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stuck at 4:20 static

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Good information. Great numbers. It explains a few things and will help in many ways. Thanks for taking the time.
Thanks Erik for sharing your routine.

So what is "Fire Breathing"?

Because I train in the day time and I'll be competing in the morning and early after noon my body temp and heart rate may not be in the perfect range. So my next question is, would your routine help or hender or should I stick with what I'm doing?

Do you think that individual body metabolism could play a part? What works for me doesn't work for other people like Bill for example and also Mad Max.

Are you saying that my routine is taking to long, and I'm allowing the apnea reflex to fade?

What about my tissue store? It seems that I'm doing short enough warm up statics to not loose that store. But on the other hand you are not concerned with the tissue store.?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to get past this stumbling block.


Eric your the smartest guy Ive ever seen, how do you learn all this, I only learnt what a breathe up was not long ago, I guess I just a dumb ass 16year old. Anyway Ive had two weeks off static practice and this week Im going to try DSV's static routine. I think Erics may be to hard for me to do im not very fit and need extra recovery time.

The best static day of my life was also my unluckiest. On my first hold I usually only get 3:30, but this day I did 4:15 first go, but it wasn't to be any further cos my parents were in the car beeping the horn to leave so I didn't get to do any more. I believe that if I could get that number first go another day I can get to 6min, I believe I can. And about contractions you guys seem to be able to hold a lot Eric said 2mins, my static PB of 5:06 was with contractions starting at 4:04 the contractions seem to ruin the breathold, anyway thats my thoghts for the day.

Awesome! Last night, 24 hours after my last workout and five hours without food, I did an O2 tolerance 8 rep w/o 2:30/3:00....2:30/5:00 dry.
Things were a little boring and not to difficult on the last one and it dawned on me that I was close to one of your old patterns so..... Thirty second recovery, one minute of diaphragm breathing (to calm things down), 2 1/2 minutes of what my imagination came up with for breathing fire and 50% packing (forgot about the cheeks and lost most) started me off. It felt different from the start, so I didn't set a target, just planned on going until it felt terrible and do a ten second exhale. The 'curtain' came down a little fast and I misjudged it but, 20 seconds longer and less samba than my previous 'best'. I'm sure the routine leaves room for improvement too.
Thanks again for the help.
Packing with statics

Hi All,

The last month or so my statics have been way off, I decided to try something different after reading these posts. I used packing with a static at the pool last night. Beat my old PB by 5 seconds (Got 6:08) but felt I had plenty of reserve after this one. I packed about 15 times, 22 is my max.

Funny thing was, contractions started about the same time (3:30), but they didn't speed up as much towards the end. ie I can usually tell I'm pushing it when the contractions start going really fast, like more then 1 per second. I did a relatively short breathe up as well, very little hyperventilation. Think I held for about 60 contractions, but felt like I could have done another 10 or 20 at least.

I have a theory :-

If packing doesn't seem to make much difference, it would still allow you to push longer without a BO. After all you have more air right ?

ie if you still get the urge to breathe or contractions at the about same time.

Think I might try Eric's aproach next time, and use packing on the warm up static before hand to stretch a bit.

It was good reading this thread, I'm going to try some of the different routines and see how I go. Thanks Eric, David and DSV and everyone else one for these posts.

A Happy Walrus


A french researcher did a complicated controlled study on packing for static. The conclusion was that packing did not delay the first contraction, but it extended the amount of time the diver could hold contractions, i.e. it extended the 'struggle phase' as he called it ('phase de lutte' in french). So, the end result was a slightly longer time.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Good on ya Walrus!

Way to go Walrus!!
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for all the info Eric you are like the Farmers Almanac of freediving.

I'm becoming a firm believer that different routines are going to work for different people. But I'm also finding that temperature and mental state are key factors also.

Mon I tried a static using my same routine. It was very warm out, but I still used my wetsuit. I also was having a little trouble on the home front which had me pre-occupied. I did a crap static. Wed. it was cooler and I was in a very relaxed state and I did another PB of 6:44:06 very solid. Recovery time was minimal and was talking with my buddy within seconds of surfacing. The difference between this one and other statics I've done is that this time I had a couple of contractions at around 5:00 to 5:15. See I never get contraction and that was quite strange for me. I was able to bare down on them and they soon went away. The rest of the static felt like all the others.

About packing, I pack for every static even the warm ups. I don't count the packs but I do about 10 secs. worth but to where I'm uncomfortable. I feel full but I can handle it.

This has been a very informative thread, keep it coming.

fire breathing?

Excellent thread.
Eric, What is fire breathing?.
It's incredible that everybody including elite apneists share their routine with all here.
That's real freediving.
I just love it
Well last Fri. using my routine I made another PB of 6:55 (no contractions). I wanted 7:00 but did think I could push it. Back to CO2 tollerance training.

hi DSV

6:55 thats awsome isnt the us record 6:45 by scott campbell or something. Anyway I still havent tried a static in 3 weeks I just cant get the motivation to try. I think im afraid that if I try my times will be poorer than ever and I don't want that to happen.


ps you should have a go at a US static record maybe 7:00
Time Off

Hey Ivan,

Are you still training? If you are you should try another long static now that you haven't done one in a while. When you give the body a rest like that it does the mind good also. Go into as if you were just doing a short one. Think that it's going to be easy and it will be easy. Give it a go. I think you'll be pleased with the results.

About the record. Yes my team mate Scott Cambell has the record of 6:45. I hope to break it in the U.S. Team tryouts next month, but we'll see. It all comes down to how I feel the day of the comp. I'll do everything I can to get ready for it physically and mentally then it will depend on the day. My real goal is for 7:00+ the record is now secondary. A year ago I never thought I'd be able to make 6:00 and now I'm on the verge of 7:00 and it's a bit surreal for lack of a better word.

Anyway thanks for the words of encouragement.
Keep with the statics you'll come around.

This is the thread I needed, stuck at 4:23 pb and having taken a week off. Reading the history here and on other training threads while I rest and get ready to make another run on it gives encouragement and hope that might otherwise have not arisien. Thanks guys.
basco said:
My advice is to make one max static per week. No more..

In his last book, Umberto Pelizzari recommends to do a max static no more than once in two months !!

It surpised me a little bit... What do you think of it ?
Re: Statics

DSV said:
You warm ups may be the problem. You should try doing longer and longer warm up/statics.


Warm Up:
5:00 facial immersion with snorkel, no mask
3:00 breathe up
2:00 static
5:00 rest, relaxed normal breathing
5:00 breathe up
3:00 static
Repeat 5:00 rest and breathe up, 3:30 static if you don't feel ready
7:00 to 9:00 rest, relaxed normal breathing
7:00 to 9:00 breathe up
Go for a long one.

The rest time is very important. Statics are very taxing to your body and it needs the rest to recover. If at any time during your breathe ups you start to tingle (hands, arms, legs, abdominal area, lips) you are ready to go. You can do 1 of 2 things. 1. you can start your static or 2. you can pump your fist to make the level of CO2 rise to stop the tingle. Be sure during your breathe ups you do some purging to blow off CO2, usually near the end of the breathe up.

Everything else looks good.

Remember this is just an example. If you can't do it no problem adjust to what you can do.

This is my routine and I've been averaging 6:30+ so I know it works for me, but everybody is different.
Very interesting routine... I am going to work on it, adapting it though to more modest objectives (I should like to do over 4:00 next comp at the end of the month...
"In his last book, Umberto Pelizzari recommends to do a max static no more than once in two months !! It surpised me a little bit... What do you think of it ?"

It depends on what you are trying to do. If "max static" means a meet winning performance and you are doing three 90% holds per week in training, it is very good advice. If it means PB and you are not yet near your potential, I'm not so sure.
The most important part is training your mind. Especially with static. A beginner can probably start a simple schedule, increase his PB by one second each day and enjoy the process for a few months. Not the best training, but the word 'enjoy' is very important. For someone who's been at this a while it is much more difficult. He must come up with a schedule that he can keep for seven years to find out what his potential really is. Along the road, there will be some ups and downs. The way that the mind accepts the downs is one of the things that seperates champions from the rest of us.
If you plan the periods of lesser results and accept poor periods as a message to train less, the journey will seem easier and you will be refreshed when you increase the training again. You also must ask yourself if the journey or the destination is more important.
In 1990 Umberto Pelizzari set the world record at 6 minutes 3 seconds. Bill your already way past that! The reality is better understanding and better techniques have made the record sky rocket over the years. Personally I would listen to the current patch of record holders, including you, more than former ones, just because the performances dictate it.
Just my opinion,

Hi everyone

I have been reading the forums for a few days now. How do you pack. I dont even know if I breath properly to hold my breath. I am 39 near 40 15th October. Just got into this fantastic sport. I am a prity good breast stroke swimmer. Started a few weeks ago holiding my breath. I can swim 50 metrers underwater in a 25metre pool. and hold my breath for 3.05 seconds. its nothing to you guys but would appriciate any advice. I know im not going to get results instatly , maybe I will i shouldnt limit myself . Any advice please
Re: Time Off


My name is mark from england

I hope you can give me some advice. I started breath holding a few weeks ago. I can swim 50 metres under water in a 25 metre pool, and hold my breath for 3.05 seconds.

i dont know if im holding my breath properly or how to hyperventalate, and havent a clue about how to pack or make my heart beat slow down. My resting heart beat is 58 - 60bpm. Can you help me please

many thanks Mark
Desperatly seeking breathhold time. Are we? :)
Look for a course I would say - will set you of in an instant.
Otherwise you could spend 3 hours reading everything in this forum. (searchfunction).
If there are things you dont understand - dont bother to do them. They are probably to advanced - better learn things in the right order.

Now one can make their heart slow down by will! Hold you breath and when oxygen get low or breathing reflexes start - your body will adjust to this sillyness you are doing. Lower heart rate is one thing.

Wanna hold your breath for longer than 3.05? Well then hyperventilate like crazy. In and out with air as fast as possible until you feel all strange everywhere.
You´ll soon be doing 5 minutes. (and you will have a higher chance of passing out - but thats the next lesson :)
And hyperventilation is also a perfect way do die. Remember that. On land you are OK - but entering water after hyperventilation is extremly dangerous.

Do not experiment in water without supervision from another FREEDIVER who understands what you are doing.

Hey Mark

I don't normally use the forums for this - but you sound a lot like you need some proper training. Might be an idea to do a course with me or one of the other AIDA UK Instructors

details of our courses are on www.learntofreedive.com - you can always start with just the pool bit which should both help your time/distance and make sure you are training safely

Please don't train on your own in the water!

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