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Waterway longblades

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.

Damn it I cant get onto those sites that Peter posted :duh

w3c, yes it does affect but it is not dramatic changes. Our PowerBlades are adapted long-fins. I've written that we believes that open heel is better for performance and more convenience in sence of footsizes - you can reglue the straps

Ivan, Our site is designed in Flash and if you have some problems then I'll send you our catalogue if you need to.

I'm not talking about cutting the actual fins, just the rubber rail that runs down the outside of them. If you get a pair you'll see what I'm talking about. The rail is too wide so it doesn't fit well in the footpocket rail so you just cut it down a little with a pair of scissors (it's very easy to do).

Did everybody see Eric F.'s post in the M-Technic thread? I guess he's saying the fiberplastic Waterway uses on their fins is good quality stuff.

Scott T.
Ivan: If you want the catalogue, Peter sent me one via email, PM me and I could forward it to you.

Scott: I think I see what you mean. If I got more questions, I'll post. Thanks for you help.

Peter: Which do you suggest I get? I'm not opposed to either and there are benefits to having both.

waterway long fins


I am very interested in the fiber plastic long fins. I use cressi 2000HFs now, only dive in the summer, 15-20 days, but 4-6 hours each day. The cressi's are just about right in the strain they put on my legs. I don't want anything much stronger but better efficiency would be great and I would like something that can accellerate faster. the cressi's are pretty slow when trying to dart across and grab a fish that I just speared. Will this fin give me this type of performance? Do the longfins come in different blade stiffnesses? If not, what stiffness number do they come in? What do they weigh relative to cressi's? Sounds like # 3 stiffness is about right, but what would you reccommend? The open pockets seem ok, but the shape of the foot pocket is critical and varies a lot over different brands. Is it possible to order a pair, test and send back if it doesn't fit my feet? I can test in a pool and return with no wear. Alternately is there anybody in this part of the world, west central Florida, who has a pair? What's this about "reglueing the straps"? Do you have some written material to send to my address (see member info)?

Thank you very much for your time and expertise.


Peter Got your cataloge today thanks great reading though only the first two pictures of the monos downloaded so I didnt get to see the fins. I take it they are the power blade model, do they fit directly into my omer foot pockets, and I guess 99$ Us is for 2 blades ?

Hi Ivan,

I'll resend the catalogue to you.
The blades do fit to OMER, but maybe you need to cut about 5 cm of rails from the heel side. You need to pay 12 USD extra for the delivery to your area and it'll take more time. It's quite far from Canada :-(

Yes you can try them - you pay them, I'll send them to you. You've 2 weeks to try them, if you don't like them, you'll send them to me and have your money back. Postal costs are on you. (it will be about $40)

I sent a pair of blades to Brent Heath from Clearwater yesterday - he is having them in 4-5 business days. If you like I can ask him to give his address to you.

I'll send you mail about regluing.

we cannot change the angle by bending of the sheet after a plate of fiberglass lefts the mashine. It destrois the inner structure if we try and the blades cannot be so reliable anymore.
This is the native drawback of fiberplastics on the epoxi basis. We've failed solve this problem yet.
Without the bend in the blade, doesn't it crack when you fasten it in?:confused:

Or, is that why you need to cut down the rubber side rails to make it a flat surface to bond to?

What kind of attachment did tanya's fiber blades have on them? I thought that the picture from her website site showed them WITH the rubber rails on them.

Then again, I could be wrong about that. :duh

Inquiring minds want to know!;)


The blades fit fine into the pockets even though they're not bent. They also fit fine with the way the rubber siderails are but it was my experience that they would pop out. You could probably just glue them in the pocket rails and solve that problem but I tried to cut down the rails a little first. If that did not work then I was just going to glue them in anyway. I have a Greek friend who I dive with (he's a DB member so maybe he'll chime in) and he has a homemade pair of carbon fins from Greece that aren't bent either and he didn't even notice it until I asked him about it.

I asked Eric F. what he thought about bi-fins not being bent at the heel but he didn't respond.

Eric F.,
If you read this and have any experience with strait bladed bi-fins, your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Scott T.
I'm telling about bending them after production of fiberplastic sheet using heat, chemicals or something like this. I mean that
we cannot make the cross-cut U-form of the blade without loosing the relability.
So they're plain.
To the bending in process of work of the blade they're extra-resistant as no other blades in the World. You can fasten till 100 miles it'll not crack this way. :) Nobody ever had such a problem in 10 years.

The property of fiberplastic is that's extra-resistant to bending, time-fatique, has amazing performance and so on, but cannot have other form than plain. Yet, I hope. WaterWay is working on it, but problem is really serious.

The rail are made by 3 reasons:
1. to prevent the (in fact monos don't need them the situation for them is opposite - it's only for long bi-fins) water laminar flom from falling aside in the time of kicking - it increases performance
2. to prevent you or neibor swimmer from cuttig y the adge when you snap. It cut's suits quite well. I've tried :(
It's dirty trick in competitions (so as livesaving) to cut (not seriously of cource) a leg of your neighbor by the adge of fiberplastic fin (all serious sportsmen use fibers) 'in strong snapping'. The rails in form of tube or rubber rails prevent this bad staff.
3. You meen Tanya Streteer? ;) She has tubes on the sides of her Model1 mono. If she didn't remove them.
So the sides are with rubber rails - to fit the foot pocket.

all the best,
I am not talking about her monofin. I was thinking of her bi-fins.

I thought that these blades looked more like a fiberglass than a carbon fiber blade. I know that I have seen other pictures of her with bi-fins that weren't regular carbon fiber blades. This is the only picture that I could come up with at the moment

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The bend in the blade that I am talking about is the sharp angled end that fits into the foot pocket- like on these C4's.

Is this the part that is straight on the Waterway blades? Or, are we talking about something else?

Sorry, I am more of a visual learner and need pictures to understand. :duh

Last edited:

That's exactly the bend I'm talking about. I guess Peter's saying that due to the properties of fiberplastic and WaterWay's production process, their blades can not be shaped like that.

Scott T.
I think Tanya's bifins are made from some kevlar compound.

Do the gara 2000 (blue) bifins have a bend in them? I don't think so.

Having no bend in the fin would be fine if you use an open heel footpocket (much like a mono, which has no bend).

Otherwise, if the footpocket is closed heel and has a bend in it, then it should work too.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Eric: Do you think the open heel long fins would work well? These are the only longblades I have seen with this type of heel. They obviously work with monofins but what about bi fins? I'm stuck between getting longfins or the power blades. Thanks.

Brad :martial
Jon and Brad
Having no bend at the heel (like the picture of the C4's that Jon provided) should only affect the stiffer blades (maybe). I have homemade long carbonfiber blades which are flat (no bend) and I have not noticed a difference. They perform great. To tell you the truth, I did not notice there was supposed to be a bend until Scott pointed it out (once the blades are on the footpockets, who looks at their shape anyway, right?).
You won't have to worry about fitting the fiberglass blades on any Spora or Omer footpockets. If you are worried about cracking them with the screws you can use two plastic zipties instead (like the ones electricians use for connections). They work great on mine.
I think I will try Scott's fiberglass blades at some point and let you guys know what I think about them
BTW, Eric, why do you think an open heel would make a difference for a flat vs a bent bifin blade?

Heyoo ! ! !

Welcome back Scott Turgeon. Its nice to see you again. Keep posting up especially about OMER spearguns.:D
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