take into consideration that it as almost impossible to load your gear (tank and BC) back on the kayak, into a well at the front. It looks as though you can slide your gear up the stern of yours.
I reckon the old F150 is one of the coolest set of wheels around.
I would like a 4 wheel drive van. Fill the bugger up with all my toys with an ocean going plaything for all conditions.
i am so happy to see that this is going very nice even more then i expected!!
this is all about our extreme sport of diving we can see that :
1 . some pepole have a kayak and some will be happy to use or have one
2 . some have a big (yak) kayak with all equipment in
3 . some have more then one
4 . some use there kayak for spearfishing , fishing ,hunting and surfing
5 . a few use a boat

jon your futura looks a very fast one :)
Amphibious its a good idea go with your kayak to hunt !!!
i will be glad to have more photos of your kayaks my friends
here are photos in the medeterrian we went me and my 6 years old douther
snorkling and my 2 years old sons first time on kayak
my friends cobra tourer


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  • DSC_0026.JPG
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Those Cobra kayaks look nice, I priced them in the UK and boy are they expensive around £100 more than the Ocean kayak Scupper ProTW
That said they are a lot bigger in volume.
There is a lot of info available on Diving from Kayaks and Hawaiian Skin diver magazine ran an article a little while ago about rigging Kayaks for spearing.
I may look at getting a 'yak and paying for it by Scalloping!!
huan i think that its better maybe to buy a euro manufactores kayak
in the UK maybe beacuse of the euro market and so....
anyway in israel on of the fameos kayaks come from rotomod the french
manufacture that have a lot of kinds of kayaks .....
here the diference between the cobra and the rotomod is not big something
like 100$ (us) for the cobra
maybe the rotomod fit you right try to see them
here you can see how is it for first time guy in kayak ....
i have seen it it looks amazing!!!! for me its good beacuse i plane to go spearfishing (freediving),fishing with rods and take the kids sometimes with me
it takes a lot of weight and it is stabled
i will put photos and some words about it when i'll have it
I buy the cobra expedition because he was the fastest plastic (read "good for abuse") kayak I could find. He keep up with most "sit inside" sea kayaks and beat the hell of all the other plastic sit on the top ones. Other point of interest are those huge hatches that can swallow a 25kg kingfish to get them out the way of our toothy friends.

A low drag hull is a safety and endurance factor: If your kayak is a slow and stable design, once loaded you will burn yourself to get to the diving spot, and risk to drift hopeless if the wind increases. The expedition is the only plastic SOT I've try that require a minimum amount of energy to keep moving and that enable me to face changing weather conditions.
Is true that because is narrow, is not as stable as other designs, better try before buy and need a adaptation period.

The Scupper Pro is a well proven value, but he doesn't have the same range and will struggle with a bit of wind.

Sometimes the expedition price seem up, but keep in mind that he comes equipped with 3 hatches and a ruder system...

The point is to know the real use you go to give to the boat: If you want something to reach a close by spot on generally good weather conditions, something like the scupper or the cobra tourer is enough, but if you want to increase your range on good safety conditions you better look at a fast kayak.

Don't forget the paddle... they have the same importance as your fins when diving: they transmit your energy!

The fish and dive is a nightmare to get moving: so wide that there is no way to paddle properly and so much drag that you can only use it if there is no wind, and have plenty of time! On the good side you can stand up, mount a small engine and even take a small passenger. The hull was design a a tandem to play around the beach, and I use to have 4 of those for my clients... to avoid unless you have really good reasons to get one.

There are good fiberglass or kevlar alternatives to the expedition, but too expensive for me! and in NZ we don't see all the "plastic" brands to find another choice.

listed in here you'll find reviews of most of the kayaks: http://www.paddling.net/Reviews/Kayaks.phtml

If your in NZ why didn't you check out the Ocean Kayak "Sprinter"? I looked into getting one here, in the states, but they were almost impossible to get at the time.

I know that Cobra's are good boat also, as I know some divers who have bought them and are very happy with them. Back when I bought my Scrambler Ocean Kayak was pretty much the only game in town. Now there seems to be all kinds of companies who have started selling S.O.T.'s.

A rudder will make a BIG difference on any boat that you get. The one on my Futura makes paddleing in the wind almost enjoyable. I know that you can get rudder kits for the Scupper's and I am sure there are plemty of other boats that offer this as an option as well.

One other thing that you said I fully agree with, and that is the paddle making a big difference. Since you need to hold that thing the whole time your paddleing make sure to get as nice a paddle as your budget can afford- your whole body will thank you for it.

Day hatch (to keep VHF, food, water and sun cream at hand), max load (198kg instead 113kg), behavior in swell, ventury valve, hatch size... the expedition seem better equipped for long and hard trips, in areas where the sprinter feels more like a training boat upgrade, just in between the expedition an the cobra eliminator.

But at the time I could not trial the sprinter and I had a good price on the expedition, so I got the cobra. Today, and just looking at the specs I still chose the cobra as my diving boat.

The dream boat would be a kevlar SOT specifically design for spearing, and there is a thread on BD about a kayak DIY project... but I of-track and is one of this "need to finish" things along with the compound speargun and the moulded silicon foot pockets for my monofin!!! :eek: :eek:


  • DSCN0983.jpg
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hi pablo all looks nice :)
you have agood points and explane it well , the same things most spearos
that go deep in israel do so have a fast one to go fast and come back fast
its very importent when you go 3-5 km each direction to reach 30+m deep.
i need a range of 500m-1km to rech 8-18 m deep , that what i need to spear
sometimes fish with rods.... as well as taking the kids around :)
my wife said to me buy a kayak i will help but as long as the kids will enjoy it two , i cant just think only in me!!!! and it is also make a good chise for me
(for what i'am using the kayak)
the paddle stuff is a kevlar paddle cost a lot around here seens kayaking
is not a sport that evrybody does and its becomming familliar beacuse of
spearfishing mostly s.o.t ...... i will try to have also a fast one when i'll start
to go deeper then 18 m for spearfishing , the expedition looks like a very
good one
pablo thanks for your edvices and photos
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The main think is to try the boat and like it...

Fast kayaks are unstable and harder to maneuver: you need to compromise between skills and usage.

The best is to have more than one :D :D :D
plenty!!! and if you move slowly you don't even need to shoot them... just push the spear though the gills and the commotion may bring a kingy :D

They hang around the kelp/sand/rocks areas and the best way to se them is to do an aspeto mid water and lessen carefully: you normally can hear the groaning meaning they are close, if not they are curious and show you they side to look at you. Once you move they hide by showing they profile, and they become hard to see.

The big one was 3.4 kg and when I got him I could hear the other one (bit smaller) close by.

Love to eat them... filleted and pan fried in butter with lemon grass and a zip of white wine to make the sauce with thick cream and a tiny wee of maizena. :p :p
Pablo said:
plenty!!! and if you move slowly you don't even need to shoot them... just push the spear though the gills and the commotion may bring a kingy :D
They are quite rare here and a shy deep water fish, I havent seen one above 20m ever but then maybe they are everywhere but I'm to clumsy :)
I'd love one of these SOT's I think for us a cobra navigator may be the right one, trouble is they are more expensive that the Ocean Kayak and theres an O K dealer very near to us.
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