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Suitable Riffe Configs.

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
That sounds adequate for my locales. The tuna average 100lbs or so but the wahoo run 70-100 frequently...the ones you see on the riffe site that julie and gang got last winter were on the lumps. Most days the water is green/blue so I dont feel I will need a 27 foot shot but we will see.

As i see from Riffe catalog and internet site there is not thickness difference between MT4 and MT5 so the only difference is the shooting range. With standart configs MT4 can shoot 15.5 feet on the other hand MT can reach 17.5. I think it does not deserve to change the gun for 2.5 feet unless you are wingkit man. Does MT5 really need wingkit??? I don`t think so. MT5 and Riffe Island is the same size but there is not wing kit for Island. Did you catch the point?

If i were you i choose to upgrade MT4. I don`t know if the enclosed track available for 3/8 shaft but if it is go for it.Then buy (4) 5/8 bands with alluminium muzle.Then floter wing kits or front stabilizer (i don`t preffer front stabilizers because it is making tracking so hard) but if you are planing to hunt big slow tuna you will not need tracking so much.And of course break away kit.

On the other hand i saw the Riffe bluewater gun on the Ebay. It seems perfect condition. You can buy it for 500 bucks but dunno what will be the shipping if you are not livfe in USA it will be too much.At least i know that very well.If you buy it you can use your MT4 for small porpuse and bluewater for big game. If you choose to upgrade the MT4 you will spend at least 200 bucks for it.Then u will not have small game gun.You must think and make some calculation before you do anything.

BTW Sven;

I saw MT3 on the Ebay. Can you take a look at it and tell your comments plz? It`s look little strange to me.The reason may be the photo angles dunno :duh
If you were who?

The MT #3 on ebay looks fine to me, Murat. The guy claims it's only got 8-10 uses, so how bad could it be?

That Island is currently fetching $500, but as it's auction nears closing, it'll go for $800 or so.

Oh come on don`t say me you couldn`t guess WHO. Its written on the top of the page;) ;) ;)

Himm i will bid MT3 if the shipping price is not to much.
BTW tommorow or in this week i am going to buy Cressi Gara 2000 LD.Any comments before buy?

Can't wait to hear what you think of the Riffe. I looked at them and ultimately decided on a RA 110 with 20mm band for my first gun. :D Haven't had much of a chance to use it yet as most of the good hunting is off shore from me, but that will change in the next month or so. Then look out! Of course I know someone else that has used a Riffe in the past that has said he's going to a RA now. :mute


Ok i will be carefull about fitting. Any quality problem or disadvantages of this fin?
Murat thanks for the input. As I understand it though, the muzlle change(aluminum 4 band version) and the enclosed track would be reversible changes meaning at the end of the winter I can put the other muzzle bak on and have my old gun back!:D Wings are my only sticking point b/c I really dont want them. Someone correct me if I am wrong.(that setance translated reads...What do you think Sven...)
PS...the MT 4 is alot of gun for "small game"!!!!!
PPS...the value comes into play more than you think...for example, when going 50-80 miles offshore you had better have a spare shaft, cable, tip, bands ect. This way I dont need 6 shafts of different lengths (MT 4 is 60" regardless of my muzzle) and bands that only work on a specific gun...you see how quickly it all adds up!
Last edited:
Yea man, all of the things has some advantages and disadvantages:

I really can`t imagine the muzle kick up on the MT4 when using 4 5/8 bands with 3/8 shaft without using front stabilizer or with a wing kit.

But i also don`t know how will you track the fast wahoos with thesse massive wings on th gun.

So you must make the chooice.
I dont notice much of any kick with 3 5/8 bands so....
As for the hoo's...I'll deal with that when I get in the water!:D :D
Personally i never seen a wahoo but if you say you can; i sure you do;) ;) ;) What an english muhahahaha:duh
What do I think??

Well, at the risk of being deemed sarcastic, unkarmic, unfair to fish and competitive diver alike, and the last word on Riffe's here, though Anderson and Aquiles hold that title as well... Give the thing a try w/o the wings and see what happens. If the thing wants to say howdy with your mask, add the wings. Simple no?

The thing is that to save the warranty on the MT's, you need to send it back to Jay and have them drill and seal the inserts for the wing's screws. Other than that, like I mentioned earlier, if you get in a situation where you are finding that the wings are an issuen in tracking, turn your wrist 90 degrees . It's what the Big Guy gave you wrists for. If anything, I think the added oomph the 4th band gives will offset any negatives from the added 4 ozs. of the new muzzle.

Re; the shaft size thing, (uh oh), I routinely use the next length shaft without too many problems. Indeed some here, Jay I think do that as a matter of course, and the Stylin' Styrone knows fish.

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