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gun comparison?

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New Member
Mar 20, 2002
Im looking to get a new gun around 55 inches. I do have a budget so im looking to spend up to about 400$ max. ive been researching wong hybrid guns and RA guns. Anyone have any opinions or input on which is a better pic?

hapa- for 400 bones, I'd look at a wong, as you're over there in the islands to begin with. Then too, I'd give real serious thought to picking up a Riffe No Ka Oi or a Competitor 3xs.
I've got a 60" overall JBL Mag I'd part with and Anderson sounds like he's going to a Euro gun :girlie and my be off-ing his 3x. Give us a ring.

yakooji 55" hybrid. one awesome piece of craftsmanship right w/in your budget.


the yokooji is a bit more than id like to spend (about $450), $400 was kinda stretching it when i said it was my budget. im not too into jbls anymore but thanks for the offer. mebe a riffe, i dunno yet. has anyone had any trouble with the wong hybrid shaft fins hitting the mussle when shot? I was thinking a riffe but then i realized that the Wong midhandle open track guns are cheaper. Anyone try those? im still in complete controversy
big bucks = big fun

When you go to drop the ducats on the counter for your rig, rationalize it by knowing that snapper is $8.99/lb, mahi is over $8, and I don't even want to know what an ului does for... better gear costs, but the fun factor evens it out in the long run. Hang for another month or so.

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I got to thinking...

yeah, anyway,

Hapa, take a gander over at ebay for gun deals. It's the wrong time of the year for a lot of people tax-wise, and I've seen some riffe's up on the boards. Now that the white sea bass are back in around So Cal, people are getting rid of their kids instead of their lumber, but you can luck out. 400 bones and wanting a sweet rig aren't going to see eye to eye too often; I just offed a Metal Tech 1 with a reel for $560 and the guy thinks I'm Jesus, he's so happy.

You want a thrill, go price out a Alexander or a Kitto.


Check out Rob Allen guns at Florida Freedivers on the web, the guns there run about $150.00:) Send a follow up if you have trouble locating them and I will get you better contact info.
Re: Euro Guns

Originally posted by sturgeon

That's not to say those guns aren't good guns, they're just not used by National level competitors.

Just by really, really good divers...:wave

I've got a buddy looking for a 4, what do you want for it?

girlie Euro guns

Hey guys just picked up my new JBL Gulf Magnum XHD this afternoon. A really BIG gun for really BIG gulf fish. It has a 30' + range and comes equiped with a 4" breakaway bulletnoise tip. If you dont see any fish you can always use it to bash a PETA person in the skull at the boat launch.

Closer mo betta

30' in the parking lot. You try and pop something 20' U/W with that gun and stick it, go to church and say thanks.

hey, thanks a lot for all the info and suggestions. I really am more towards the wong gun but riffe sounds good too. btw, anyone got a used riffe like 3Xs or a No ka oi or anything around 55 inch?

if you do drop me an email or post it. either way :)

Originally posted by cjndiver
If you dont see any fish you can always use it to bash a PETA person in the skull at the boat launch.

That's the spirit! :D

Is that me or all Louisiana people i meet are gung ho...and that's a compliment.

I thought PETA stood for:
People Eating Tasty Animals:p rofl
And as for the girlie euro guns, dead is dead. You stone him w/ a 6.5mm shaft and a single band or a telephone pole and multiple bands the results the same.:blackeye

Originally posted by Jay Styron
You stone him w/ a 6.5mm shaft and a single band or a telephone pole and multiple bands the results the same

What about a 12 gauge charge at the point of your shaft, THAT will do damage!!!!:duh
Frankly .....

... I've tried lumber - and I liked it. BUT, taking one of those on a 60m trip's not my idea of getting fresh sandwiches .... I'd rather be trailing a euro gun, which (without the spear) would float .... The Riffe I had wouldn't float in the dead sea with a pound of styro tied to it's butt ...

I shoot RA's mostly - I just dig it. It's like shooting a closed track hand made hybrid ... and cheap compared to other guns. If you want to import directly from them, contact me and I'll put you in contact with them. Might work out a little cheaper - might not.

And if, for whatever reason, you don't appreciate it, I'd be willing to relieve you of it - for a small fee of course :D
euro guns

Yea, but chicks dig big long shafts..........

they kinda like the big spearguns too. hehe.

OK- first, 12ga.... com' on anything less than 10ga. is a waste of time. Besides you hit'em just right all you gotta do is open your goodie bag and let the fillets just float in.:eek:
Second- 5.5in- I think we'll have to start another thread for that one, anyway on my map it says 1in=1mi--coolrofl
Lastly, I might take you up on that this summer SASpearo, I've been thinking about getting one of the RA's. I'll contact you when the time is right. It's either that or another :girlie girlie euro gun.
Later folks.
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