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What is your bloodtype? (O for hunter?!?)

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What is your bloodtype?

  • Bloodtype A

    Votes: 11 25.6%
  • Bloodtype B

    Votes: 6 14.0%
  • Bloodtype O

    Votes: 19 44.2%
  • Bloodtype AB

    Votes: 2 4.7%
  • Dont know

    Votes: 5 11.6%

  • Total voters


New Member
Jul 21, 2003
I had an interesting conversation w a friend the other day about bloodtypes. He is into the bloodtype diet which states that ppl w different bloodtypes should eat different kinds of food. Typical hunter cultures are said to have a lot higher percentage of bloodtype O.
So for the statistics: What is YOUR bloodtype?
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Sorry, can't help you out on that one!!! Everybody that knows me reckons i've got salt-water flowing through my veins!!!:D :D :D

Now just got to wait a couple of 100 years and i'm sure evolution will pesent me with a pair of gills behind my ears!!!

45% of the world's pop has type O :hmm. Strangely enough, O is double recessive (what you get if you have neither A or B). I have A. Must have picked that up from my mom...not much of a hunter ;).

Very strange poll, btw...hehe.
I have A Negative whatever that means.

I think what I lack in genetics I make up for in raw talent :p

No seriously now, if we ate fish all the time we would have a lower level of fat in your blood so by Hunter you mean land hunter not sea hunter?
I have"A" too. Though, my hunting instinct are very strong, does not matter land or water. I don't miss anychance when i saw a prey unless laws or ethics stops me. Few months ago i went to picnic and i wanted to take a little walk to see what is around. Suddenly two hares appeared 15-20 meter in front of me (too bad they don't show up when you have gun in the hand), i immediatelly crouch down and tried to stalk them from behind the little plantation (trees like things) not a surprise that they noticed me much much before so when i stand and jump to them they already ran away. Me, i ran crazily after them:head :duh rofl
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Nice one Murat rofl

You should refine your ambush technique and Aspetto.

Try some of the ACME products. They really worked for the Wile.e. Coyote.
Well one "O" here, just fresh out of water... got one Bass for dinner, which was delicious!! its not the blood type but the trigger finger!!

always wondered why those warner bross stuff gives the poor coyote a little brain or luck even some food instead of fancy tools which deny all of the laws of the physics:D :head
Wile E. Coyote

It's an American thing about love of the under-dog; in this case, the Coyote. :eek:
Wile E Coyote is the best cartoon character of all time.

The best moments was in the planning stages where his blueprints used to show a succesful capture of the roadrunner :D

This was one case where persistance did not pay off.

like peka, just finished eating the catch with some friends (those Trevally posted yesterday... ), mighty fine for someone with b+ !

Type "O" here. Also have been known to be provoked into chasing rabbits. Actually caught a sizeable one on campus recently, "agguato" style, using my coat. Hilarious but very tasty :D:D
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Oh well done, Bauer! A few years back I had a student get disciplined for catching a pigeon barehanded here on campus. I was outraged! That isn't punishable behavior, it's perfectly normal little boy! I counciled the lunch monitor and gave the little kid a good pigeon recipe. A+ here but it doesn't slow me down!
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Strange poll, but that being said I'm participating aren't I!

I'm A-, but I am trying to make up for the lack of genetic predisposition with practice. Now if I could just move a little closer to the ocean, I could get in more practice.
O+ as well. My mom has dozens of pictures of me from every camping trip as a child, holding snakes, lizards, fish, anything I could stalk and capture. Maybe there is something to this...
I'm O negative.

Does anyone know if any one blood type is better suited to freediving than others? Does one type of blood hold my hemoglobin or oxygen than others?

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