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Speargun Shooting Tests

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Nov 17, 2004
Hi all,
I've seen somewhere in the DB forum a thread with pictures scanned from the Hawaii Skin Diver magazine showing an article about shooting test of guns. I think Mark Laboccetta posted it. I tried to find it but I failed :duh so if anyone can help me with a link?
Dobs, I will be holding a comprehensive gun test shortly,

I have a large range of euroguns I will be testing. All information will be posted

Hi Shane,
It will be great to see a test of your guns, even if I think your clips are good enough proof of their accuracy :)
We have a bunch of guys here in Bulgaria who are practicing apnea in a pool during the winter season. They wanted also to try making some kind of testing of their guns and wanted some info. When they get any results I will also post some info here, if they don’t mind of course.
I have at my dispsal a machine to measure shaft speed too.

This will make very interesting reading and will put to rest some very old theories and comments

Looking forward to it. Especially as regards the speed of the shaft in wooden (rail) guns compared to the speed in a regular eurogun with the same size and diameter of bands.


Just saw a test in the latest Hawaii Skindiver magazine. Guy was testing different spear diameters in his pneumatic gun. VERY interesting!!! Got me also thinking about doing a test. Was looking at accuracy as one part and range as another part. Sort of, just EXACTLY how far a 5x16mm banded speargun with 10mm spear will shoot EFFECTIVELY as opposed to 4x16's with a 8mm spear.

Shaca, what did you have in mind??

I remember the article, one of the best shot was made with Rob Allen, but was out of competition, because the guy could only load it one time :duh rofl .
Omer "blackmaster, I think was considered one of the best, it,s a shame this gun is out of produccion.
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I am doing a penetration test from 5 metres. Shooting into a sand filled 25l plastic bottle.

A shaft speed test using this speed device. Can measure exit speed and deceleration.

An accuracy test. A group of divers firing all guns 5 times at target. Not the same gun 5 times but changing gun every shot so aim is not adapted to that gun.

Finally i want to do a tracking test and a max effective range test. Not sure how i will do this so any thoughts welcome.

Wait til you see my new gun ;)

Sounds good!!

Idea for testing tracking. Set up some targets to the left the diver. Now, with the divers gun pointing to the right, give the diver, say 3 seconds, then he must shoot. This way you can see how far back the diver can track with a gun.

Just an idea...............

Hello Dobs,

This test is old but at least you know it's objective and pretty good since it was undertaken by two phenomenal spearfishing champions for a well reputed magazine. Of course I quote this test often because Omer guns tested well, actually not all, and I make a living in part selling Omer guns. No offense to Shaca, whom I have the upmost respect for his enthusiasm that skies high about this sport, but how do I say this...always try to read between the lines. I don't know if I would trust him testing my equipment that's for sure. I know your friends build the competitions guns of my friends in other words ;)

I will let two guys I know who I have no afiliation with and who use other manufacturers guns try my new Master America so then they can share their feelings with you. Any Independent testing that gets done with anything that I have a vested interest in is done professionally and by an objective third party that's not best friends with the guy that makes it.

Ciao, Mark


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My tests will be non-biased i can assure you. Eventhough i do have friends that are manufacturers, none of them pay me (i do get discounts however rofl)

Mark i will gladly take any advice and comments on how this test should be conducted.

Yes read between the lines. I only promote products which are good. At least good for me. Each has there own opinion but after spending so many hours in the water i have a vague idea. The test is being done for my benefit. I will take this standpoint. Anyone who wants the results can PM me. I will not post them on ANY forum. Capiche ;)
Nah Shane, that's too politically correct of you.
Maybe if instead of posting a "speargun test results" thread just post "speargun home-test results"? I'm sure everyone would be happy. :)
And you can't have a public discussion on PM's....

It was Master Competition tested in magazine not Balck Master. I belive Black Master was one of the best gun if not best omer has ever produced.


For tracking test, determine two point seperated by some distance than measure the time the speargun needs to travel from point A to point B in both vertical and horizontal plane. As you know vertical and horizontal tracking can differ much on some guns. This will be good Hydrodynamic test. You should measure max range separately.

By the way do you know if Dapiran knows english?

for the tracking, how do you control that the force being appied on the guns is the same?

Dapiran does not speak english but his wife does.


unless you don't have waterproff robotic arm device to use you don't know 100 percent but you can trust your arm on that manner. You should feel if its harder to track or not, you can keep pushing with steady force i think...
Shane don't get me wrong there Shaca Zulu of Gibraltar,

It wouldn't be right for me to tell you not to post anything you wanted, speargun results, pictures of your relatives naked on the internet...whatever :) I'm not in any position to do that.

Logic tells us that unafiliated 3rd parties are usually much more objective than say Private independents whose afiliations and prejudices might always get in the way (we sometimes don't even realize it :hmm ). Your test will be interesting since raw data about speargun behavior is always interesting, setting up the proper paramaters to judge fairly is the key. When I have more time I will pm you some ideas, but a good starting point is that test in HSD for which the methodology was right on the money IMHO.

Ciao, Mark
Hello Shaca
We will be waiting for your results friend.
I also want to make a test maybe this will be only penetration or if I get an video and housing(want to get for this summer) I can make the speed test too
shane...not sure if I follow you on the gun rotation theory. If the basic design of a gun calls for a totally different type of aiming then how can you deem one gun more accurate than another. Wouldnt the test just be prejeduced towards whatever shooting style you have adapted to over the years. If you handed me my wong mid handle and the master america I guarantee I will be more accurate with the Wong right out of the gate. That doesnt mean its the more accurate gun. If I had the time to shoot with the euro a couple of times and adapt, it might prove to be the top dog...see what Im saying? Just a thought.
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Hey Rig,

Thats why we need a number of spearos to shoot the target and not just me.

I am looking for the more natural shot and close grouping. I will deem a gun you can shoot straight out of the box, more accurate than a gun you have to take 10 shots with to make heads or tails of where the spear is going.

But anyway, you will see the full results and make your call on it.

I will give my overall view on the test but each will have his/her opinion on the raw data.

Thanks for the tips

Keep them coming

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