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Tuna time is ny!!!!!!!

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if i remmember corectly, i read that 300+kg tuna can be sell for 10,000 dollars for japan. They made it sushi i think, they pay it high because its fresh. Especially when shot with speargun;)

Good money eh:D
No, like on old times... the fattest the better :p !!!

In Alicante (they are netted on spawning grounds close to Mallorca) they keep them a live on sea farm for months at the time until the japanese specialist decide they are fat enough, and then a diver kill them with an electric spear. Imagine that: spear few 300kg BF everyday!!! :head
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Hey there aint nothing wrong with the chubby one's. Actually dated one and she was a pretty nice person....for a while. I'll attribute the wierdness to her hypothyroidism (which I found out about some years later) My old roommate used to tell me that his broke college buddy needed to look for the "well fed looking ones". That way, they might feed his broke butt.

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Brad, sorry for that :( ... they call me "Pab", "Bra" to a brazilian friend (well... kind of a bra specialist!), and I'm new to english: nothing racial form my part to the j... word. I learn this one... and deeply apologize for it!

I rectify my post!

Best regards
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Just curious, do any of you guys know how to properly prepare tuna for the eastern market. A couple of recreational fisherman here in South Africa, have taken to exporting their catches. The preparation of the fish is of utmost importance. These chaps are very secretive about their tecniques, so maybe one of you guys could help out. From what i've gather, the fish is caught on very heavy tackle (130lb class tackle). Fish sizes are between 40-80kg's. The fish is then brought as soon as possible to the boat, and carefully gaffed and brought aboard. When gaffed and pulled into the boat, the fish shouldn't be banged and the deck or gunnels as this will damage the flesh. The shorter fight with heavier gear also decreases the lactic build-up in the meat. The tuna is then put onto a hessian mat and cut at the base of the tail, so as to bleed the fish. The head is then cut off and a wire is threaded through the centre of the spine, to remove all the nerves. The fish is then packed in ice ready for export. After fishing a courier vehicle takes the iced fish directly to the airport. It is then flown to which-ever fish market in the east. Upon arriving in the east, some sort of expert looks at the quality and then gives a price. Sometimes the quality isn'y so good and you get a small price, where-as when the quality is good, you get exorbitant prices. Well actually anything is better than the US$0.71 (yip, 71cents per kilo) we get a kilo for YF tuna!!!! I've heard of figures around US$350.00 per kilo if the quality is right.

Like i said before, all of this is information i've gleaned from rather tight lipped fisherman. Some authentication of this information would be welcome.

This is pretty much accurate.
It is very imprtant not to gaff the fish or bang in to the boat in any way as tuna flesh bruises VERY easily!!

Miles.....I know quite a bit of this stuff and have one japanese mate in fish biz........
Talk to you later then....

What I've seen in NZ ;

The fish are take on heavy gear, with as little stress and bruises as possible. Then they are bleed by a cut on the tail, or on the lower part of the gills (not on the gill themselves but the skin under the plates) where you can easily see a thick vein. Then a cut around the anus and they are gutted with out cut the belly flaps by cutting around/pulling the gills. They are then placed on a mix bin/ice for a few h (is a relation wiegth/time) to be ship to japan super urgent. The fish is not frozen and prizes are fantastic!
So a kill shot to the head = Max Retail price as no lactic acid and only one slight bruise in head ;)

Please bear in mind that the species you have traveling through Gibs is bluefin...called Kuromaguro in Japanese is the most valued tuna species in Japan. Regular folks can not afford to eat in it Japan!!!
Next best thing is bigeye, and only then yellowfin.

Cut tuna is put in three categories in Japan. Akami is the lean bright red flesh near the spine and fins. This is the stuff preferred by most foreigners and is also the cheapest bit. Semifatty part near the flanks is called Chuu-Toro and is already quite pricey. The most expensive part is the fat marbled belly called Oo-Toro. This part can fetch most amazing prices in top Sushiya and most of this stuff is sold to restaurants catering for corporates and their quests.

Thanks and no offense taken.

Yeah that fatty section is sooo good. I had it once during a New Years party. I have no idea how much it cost per pound. Speaking of price 71 cents per kilo! That's just criminal! I think I would rather share the fish with my friends than sell it to someone who is probably turning around and making a huge profit.

Some guys here will shoot their tuna before bringing it on board. It's pretty common for the commercial Ahi guys to carry a pistol on board. Only down side is that other boats may here the gun shots and decide to fish next to them. In this instance they gaff the fish then pull its head out of the water then bludgeon it to death. Either way, the faster the fight, the less chance that the meat will "burn" and reduce the price. So yes Shaca a metal shaft to the head stoning the beast would definitely fetch a good price. Just remember to share the wealth.


lets say you get 300kg fish at best conditions....then,

300kg x 350dollars/kg=105000 dollars:D :D :D

1 fish = 1 ferrari, 2 fish=2 ferrari, 3 fish=new yacht, 4 fish= you are rich:D :D :D :D

who can say that my math. is not goodrofl
Gave up the commercial game 5 years ago. Just talking about guys I know.

Sick sick, sick.... and I'm mad!

I remember when I was small the old spanish fish markets, where you could see the old mens unloading the BF... all gone to pay ferraris! that stink's

Sorry, but the tuna in general is suffering a strong decline in numbers and sizes... If any has bee close to tuna commercial fishing he can see that. He makes me sick to see tuna cans for a few cents at the supermarket. A few years back France give to developing countries the same cans by the hundreds of tones to keep his industry afloat: how nice is that?

If someone is paying this kind of prizes, he means his share is good too... and that justify everything! The more rare the more expensive to justify the means to kill the last survivors and have a nice sushi. And if is no more big ones... get smaller ones and fry them... eat the eggs too, smoke they are nice; eat everything and cry while siting on your Ferraris.

Where are going the big or commercially interesting fish: BF, patagonia tothfish, cod, marlin, sharks... and many more. Don't be part of that please!

Originally posted by Murat

lets say you get 300kg fish at best conditions....then,

300kg x 350dollars/kg=105000 dollars:D :D :D

1 fish = 1 ferrari, 2 fish=2 ferrari, 3 fish=new yacht, 4 fish= you are rich:D :D :D :D

who can say that my math. is not goodrofl

the above calculations shall now be known as the law of Murat. They explain the optomistic findings of a spearo gone mad with thoughts of giant fish and a swollen bank account :D
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Hey Pablo,

I do not know at what point this turned into a commercial discussion. As you read from my original comments in this post I have never sold any part of that tuna we caught, or any ones we caught in the past for that matter.

None of the sport fishermen in this area catch the fish to sustain themselves, just purely for sport, and most are consumed by them and families.

My intention of spearing one of these brutes is to take spearing to a new level. If I can devise a reliable method of spearing huge tuna I will be the :king
And I will be there... :D :D :D

We have BF in here too, but on a cold and terrible sea where I'm thinking one day to have a chance to play with one of those magnificent torpedos. If one day I come back to Spain I will drop by Gibraltar to have my share of :king .

Some 20 years ago Cousteau film the matanza in Sicily... huge fish subdue on a old old manner with al the glory. The last years just if they could provide a few small fish to display for the tourists.
On Italy too, they use to have this amazing boats with 30m mast and prods to harpoon big marlins... they are nearly gone!

They found important local spawning grounds of both species: one the coast Mallorca for the tuna, and in Portugal for the marlins... (and all this fish need to cross on the front of your place :head )

Just that make me rage all this industrial crap to pay a few ferraris. But I'm the first one to kill fish for my consumption, encourage local sustainable fishing and the need to read "the old men and the sea".

Keep posting about your crazy adventure.
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pablo, pablo....

I totally agree with you and share your sensitivity about commercials.... Since you are new to the form, you may not know us well... Neither me or shane is commercial here... I am not the stage of spearing a tuna as well.Typicall good eating fishes enough for me now.

By the way do you seriously belive that one will bought ferrari with income of speared fish?:confused:
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