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Stomach Packing???

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New Member
Jul 19, 2004
Hey Guys,

I have been experimenting with a new technique. Stomach Packing. Just as simple as it sounds. You fill your stomach with air, then release it into your lungs when you need it.

However, this technique can be very difficult and I have not made much progress with consistency or a vast improvement in static times. But I have made some improvements, and have successfully done it a few times.

The problem lies in the L.E.S. (Lower Esophageal Sphinctor) The muscle controlling the bottom of your esophagus. I have found a way to relax it consistently on land, but am having problems in the water.

My question is: Has anyone else thought of or experimented with this before, if so, what were the results?
Any thoughts, comments, and/or questions are welcome. Thanks!

This method has been tried by several people over the years (even way back in the early 80's), but to my knowledge no one has ever got it working nicely.

On another note, many yogis are famous for filling up their digestive system with so much air that they float like corks on water.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Yogi's are fascinating creatures ;). Yeah, the only way that I can float on my back is if I fill my stomach up with air. Otherwise, I sink like a stone. Trick is getting it out of there before it goes South, which can be extremely uncomfortable.

Any ideas why this hasn't worked yet?

It makes perfect sense in theory. At least in my strange little head.:D

If your lungs are full with air, how you exchange or mix the air coming from your stomach?

I suppose you must let some "space" somewhere and do a mix before redistribute the air?

or you could exhale some of the air on your lungs before get the one on your stomach...

I would say that while diving down the air on your stomach is about 50cm above of your oesophagus... You go to need some serious control over yourself to get this air down and this will use quite a bit of O2... and becoming worse with depth!

on statics? yogis should know about, they do swallow air in many different circumstances... but again how many liters are talking about, and are they worth the effort in O2...

I think was Eric that was explaining how to "rebreath" CO2 from soft drinks... he may be a way to get something more interesting than Co2...
As somebody who belches up a storm after serious packing, I find the concept of stomach packing fascinating. Where exactly is this LES of which you speak? I am able to do some sort of inhale which feels as though it take place very far back and down in my throat, by forcefully expanding something in my lower abdomen. As I continue, I feel that my abdomen is indeed expanding in a way noticeably distinct from when I am breathing normally. My ability to voluntarily belch increases logistically with this... endeavor.

Do you suppose this funny opening/shutting feeling I'm having is the LES opening momentarily? If you feel I'm doing something similar to what you're doing, let me know, and I'll work on this stomach-packing idea. I may need to invest in more ballast, however. I was feeling gassy this morning before CB training in Vancouver and noticed that I was distinctly more positive than normal...

Yeah, you probably are experiencing the same thing. It feels almost as if you are full from eating food, but you get that way fast. The most effective way that I have found to fill the stomach is to simply flip upside down under water, open the throat, and let the air "float" down so to speak.

If you successfully complete this manuever you will feel a bubbling or rumbling feeling as the air passes down the esophagus and into the stomach. You may have to do this several times underwater before the stomach begins to feel full. It sounds comparable to a backwards burp. You will know if you have done it right.

So that is how you get the air into your stomach, getting it out when you want it is the tricky part. I'll let you figure that one out on your own.

It sounds gross, but it is really not that bad. Next time you belch, let your cheeks fill with air from the belch, then deflate your cheeks. Thus pushing the air from your stomach into your lungs. That's it, sounds worse than it is.

Does anybody have any theories on why this would or would not work?


P.S. The L.E.S. is a small circular muscle located at the top of the stomach. It is at the connection of the esophagus to the stomach. The L.E.S. (Involuntary muscle) along with the epiglottis(Voluntary muscle) prevent air from passing in and out of the stomach. People with acid reflux have a weak L.E.S. which allows stomach acid into the esophagus eating it away, and causing great pain.
Ah, this sheds some light. I think before I wasn't getting air past the LES (downwardly). I think I was just packing the esophagus; I could only do it 7 or 8 times. However, I seem to have corrected it and accomplished the rumbling/gurgling sensation of air going into the stomach.

It's pretty cool, but like you, I can't really seem to make it come out on demand. That makes sense; the alimentary canal is supposed to be unidirectional about 99% of the time. Actually, I'd start to worry about barfing, were I to forcibly extract this air, especially if I were head-down. If you get it working, I suggest you only do it on the way up :)

On the other hand, you can always just pack your esophagus as I have mentioned. Additionally it may be easier to remove the air, and do so in a vomit-safe fashion regardless of orientation. This air is enough for a few equalizations for me, I would think. Keep working on it.

I agree with Erik.
Stomach Packing. filling your stomach with air, then releasing it into your lungs when you need it sounds yuck :yack

How do you make sure not to burp up stomach acid in the process during the dive?
What if the (some of the) air enters the intestines at great depth and expands greatly on the way up?
Does not sound nice.
Originally posted by Roland

How do you make sure not to burp up stomach acid in the process during the dive?
What if the (some of the) air enters the intestines at great depth and expands greatly on the way up?
Does not sound nice.
I agree. These sound like serious problems, specially on very deep dives. Also, having a weak LES is a very painful and potentially serious condition, and not something worth risking.

Hmmm, I have had this idea for a while but it never seemed to work and now it definatly does not seem like a good idea. I guess I will just have to pack my lungs like crazy :D
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Hey Guy's,
I agree this is not a good idea at all for deep diving, or any depth dive really. I was just proposing it for dynamic or static. In which case it might have great potential.

Also, I was never saying that the LES should be forced open, or weakened in any way. This too is a bad idea, a weak LES could result in some serious complications now and in the future.

However, if the LES can be relaxed open naturally, as it would any other time that you burp, then it could be beneficial. you are gaining control over it, not weakening it.

Finally, it is potentially beneficial to gain control over the LES. If one were preparing for a deep dive it would not be a bad idea to empty the air out of the stomach. This would ensure that the air in the stomach and/or digestive system would not be compressed. Which might result in a lot pain and other complications.

Just my thoughts. :)


P.S. Never burp while upside down. It gets messy. :D
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