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gun comparison?

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It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.

i've got the daryl wong 60" enclosed track. it rarely sees water shallower than 300'. great gun, but not something you want to lug over the reef. my two main guns are the omer master 116cm and the 60" wong. 90% of the time, i've got the omer in my hand.

the yokooji, i believe, has the open muzzle as opposed to most euro guns. check out the wendell ko gun if you want a similar setup/awesome gun/ but less than half the price.

don't mean to be contradictory on my suggestions, but it sounds like you still need to do some more research on just the "type" of gun you're looking for. the yokooji and the encl. trk wong are definitely apples and oranges in regards to comparison.

if you need some emails of people who have these guns, or other guns for that matter, please email me.

good luck,
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definitely two different guns. The yokooji is more of a general purpose type gun and will handle anything that most people here will fire at, even us super dooper competitive level types...

The wong enclosed track is for pure, open water, big type, strong and dangerous fish, ie, marlin and billfish that'll turn on you if you or take you and your floats for a swim if you don't kill em with the shot. You have a sword coming at you, you hope like a mutha that you can nail it.

My enclosed track Kitta has been fired 7-8 times versus my 70 and 50-something inch Riffe's and rock guns. Different guns for different fish, but you can do a lot worse than a Yokooji. Take a look at Hana Pa'a's site for the titanium pipe gun they have. Sweet rig for not so many coconuts.

oohh, I didn’t mean a 60 inch enclosed track. I meant the smaller 50 or 55 inch that a lot of divers I’ve seen use for kelp and out side the reef. I have seen a few Wong guns around on party boats and stuff but I’ve only heard and checked out the yokooji's on the Internet. I have checked a few forums about what they think and it seems that most aim toward the hybrid and preferably the yokooji.
People tend to use the enclosed tracked guns to shoot bigger game blue water. The reason for this is that the enclosed track allows you to load your gun up with power and not have to worry about you shaft wipping.

like I said before it all depends on what your going to use your gun for.

the hybrid is a better allround gun

you also have to take into consideration that the enclosed track has added noise when you fire the gun because of the shaft rubbing against the wood or derlin track. dont want to spook the fish.
although it may shoot faster since you can load it up with bands.

if your going for reef fish (uhu, kumu, ulua, etc) more often than bluewater I would get the hybrid instead of the enclosed track. since all you need is 2 bands for reef fish. any more than that would be a waste.

happy hunting
Originally posted by kumuhunta
People tend to use the enclosed tracked guns to shoot bigger game blue water. The reason for this is that the enclosed track allows you to load your gun up with power and not have to worry about you shaft wipping.

That's also the reason for using a RA.

shaft speak

you got a noise from your shaft in a delrin track, you got a bent shaft, a too small shaft or a tweaked gun.


i've got 4 nasty bands on my wong, and when it goes off, everything within a mile radius knows it.

(have fun with that one! rofl )

an exercise in metaphors re; your wong

It's not about how many many bands you can fit on your wong, it's where you put it when it goes off.

See, down and over here, most us put our wongs in the cracks and holes around the bottom for our game. Some prefer the holes with lots of vegatation and growth around them, thinking that the older more mature game live in there. I on the other hand go for the holes and cracks barren on cover, as I know that these hold the better prey and have to struggle less with the pesky growth getting in the way of my shaft and face while I look and see what's going on in there.

The real secret is to rig your shafts so they slid noislessly along the track as the prey won't see or hear it coming. One minute they're are warm and cozy, the next you've got 'em on their sides, impaled and thrashing. Use only enough bands to achieve adequate penetration as when the prey starts thrashing about, they will most often drive your shaft deeper into them ans they struggle along the walls of the crack, effectively doing your job for you; and isn't that what it's all about?

I've found that most of the problem stemming from being over loaded with rubber is that you have spent too much time dwelling about it and not enough time actually practicing, so when your super dooper unit goes off, it's usually done too quickly and with much noise and fanfare. Trouble is that the whole thing is over and done with and you're left kinda holding your barrel while the prey goes off never to be seen again and with barley a scratch to show for your efforts.

So in summation, reduce your rubbers, keep your shafts and barrels clean, lubed and smooth, go for the cracks and holes that haven't been around long enough to edvelop the growth aound their openings and fire your shaft with care and style.

IMHO :king

a day in the life of sven..

"sven, take your ring off, it's hurting me!"

"ring?! sorry dear, that's my watch!"

spearo bumper stickers:

you don't have to act macho when you've got a big wong

confuscious says: woman who 'a go spearfishing with several men come 'a back with 'a red snappah.

As mentioned by Anderson, I happen to own Wendell Ko's gun and a Yokooji hybrid. Wendell's gun is very accurate and very easy to track with. Well worth the $250 spent. My hybrid is a 50" mid handle. I prefer the Yokooji because the Alexander trigger is smoother than the Undersea. It is also dead accurate. I picked the Yokooji over the Wong for a few reasons.

1) The titanium pipe tends to bend/warp on the Wong because it sits only a few inches into the wood butt. The Yokooji goes almost to the end.

2) Aim Rite has their own triggers housed in Delrin. It needs to be worked on every so often. I prefer the Alexander triggers.

3) The shaft sat smoother on the rail than the Wong.

But a big plus for the Wong is that it comes with lifetime warranty.

my 2 cents
Wendell & Yokooji


I don't want 2 be a bother but how do I concact these manufacturers. Been surfing but never hook to these brands.
Any links to their www or photos perhaps which u might attach, or anyone kind enough out there at the forum.

OOOPS Wendel Ko gun....

sorry guys....
I have seen the Wendel Ko guns. In fact Anderson have paste a link to it in this thread page 2. Me don't like guns looking like that reminds me of something I used to use.......

Got it .........

Thanks Chief Anderson,

Will drop him a line and will tell him that Chief send me there.....

After hearing about the 10 incher, "Thief" might be more appropriate?
Erik Y.

4 bands??? You guys scare me! Here's a nice fish (275 lb bluefin) taken with only 1 band. An Italian diver shot it, not me.

It doesn't matter if a shaft only had air to travel on, the speargun would still be loud. The shock wave created from the release of the rubbers can not be controlled. Hasn't anybody ever heard a band break under water? It sounds like a powerhead going off. Same sort of thing happens when a shaft is released from a fired gun. The more bands, the more shock wave created.

Scott Turgeon
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Icarus P,
Well 'Chief" is sure more polite than "thief"............. ha ha ha.


Well, 1 or 4 bands it depends on opportunity. U can load 5 bands if the fish doesn't show up , what r u going to shoot ?

I am sure the RA & Omer u r using is deadly enough with one band, that is hell of a gun shooting a deadly thin & fast 6.5mm-7mm shaft. I really want to learn more cause I think Euro guns are fast to load and damn sweet to swing. Dead is dead, 8mm & 6.5m is not a great difference.