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Waterway longblades

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Hey Don,

You're not the only one that's been lusting over the Carbonprene. I was actually thinking about getting those before I bungled onto the waterway fins. Maybe the professional wrestlers are rich. You know the guys that act for a living. Us high school coaches get around $7 a day! That's right, 7 whole dollars. Considering that I spent more for shoulder surgery after last season than I actually made, the DOE got us for a steal. Nah, I don't do it for the money, I do it for the love of the sport. Just like us spearfishermen right? Not many of us get paid to dive but we do it anyway. It's all about the love man. Like I said, I'm probably gonna go with the waterways and sporasub pockets. If they really suck then I'll sell em for dirt cheap then get the Carbonprenes. Maybe the DOE will give me a raise? Doubt that though.

Brad :martial

that's the Tanya's fins

fiberglass fins are the better. I heard that Breier gave carbon monofins to the french junior team and they gained less than one second on their PB.
So i don't think it's interesting for freediving, only if you want to break record in finswimming races.
And fiberglass don't break easily but carbon do.... in surface swimming race it's ok but when you're 50m under surface you're dead !

The best fins are still the Omer millenium comps :D . Today i learnt how to dolphin kick with them to depth and its a hell of a lot better than using them with the normal Bi fin kick.

This brings me back to a questions that I posted earlier: are the Sporasub and OMER footpockets the same? I know guys that interchange Sporasub PURE blades into their OMER footpockets.

Brad :martial

Sporasub and Mares are the same.( same factory ) Sporasub ( as on my pures )and Omer Millennium ( as on my Sebak Mono ) are as as close as dammit. Their sizing is identical and feel the same on the foot.

Fiberglass Fins

Rob Allen is working on a fiberglass and a carbon fiber fin. its a real sidestep in terms of fin design. the fins are designed to be used with open heal type booties, but as they are strapped onto the blade, as in the blade runs all the way to your heal.
SAspearo and i saw them last year june. They are still working on it as far as i know. Should be interesting to see how they work.


ps. Ivan/andrew how did you decide on your nick?:confused:

Cool wonder what he will call his fins the railfin :D

I was at the dive factory yesterday and they said that there is too much work at the moment for R&D so dont hold your breath, or do :head

and the nick, andrew?
I'm Back

Wow, I'm surprised to see my name come back up on the Forum.

First to clarify a couple things: I was the 2001 Nat. Champ, in 2002 I only placed 15th, I did not feed fish in 2002 I only mentioned it in a post about some of the top divers who were being so blatant about it that year. In response to Anderson's post: I don't believe I ever bragged or boasted on any post I ever placed on this Forum. If I did I apologize, that was never my intention. I only wanted to help, entertain, and inform people with my posts. I don't know why Anderson would say what he did. Other than knowing I won the Nationals, most of you have no idea of how deep I dive or how many fish I shoot. I only ever posted 2 pictures of myself with fish on this site. One was a picture of my 2002 Nationals catch because somebody wanted to know what a ling cod looked like and I thought my catch showed a nice picture of one. I was 'blasted' by Sven for shooting too many fish. The only other picture I ever posted was of my World Record Mutton Snapper; once again I was 'blasted', this time by Aquillies. I wasn't quit sure why, I guess he thought turning in a fish for a World Record was somehow a disgraceful thing to do even though I ate the fish after. Anyway, I hope you guys can see why I was no longer interested in participating on this Forum. I'm a pretty easy going guy and don't enjoy getting in arguments or fighting every time I spend the time to make a post. But, since Brad asked a direct question of me and out of respect for Peter (he seems like a great guy), I'll respond about my experience with the new Waterway bi-fins.

I put my fins in OMER Millennium pockets (happened to have an extra pair lying around) instead of Sporasub's. So far I've only used the fins for 2 days but I'm very impressed with them. They have incredible push and react at least as good as carbon if not better. Unfortunately for me, I think I might have gone a little too stiff with the #4's. Even though I dive every weekend the 4's are still a little too stiff for me. I can't wear them all day. I'll keep them for training but the next pair I get will be for tournaments and probably more around a #3 stiffness. I had to modify the side rails on my fins to stay in the footpocket side rails but that was no big deal. I just shortened their length in the portion that fit into the pocket rails and they seem to be staying put now. One thing that's different about the fins is that there is no bend in them down by the heel (maybe Peter will respond about this). This seems to make it a little more difficult to swim on the surface. You have to bend your knees to compensate and then it's not too bad. Up and down I don't notice it, only while swimming on the surface. Then again, a lot of that may have to do with the fins being a little too stiff for me and not because the heels aren't bent. To wrap this up: I think these fins have tremendous potential and coupled with their price just might make all other fins obsolete.

BTW, what got me interested in fiberglass fins was that when I was in Brazil at the Worlds this past November, the Ukraine team each had a pair of homemade fiberglass fins each. In a demonstration, one of them banged a blade on a seawall so hard it sounded like a 22 going off, he then curled it completely around it's self. I was hooked. I was going to buy a used pair from them at the end of the comp for $90 but missed hooking up with them. So, when I saw Waterway had fiberglass fins, I jumped on a pair. I normally only dive with carbon fins (C4's and OMER) but I wanted something I could beat up in rough or shallow water tournaments that would react better than plastic.

I hope my comments help and please nobody start a fight with me. I really don't enjoy it. Thank you.

Scott T.
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Scott, thanks for the informative post. Thats the exact info I think most of us were wanting. I have a hard time believing Sven, Andy, and Aquilles would "blast" somebody for no reason. These gentlemen have always been tremendously helpful here. I do remember when all the arguing was going on last year and quite possibly everyone was misunderstanding everyone else but when you left the group it left no chance for clarification...so many opinions were made without benifit of a rebutle.

I am not trying to start another controversy with you but I am merely pointing out the results of your walking away. I welcome your input as most others would. It is nice to here differing opinions and choosing which is appropriate for myself. We are all passionate about our personal opinions here and yours has not been the only such controversy...just the only one where someone couldnt agree to disagree(except maybe that Cubandvr thing:duh )
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Welcome back Scott. Thanks for the info on the fins. Like Rig said exactly what I was looking for. I'm definitely sold now. So the #4 is too stiff huh, makes me wonder how stiff the #5 is. I'm assuming these fins are durable as well as highly reactive. Are the Omer foot pockets a little different than the Sporasub being that you had to make some modifications? Oh well, I'm sold anyway. Thanks for the post and welcome back.

Brad :martial

Scott welcome back bro its been a long time :D Hope your here to stay this time. I think you were a little harshly treated when you left so if your going to get blasted for some crazy reason just dont post in that thread, there are plenty of us here who want to here your posts.

Anyways how much are these Fins you are talking about ie the 3 or the 4. I have Omer millenium comps and will need some persuading to believe that there is something better out there, Carbons snap on the reef so no good to me. Can you really beat these Fibre plastic fins on the reef. I really love my fins out of all of my dive gear including my railguns I still love my Omer fins the most :D


Ps Scott are you going to tell us more about the 2002 world champs
Hi Everybody!

Scott Turgeon has ordered the pair of the blades 2 weeks ago and he has really good opinion about the fiberblades. He're is his part of mail to me:
I like the #4's. I think they're good for training and I definitely
plan to try and get used to them. I don't want to exchange them but I may in the future buy also a #3 set of blades to wear during
spearfishing competitions (swimming for 6-7 hours strait). I did cut shorter the rail portion of the blade that goes inside the footpocket rail. This seems to have solved my problem as the rails stayed on the fins all day last weekend.
The push is exceptional, I did not expect them to react like that. They are as good as carbon, if not better.
It seems that there are quite
a few people interested in the fiberglass fins after seeing my pair.
I've been sending them to your website.

He has picked up #4 so as he's VERY well-trained guy.

It looks like he has left the Forum :-(

all the best,
Sorry guys I didn't see Scotts' posting and has written my post!
Sorry Scott %-(( ! And thanks a lot for your posting!

The blades are not flexible enough in the heel becuse of footpocket construction. The longfins don't have this drawback.

Actually the wave that pushes you formes closer to the middle of the blade (about 1/3 of the blades' lenght) it's not cruitial.

About long fins

Long fins are on the WaterWays' Northamerican site www.finswimming.ca under Fins tab - they're the first in the list.

I repeat opinion (not only mine) about the fins - the longfins are the best bi-fins in the World in sence of performance because performance of the fin is better that performance of the changable blade (francly not dramatically), but the footpocket... Well, it's open heel.

all the best,
Hello Peter,
Still can't access the north american web site but I did take a look at the long fins in the UK site. Your saying that these are a little more effecient than the interchangeable blade? How so? I have a lot of experience with that type of heel on my bodyboarding fins and they work great but there is all this talk about having a stiff heel and transmitting energy to the blade. What size would I wear if I fit Cressi 7-8 perfectly with 3mm booties? Are there 5 different blade stiffnesses? Appreciate your help.

Brad :martial
Hi Brad,
Yes, I've a point that open heel works better. We had a lot of discussions last summer in deeperblue forum (freediving equipment) about this. The argumentation reminds religios wars were everybody belives in his(her) right point and I would not like start it again. Just I'd like to attract your attention to the fact why in all performence-cruitial sports (finracing, freediving with monos, lifesaving) you will not meet full pocket? :duh
I'm sure because of performance.

I've sent you our catalogue with blades and all the stuff I hope you've got it.

The performance of native-fin is definetly better because more flexebility in heel are, but Scott Turgeon is right, it's not cruitial.
The fibernlade is harder then carbon and flexability in heel are is less in case of using the blade with 'railpocket' like OMER and so on - rails held it and thats enough for changing flexebility.

all the best,

Thanks for the kind words Ivan and Brad.

I hear ya about staying away from controversial posts, my thoughts exactly. And I also hear you about the railguns my brother! Couldn't live without them. As far as the fiberplastic fins go, I think they're supposed to be practically indestructible but I've only used them for 2 days so I can't vouch for that claim.

I believe you'd have to make the same mods on the Sporasub pockets because the inside of the rail is a small T shape just like the Millennium's and the T rail on the fins is too long/wide to fill in the space inside the footpocket rails so it needs to be taken down by about half. One benefit of the Millennium pockets is that they are not made to end in a cut out hook like the Sporasub's. The Fiberplastic blades don't have that hook cutout in them so you would have to cut that end off the end of the Sporasub rails.

I'm not sure if you understand my question. Can your blades be made with a permanent bend/angle in them just at about the point where the screws go (like other freediving fins)?

Scott T.
Last edited:
Scott: I'm trying to envision what modifications you're talking about and I think I get it, just not too keen on cutting the blades.

Peter: are you suggesting I try the open heel version? I'm not opposed to it by any means, just wondering if I order a pair and they don't fit well, could I exchange them for a pair that does? What are those black area on the blades: ribs, channels? Do they affect the performance? Thanks again.

Brad :martial
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