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Speargun rigging?

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Apex Predator
Jun 5, 2002
Hey guys, I have a small problem and perhaps someone could help me out. My little brother wanted me to change his shooting line on his sporasub gun for some black 400 pound test that I have for when I need rub leaders for shark fishing. The problem is that I crimped the line to the shaft with a simple loop but I then tried sliding the shaft out and the damn thing would not come out of the closed euro muzzle. Am I doing something wrong in how I am rigging the gun? Can any of you guys post or link up a pic where I can see the way the line is rigged. I am pretty sure that I am doing it right but it just wont come out of the muzzle. I am used to slide rings, pneumatics, and open muzzle guns so this is a first for me.
The loop itself should be long enough so that the end of the trigger end of the shaft can be passed through it.

Could you clarify what part of the shaft/loop is actually catching? If the crimp is too big you will have to redo it.

Or have you inserted the shaft and then crimped the line on so that the line does not pass through the muzzle? :)
If that is the case cut the line. Take the shaft out and re-crimp then insert it so the shaft and line go through the muzzle together..
Hi GoblinShark , as SK mentioned ; make sure the loop is long enough for the spearend to easily swing through . If the crimp lies on the spear the combination will not be able to pass through the aperture . With mono it's also a good idea to pre- stretch it before cutting for length .
Hope this helps .
Dude, Thanks! I just realized what I was doing wrong thanks to you. The loop was a little bit to short so the back of the shaft wasn't fitting like you said! Man you just saved me a lot of time. I might be able to test out his gun Saturday since I am the only one that can load it and I bought my first boat (used) about a month ago that I have been working on after school. How do you guys load the 110 cm + guns? I have to hip load the gun to the first notch and then pop it up on my chest to get the band to the second notch (am I doing this right? it is a 100 cm gun. )
Again, thanks!
you'll have forearms like Popeye in no time boy!

I have a 110cm Beauchat and it's quite the thing to load - one good omph! usually does it. never put it on my chest though....


Jedi Spearo...
Abri, I am curious about why I should pre stretch the mono before cutting it to size. As a hook and line shark fisherman I know a lot about mono stretch and I thought that one of the benefits of using mono is its ability to stretch which would act sort of like a very mild shock absorber. Is this correct? Or is it that it should be pre stretched so that if in fact it does stretch while fighting a big fish the shooting line isn't too loose when it is time to load up the gun again? Oh and I can load this size gun with no problem at all but I was wondering if the technique is the same with the longer guns.
GS , yes the reason I pre-stretch my mono is that I've found after fighting a fish it tends to be a bit loose on the wrap . For elasticity to prevent snapping a line I would recommend a bungee . I think my mono is around 350 strain ( I am possibly the most tech ignorant spearo you will meet here ) :eek:
Whether you choose to pre-stretch will also depend on the size fish you expect to get .
BTW any loading method that works for you is the right way ...:D
I load all my guns straight to the chest .
All Done

Well, guys I finished rigging the gun; so thanks to all who helped me out. It was a piece of cake after seeing what the problem was :duh

I prestretch the mono around the crimp and first 2m from there on. That way you minimise the crossection of material that has to pass through the muzzle, thus (hopefully) insuring a smooth shot.

Longer guns are either loaded on the chest pad or hip loaded to a loading tab halfway along the shaft and then on the chest the rest of the way.

An RA 110 has the notches right back on the shaft so chest loading is a must for it and any size above. Other brands will have the notches further forward and may be hip loaded up to a given size. That size is determined by how along your arms are! ;)
Before you test it....

Don't forget to burn the open end of the line to prevent it slide through the crimps.It's just for the precaution.
I load my 110 the same way you do. I can't reach the bands well enough to go staight from the chest. But as stated earlier by Abriapnea any way that works for you is the right way.
Float Fishing

I have always spearfished using a eurogun with a reel and never with a float. We have been catching huge Bluefin tuna on rod and reel (300kgs +) in the straits of Gibraltar and am thinkin of trying to shoot one. What gun would I need and how do you use a float rig as everyone seems to think they are easier to use.:mad:
Re: Float Fishing

Originally posted by shaneshac
What gun would I need ...

Is this part of a conspiracy to get me in trouble with the treetrunkers again ...rofl

Welcome Shaneshac , man I'd love to see those tuna !
As to what gun to use , perhaps the fact that you are used to euro guns would indicate that you should stick with that .
Then again using a Riffe shouldn't be too much of a learning curve .You will definitely get more range and power that way , Riffe has guns designed specifically for this in mind ,
Some might tell you that euro (rail) guns are inadequate for hunting big tuna , I respectfully ;) disagree .
Don't know much about the float/line setup for big tuna , I believe long bungees are quite popular . You will definitely want a breakawayand plenty spare spears .

Thanks for those comments abriapnea. What thickness spear will I need as those tuna are well thick and I will need penetrating power. Lets hope I dont get dragged down to the pits of hell by one of these monsters. Do you know what the Atlantic Bluefin record is on a speargun as they can grow up to 700kgs. (And no I'm not going to try and shoot one of those:martial)

Thanks again.
According to IBSRC the record for Atlantic bluefin thunnus thunnus is 297 kg and small change ...:p
Spear thickness will depend on gun configuration . Maybe one of our in- house techies can help you ...;)
Reading from Paulo Gaspar story on his 297kg world record which he honestly relate in full detail............he is one lucky guy.

I think the logic is simple. Give a fish can pull at least 150% of its body weight, Tuna has more power since it is a super fast swimmer, say 200%, u are looking at 600 kg worth of pull from a Gaspar sized fish.

Technicaly if u shoot a tuna that size and it does not incapacitate the Tuna to a certain extend, u need at least 200-300 kg worth of flotation to tire it but I doubt 200-300 kg pull on its flesh will not tear it. Even the gills probably cant't take consistent pressure to that extend.

Other than good shot to reduce its power, no gun is good enough if you shoot bad. Long RA gun had taken big marlin but it did not full penetrated the fish, Mr. Uyss something the guy. However it hit where fatal and the marlin died on the spot. Paulo tuna goty hit 1 meter from his shaft tip, totaly penetrated the entire fish and it too got stoned. At standard config like the Riffe # Island he uses, 3 x 5/8 band and 9/16 shaft is not even as power ful as my #Baja with 4 x 5/8 and 3/8 shaft.

I think u need a gun that shoot at least for 10-12 feet and can penetrate a 3 foot worth of flesh at that distance to disengage the Slip Tip. Sven's Riffe Island at 4 x 5/8" with 3/8 shaft can do that. The Riffe Blue Water can do that too. But can you get close to a fish that big and shoot where it will be fatal ? Shooting big fish anywhere & anyhow is easy but at that size ur ardenaline might overcome you so much, you might shoot the tuna from 50 feet cause it is so huge you thought it was closer.......that I just decribed myself in that shoe:D :D

If u live in places where this kind of Tuna is abundant u r lucky. Get a Riffe Island fully moded and 3 sets of Riffe floats.........but make sure u hit the spine................wezzzz...I think I'll pee in my pants if I see a Tuna that big. The biggest fish I saw U/W was a 6 meter whale shark, that was that.

BTW someone with an Omer also managed to hit 600lbs Blue Fin, check the Omer website.

Greg Pickering video showed a 200 lbs stoned dead shot from some good distance on a custom gun, what brand me don't know. A good shot is the key at this size. I am sure a 100 lbs fish and a 600 lbs fish has the same soft flesh, it is just thicker so heavy resistance from a float has a limit until a tear off eventualy need to happen.

Sorry I am just speculating. Never even seen Tuna bigger than 40kg underwater...:D :D
Sorry...bring along Abri, Sven, Anderson, Aquiles , Jay.S and RigDiver too......we all shaft it together...remember...I am on the boat close to the cooler, not in the water.....Murat u coming ?

We then sell to Japan for US$ 40K. Then we party at some fancy place with the money........how's that :D :D

Serious. If u set ur mind, time and money...I am sure you will bag one good size someday cause I know Europe has some good size blue fin. There is even a narrowchannel there ( where ?? ) where they wait and net those poor fish............
Last edited:
140kgs today

Thanks for all that info.Should get one of those Riffe's then. Haven't replied sooner as was out trolling for tuna. Caught an 140 kg one. Three hours of fighting as the fish only had his mouth hooked.Normally they swalloow the lure and the internal damage slows them down faster. Got a bit of a bachache now. Friend caught two today. 250kgs and 285kgs. Fish are here so now I need a gun and a few empty beer barrels(like jaws movie)

Thanks again and if anyone has any more tips I'll appreciate them.
narrow channel.

Sorry one last thing,that narrow channel you talk about is the straits of Gibraltar. My backyard. 20 minute boat trip and I'm there.

Just thought I would piss a few of you off.:)
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