Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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weight loss


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Jul 5, 2004
Tampere, Finland
Pretty much the only thing I agree with in that article is, that in terms of pure weight loss, dietary changes will bring much bigger benefits that just increasing exercise. Like he says, just eating those few cookies less each day, you will have reaped the benefits of 30 minutes of sweating on the treadmill.

As for superhydration. Well, good luck downing 5 liters of 1 celcius water every day. I mean that is seriously cold water. I'll still be hanging on to the 1000+ Calorie jogs thank you. And personally, through experimentation, I do not find superhydration to beneficial at all to freediving, all the contrary. Hydration is important, but superhydration (especially if achieved with just water) is disastrous to my apnea.

As for aerobic exercise increasing resting HR? I thought it was the other way around and my almost 20 beats lower resting HR compared to couple of years back seems to agree...And in defence of aerobic exercise, I can't even start own the other positive health effects of being aerobically fit. Also, he seems to suggest that building enough muscle mass to make a real difference in calorie consumption is a simple thing to do - which it is not, especially if you're trying to loose weight at the same time (which makes gaining muscle mass more or less impossible except for someone completely untrained). Also, teenagers don't burn calories because they have huge muscles (which may be partially true), but most of all, because they are growing at a staggering rate, which would make any bodybuilder jealous.

Well, there are many schools and methods for weight loss, but none can escape the brutality of the laws of physics. Mass is energy. If you want to loose mass, all you need to do is make sure you spend more energy than you eat. A simple way to do that is to eat less. Another good one is to exercise more. And the most effective is to combine both...Unfortunately there is no magic pill (yet).

But welcome to deeperblue and good first post :) I don't mean to say your contribution was not apprecieated. Just saying I don't agree with alot of it :)
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Still Dry Behind the Ears
To lose fat and keep or gain muscle you need to avoid starvation and exercise all muscle groups. I have a lot of respect for Covert Bailey's diet and exercise guidelines. He claims that running outdoors does a better job than other exercises with similar calorie burn rates due to the whole body impact and natural variety that terrain introduces. Also if you run away from home and get a bit tired, you still have to run back. You aren't as likely to over or under do your workout..


Apnea Carp
Oct 11, 2003
London, UK
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jome said:
As for superhydration. Well, good luck downing 5 liters of 1 celcius water every day. I mean that is seriously cold water. I'll still be hanging on to the 1000+ Calorie jogs thank you.
That's a lot of very cold water! Sounds like a hard way to burn 180 calories.
Is it just me or does this cold water idea sound a little riduclous and even more impractical?

I am not trying to say that one odd statement should negate the rest of the authors opinions, but woah!

This sure reminds me of one guy I saw running on a treadmill in a 5mm shorty wetsuit because the "extra sweat makes the workout way better", more like way dangerous! He was atleast 40 lbs overweight...
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Nov 16, 2018
United States
Yeah. What you need to do,first of all just make your schedule routine on which you will mention what you will do on this particular day and at particular time. Aerobic training is impressive and you will active,smart and sharp if you really do your training in proper way. ;)


Oct 20, 2018
Northern California
Can anyone expand on the time per session? I've been doing about 45 min of swimming 5ish times a week. I am reading people saying 1-2 hours above.

I I lost about 15 lbs over the past year doing this. I have definitely hit a brick wall and cannot seem to lose more right now (155 lb 5'9"). My diet could probably use a bit more discipline.

Do you think 45 min per day is too low for an aerobic session?