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Which kind of discipline do you like best?

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What kind of freediving do you enjoy most?

  • Static

    Votes: 10 8.0%
  • Constant Weight

    Votes: 57 45.6%
  • Variable Weight

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Dynamic with fins

    Votes: 3 2.4%
  • Dynamic without fins

    Votes: 9 7.2%
  • Free immersion

    Votes: 14 11.2%
  • No Limits

    Votes: 2 1.6%
  • Spearfishing

    Votes: 30 24.0%

  • Total voters


New Member
Sep 4, 2001
Which kind do you like best?

I'm curious about which kind of freediving you enjoy most. Currently it's too cold in the Netherlands to be in the open water. I'm stuck to the swimming pool, doing static and dynamic practice.

I like dynamic with fins, but really don't see the point of dynamic without fins, feels like I'm 'handicapped' in the water. For me constant weight is simply the best, how about you?
Hey jvoets, I agree that CW is the pure form of apnea. After all, that's what recreational diving is...constant weight. I enjoy pushing my static, and am trying to improve my dynamic; I can say that I enjoy static, but the dynamic is frustrating me.:rcard
Erik Y.
Well that's what the seals & dolphins do.
Maybe a good idea for a new category?
Although these animals are cheating, mother nature has build masks, fins & wetsuits into them :D

I was just thinking why I like dynamic with fins. For me it's a good way of testing what a safe limit is for constant weight.

If I can do 60 meters dynamic in a pool I know I shouldn't try to do 40 meters (times 2 = 80) constant weight. Out of air after 60 in the pool is only 2 meters up. Out of air after 40 down and 20 up doing constant weight is still a long way to go to the surface.
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au natural

just give me my mask and a speargun. Period.

Well to 70 degrees that is.;)


There is absolutely no comparison to the feeling when you are going to the deep blue and everythig is fine, you glide downwards so effortlessly and...well you guys know what I am talking about...just wanted to say it again..:p
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is that really an accurate way to measure how deep you can go?

when you do CW do you not set your weight so that you have the most effortless time on the way up and down in theory would you not only have to swim 1/2 of the time.
example.. a dive to 40m and you set yourself to be neutral at 30m. on the way down you have to swim down (against boyancy) for 30m and you can glide down for the next 10m on the way up you only have to swim up (against boyancy) for 10m meters and you can glide the rest of the way up.

so in theory if you can swim 40m you could do a dive to 40m

of course you also have to consider how safr you want to be....

oh well im out
Well, I like to be on the safe side of my estimates ;)

But you're right, going down beyond the point where you are neutral is pretty easy and won't be the same effort as swimming that same distance horizontally. On the other hand, going up against gravity is probably harder than swimming horizontally in the pool.

For me it's just something to keep me confident in what I'm doing and whereabouts my limits are. Makes a dive much more relaxing if you know you can safely swim a certain distance.
Dynamic vs. Constant Weight

For those interested, I developed a formula to convert dynamic apnea to constant weight:
DYNAMIC = (4/3)*CW + 22

i.e. 60m CW->
DYN = (4/3)*60 + 22 = 102m dynamic (this formula does not take into account that last TURN at 100m!)

This formula is not 100% accurate; it depends on how thick your wetsuit is, how much weight you wear, what kind of fins, and how easy you can equalize, psychology etc.., but for good conditions c.w. it holds pretty close for most people.

Please don't ask how I got it; it has a lot to do with physics/gravity/metabolic rate, as well as fitting data to experience....

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
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hey eric...

got one for doing dynamic apnea in a pool that's 5,300 feet above sea level? ;)
Hey Jvoets,

I have also been married to a pool myself due to time constraints of late. Unlike you, I have become facinated with no-fin dynamic apnea. My brother showed me a great stroke to keep momentum up and effort low. So far so good. Soon I am going to post a thread about what we are doing and asking what others have worked out for this type of swimming.

But to answer your first inquiry: constant ballast is too cool! Shallow does not do anything for me. I like the sensation of the dive reflex. No, like is not strong enough: I thoroughly enjoy and sometimes crave the feeling of peace and tranquility experienced during dives where I am in the zone...

Lemme get this right... there's a freakin formula to see how deep you can go??!

Are we that bored, out-of-it, or obsessed that this is at all important?! I might be able to rationalize this if we were going to do a major league PTC rescue of a sub or something where we needed to know every detail to the size of the stool you're developing, but c'mon! Where's the fudge factors for water temp, swell, surge, memories of the ex when she cared, and other non-controlled aspects of a dive?

Drag me over the urchins if you will, but it's all about constant ballast- where you go down wearing x pounds or kilos and come back weighing more in the form of dinner or with your soul added to by the experience.

There goes my Karma...:p
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i think you have that backwards, the ex was the one who was most affected by those factors, but her coldness only came when there was a lack of swell/surge/going down on your part. AND, you'd probably still be w/ her if there was such a thing as 'constant weight'! :D

Last edited:

Indeed Anderson, there was nooo lack of swelling and surge on my part. ;) And the going on down there was where I developed my love for apnea :t

By mentioning these topics that go through my addled noggin when I'm out there, I was figuring on some like-kind feedback, but, ouch.:(

Howz things in the snow?

oh my god!

freedivers actually have humor?! rofl

that's twice today i had co-workers ask me what was so damn funny! :D

here's some really old humor. it's from our first website, but it's still funny.

the snow's fine for skiing, but that's about it. just talked to mark today. he went out w/ jullie riffe and some friends in the gulf off louisiana. they got some serious freakin wahoo!

so when's my invite for the kelp adventures off santa barbara? don't think i'm not going to take you up on that!

LOL! Funny guys...both of you. anderson, your website is looking really good.
I guess we don't usually talk about the side effects of apnea that our wives enjoy....haha. maybe we could incorporate THAT into our training regime. I'm sure they wouldn't complain:t
I guess that's enough about that,
Erik Y.:naughty
I was being funny?:duh

Yeah, anyway... sure the SB thing's a definite go- I just have to see when I'm actually going to be down there, uh oh, more "down there" references...:t I've had to revert back to nail banging as the tech and manufacturing sectors of the economy have headed down the crapper, and am going there to help some very long time and dear friends with their remodel, tenatively to start next month.

I lived there for a time back in the early 80's and have been going back from time to time, now that the statute of limitations is up and most have forgotten and/or moved..:mute
Things have pretty much stayed the same, the cost of living there dictating that you either have a gardener or you are one. Now that I'm as fancy free as circumstances allow, I figure I can go back, help some friends and see what happens in the periphery. Besides, that Island of mine is just begging to put a hurt on some fish. I'll keep you posted. What is it that allows you to hop back and forth to Fl and then have time to get over here? Got a sister?;)

i've got the best job in the world! :D

denver is such a great hub to get around to all parts of the country. i've been banking my overtime at work which is on top of the 3 weeks of vacation we get a year plus 15 holidays, 3 of which are floaters. :cool: so, i'm pretty much spearfishing all over the damn country this year! plus, the last 2 plane tix i got were under $170(round trip), and..... (drum role please....) i don't have a girlfriend for once in my life! :D --- chorus: "haleleujah!"---

Cw feeling

i`m new to freediving and i`ve never done some cw, but it is my favourite!! i don`t know why, maybe because of the felling down there? i hope my expectations are not too high.....
greets Mat
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