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How do you pass the Winter?

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The difference between spearing on scuba as opposed to freediving is like the difference between angling from a dock as opposed to angling from a boat. If you're against one, you have to be against the other. The anglers don't think spearos are "fair hunters" because they don't use their method of harvest. The freediving spearos think that scuba spearing should be outlawed, and meanwhile Rig is paying taxes that make sure that there are lots of fish for the commercial guys!! I realize that my statements are generalizations, and that not all of you think this way, but honestly! We all have differences of opinion! In my area you can't hunt deer with a rifle, only bow... I realize that this gives the deer more of a chance, but what about the deer that I see in the bush with an arrow sticking out of their hind quarter? Limping around for the rest of their lives? I'm not against bow hunting either, but the bowhunters think that it's great that you can't use firearms to hunt deer, when meanwhile the Disney fans are trying to ban bowhunting! :head

In my opinion (since we're all expressing our opinions!) I'm for living in a free country. Let's protect what needs to be protected, and allow what should be allowed. I have more difficulty with "catch and release" than with spearfishing. It's already been pointed out that alot of fish die after beeing stressed and injured by a hook. I remember fishing in the spring for catfish and panfish and accidently catching bass. Of course I'd let them go because they were out of season, but some of them were in really bad shape! All anglers have seen this for sure.

Let's all really think about what we advocate. I don't want to hunt dolphins, seals or whales, but I don't hate people who do. I don't hunt, angle, spearfish on scuba or free, but I'm not campaining to have them stopped! It's okay to have a preference, but try to see the bigger picture and don't try to impose your preference on others. If you don't mind eating fish, than you shouldn't be against any responsible, legal methods of harvesting fish. If you'll eat a Big Mac and wear a leather coat, then don't tell me that I can't hunt.

OK I'm done ranting!:D

Cheers all!
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The pelt should have not been mentioned in the reasoning for shooting a wolf.
I'm an avid hunter...ducks, deer, turkey...etc but I could not bring myself to down a bear/lynx/wolf...
Coyotes are an exception and should have their asses handed to them at will.

If its in the rules and regs that the DNR sets up I cannot argue though...only disagree, maby its just my hippie side...lol..ok no I don't like hippies either.

The trapping statement is very true and a bullet is much better than a gangrenous leg wound.
back to the original question...what do I do to pass the winter...

I personally like to bicker with people over the internet and release my pent up frustrations due to cold front after cold front keeping my dry...I am thinking about wearing my mask and snorkel in the tub tonight...:head

To those who caught the bitter end of my rantings...try to understand:D
.....mmmmm, rabbit and pancakes, now thats a good breakfast! As us rednecks like to say, "honey get my gun, hold my beer and watch this..."
After reading about some of the monsters they spear off the coast of Louisana at the oil rigs, like hundred plus pounds Aberjack, Sharks, Groupers, Baracuda at depths of a 100' to 200' feet. Sounds pretty gutsy to me!!! To be able to spear a fish that large and then get towed around through the murk for a while before you fish gives out, unless you use a power head or get a kill shot that keels over your prey. Would that even be possibly without scuba? Sounds like a good way to loose a spear without backup air. (Refer to book "Hell Diver Rodeo")
we do fairly well freediving but I use a breakaway with floats when hunting bigger fish and a reel when hunting shallow. The biggest problem comes from a big fish wrapping up 150' down...time to strap on a tank! I definately believe both have a time and place here.
Hey rig,

Know what you mean about getting antsy in winter. Got a solultion for you. Decide to buy a new set of hi tech fins and do an indepth analysis of exactly what you want. By the time you have analysed matrix, waterway, specialfins, C4s, bats, etc, read a encyclopedia's worth of posts on deeperblue, corresponded with a dozen reps and three dozen divers, ordered a pair, waited with terrible impatience for their arrival from the other side of the world. No problem, it will be diving season.

Have a great day

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What to do in winter?
Even though here we can just buy a thicker wetsuit; So Cal spearos still lament the winter departure of alot of the gamefish. I heard one guy put it this way: "I run around my backyard, polespear in hand, sucking on a PowerLung, looking for a gopher to pop up!"

I often suffer from contempt prior to investigation. So one day after seeing it and dismissing it many times, I sat down in a book store and read the first few chapters of "The Hell Divers Rodeo." Reading about the pioneers of that region braving the great depths to bring up previously unknown monster groupers was an eye opener! These guys took to donning football helmuts and shoulder pads to save their skulls & hides as the goliath game fish dragged them pinball-style through encrusted pileons of the rigs!:blackeye Scuba or not, my hat's off to them.
Originally posted by Roan

...So Cal spearos still lament the winter departure of alot of the gamefish. I heard one guy put it this way: "I run around my backyard, polespear in hand, sucking on a PowerLung, looking for a gopher to pop up!"

Good visual, Roan!

---The other favorite pastime of local freedivers....call a buddy who is recovering from :blackeye sinus surgery, (or other temporary dive-restricting activity) :crutch
and tell him you've just shot a WSB in 30 feet w/ conditions of 70 foot viz.:waterwork
....I've witnessed the effects of this. It isn't pretty...until the poor spearo caught on!
I have stopped using the power lung when pole spearing gophers,I now use scuba.......and then skin the little buggers and sell the pelts. Of course, all proceeds are donated to science.:d , sorry coudnt resist
'Though winters aren't fun, this one is different. Last week a pretty teenager, who lives in Paris, called me to say that she was in town and asked if I wanted to dive. We drove down to Honaunau today and joined Annabel, Matt and a few others in cloudy (20 meter viz) and ice cold (24C) conditions. The Brisenos made a long deep dive each and our newest diver added 4 meters to his PB but they left it up to me to make sure that the bottom depth hadn't changed. Son of a gun, second time in the ocean this year and the depth was my age to the tenth of a meter.
Maybe I'll change my opinion of winter.
GRRRRR..... The water in Humber Bay is up to 34F now Bill, and we've been having vis in the 10 foot range, come on over for a dive! After all you've been putting up with, you'll love it here!

A couple weeks ago I dove in some beautiful (to me ;) ) conditions in Flordia, 68F and 40 feet vis... I can see why everyone stops diving in the winter in Hawaii! If only you all had the conditions we have here in Toronto! Jurgen and I cancelled our dive this morning because it was -17C/0F with a 15 kt North wind. :cool:


PS. Great dive Bill! So you hit 38 9/10 meters?? :D
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".........the conditions we have here in Toronto! Jurgen and I cancelled our dive this morning because it was -17C/0F with a 15 kt North......."

Now I remember why we left Toronto. Been moving south and west since '65.
well our winter hasnt been good for an early start. water should be about 30 to 32. but i know the vis is the best os the year. to bad all the fish took off for warmer temps
Winter Diversions

Hey all, nice to see everyone again:)

My winter diversions are school, riding motorcycles, and my newest project, restoring a motorcycle. It's been way too long since I've been diving, but maybe this summer....

Nice thread by the way, Will. I'd drop you some karma, but it must be spread around first.
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