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Few questions about Monofilament Rigging Line

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Its not a constant load that is the issue, its the shock loads. Since that accident Ive removed a lot of useless connectors that act like potential failure point.
And a 100cm is a decent gun even for wahoo or small tuna. Currently my main gun is a 95 rail gun for wahoos, as I love the versatility depending where you hunt. Just recently friend of mine shoot a 100kg+ tuna on a a 100 railgun with almost a success. 1h of fight too long and lack of boat took its tall ;)

Heck 2 weeks ago my 100mm fat shackle decided to say goodbye, the inner pin broke while gettng out in blue water that I used to connect float to me or to the gun. Talk about luck... If you go out plenty things are just bound to happen.
There can be variations in quality of hardware, some can look the part, but that is about all and it is made to sell at bargain prices. That is all you get, the look.
There can be variations in quality of hardware, some can look the part, but that is about all and it is made to sell at bargain prices. That is all you get, the look.
Definitely. There is a big difference between cheap barrel swivels and the expensive ball bearing swivels such as Sampo.
I have put 6 meters of new monofilamens (cressi) on my gun, so now I have 2 "rounds" to the trigger, and third one circle too, but with rope from the reel on the trigger... is that some kind of problem?
I have put 6 meters of new monofilamens (cressi) on my gun, so now I have 2 "rounds" to the trigger, and third one circle too, but with rope from the reel on the trigger... is that some kind of problem?
As a rule of thumb most band guns can shoot two wraps of line, 2.5 if the line anchors on the rear shaft tab. Then you have a length of line to the reel which technically is not the shooting line. The shooting line is the line lengths freed as the shaft deploys from the front of the gun. If the gun has no reel then the line anchors on the gun at the muzzle.
line rigging.jpg
I think you mentioned buying this gun in a shop. Assuming they know what they are doing, wouldn't it be easier to just take the gun back to the shop for help in rigging it properly?
guys, thank you so much for your help!

here are some pictures I snapped a while ago to show you: (nine pictures attached)

i bought two 6m nylon lead/monofilament - but that's too much for my rifle, it would be "overkill" to wind on the trigger release finger - or whatever it's called

many thanks also to bill who helped me with this great double slip knot from rob allen (and swiwel idea-option), it's on the other side of the swivel, you can see on the pictures... I like this pre-tie now without "tight/hard" knots much better than the way I bought the rifle in the store, with knots that could only be loosened by cutting them with a knife :) that's not it, this is a much better option, and safer ;)

as you can see, I don't have a bungee, because I have a reel, an ordinary thin string is wound (that's what they made for me at the store), some approx. about 30 meters, nylon, thickness approx. about 1.4 mm, at least I think...

and for the last question bill, I live in the that country, and I'm such a person that I like to do everything myself, it saves me time, especially money, and I'll be proud of myself, if anyone can do a setup on a rifle, then I'll do it, to "get involved" and learn to do everything myself...

and I do it much better and better that way ;) this forum is very helpful for me!
I may be good for Rob Allen slip knots but this technical stuff is a challenge. All I can see is the first photo. What do I have to do to see the others?
Click on the imgur link

Or just swipe right if you are on cell phone/on desktop computer just click the right arrow, there are 9 pics attach.
A good reference book is this one. I was already an experienced spearfisherman when I bought it, but it has many photos and explains the terminology, something few bother to do.
spearfishinmg how to book Allen Patrick R.jpg
An early vertical pin line release is this one, in fact here there are two, one is hidden from view being on the other side of the spear.
Prodanovich rabbit ear line release.jpg

Prodanovich twin line releases.jpg
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There is nothing really wrong with using the swivel, but the purpose of the Rob Allen slip knot is replace it. Notice that in Rob Allen's test video, he uses the slip knot to tie directly to the loop in the end of the shooting line. It makes for a cleaner connection with one less connection to fail.
guys, thank you very much for all your help, especially you bill ;)

if I can mess around with the rubber band for the underwater gun

a little more I've been studying for some time and reading, as we concluded before, I may have too big a gun for the shallows up to 2 meters along the coast where I go spearfishing... factory mounts are some kind of Pathos' progressive rubber bands

googled the differences between reactive and progressive rubbers and now it turns out that I have rubbers for much greater depths, much larger fish, for the hunting technique opposed to surface diving and shallower seas (so, I may have "wrong" rubber bands?)...

pathos has TNT rubbers that are progressive, and NITRO which are reactive, I am thinking of getting 2x66cm reactive NITRO, will that be too strong for my gun and inaccurate with a lot of unwanted recoil?

or will it be a good and smart upgrade? and as far as I read on the internet, all experienced anglers sooner or later decide to replace their 16 mm elastics with 14 mm elastics, that the smaller diameter shoots the shaft faster and better than the larger one 16mm's? who would have thought - isn't that oposite logic?

and now after all, I was researching stretch factors late yesterday night, so you multiply/divide 'blablablastuff'... by 2 x the optimal 300% stretch and I always get approx. the result is that I need circular elastics, each 66 cm, am I right?

for someone who is reading for the first time, it is a pathos laser open pro 100 cm + 6.75 mm shaft 130 cm with three shark fins and a feather down from sandvik + 2x16 mm natural latex black circulars that came from the factory originally with a gun

so - smaller roller gun with reactive rubber bands - smaller fish + shallow water? (surface spear fishing)
and - bigger gun with progressive rubber bands - bigger fish + deeper water? (diving in depth spear fishing)
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