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Working Class Spearo
Mar 17, 2002
So, doing some spring cleaning and trying to make a list of kit I want to procure this summer...

I carry I knife when I'm hunting, usually a big machete "Mares Tris" on my calf. I also started using an Ice Pick in a small sheath on my belt. this is perfect for finnishing the job.

But I hate the big-ass pig sticker i have and am looking for a new toy, any Idea's? Looking at something I can mount on my belt or forarm. What are you guys using?

I found this knife "ikijimi" from the net. Suppose to stick it above the fish' eye to put it away.
Heya Willer,

I found that knife of yours online. Why didn't you get the big one? Good grief man :D!!!

I also started carrying an ice pick. No knife in the world could be as efficient at finishing the deed as pushing a pick backward through the eye.

My knife:
I own an UK Titanium drop point. It came with a lawyer's edge, but after I ran it across an Arkansas stone for an hour or so, it is now able to take the hair off my arm. The titanium is very light, holds an edge well, and the handle/grip rocks. It would be a little bulky to wear on your arm, or to fit in a neoprene sheath (like Terry Maas does). However, the plastic sheath is pretty nice; locking the blade into place. It also has a mounting slot that is wide enough to fit on your belt. The bands that came with the sheath are too short to wear the knife anywhere but on the lower leg. Since I like to wear my knife on my thigh, I bought a couple Mares straps from the DB store.

I always thought the stilleto-type knives looked like a good design. Picasso and Sporasub both make em.

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Hay hook

On the big heavy ones that like to sit on the bottom here I use a combo of a polespear and a modified hay hook. I took a hay hook for bucking hay and over bent the hook. After I have hit the fish with a paralyzer tip I thread the hay hook through the jaw of the fish and swim it to the surface. At the suface on my modified body board float I have a filet knife(huge). With the fish secured to the float I gut it the in the water(no real shark threat in these waters). I usually spread the guts about the rocky bottom and will return after an hour for the crabs that come to eat the gut.

For saftey from fishing line and various crud I carry a ceramic knife that is ultra compact. I have an other hay hool homemade of stainless that has a v bend with a barb that is great for threading through the eye socket too. The advantage of the hook form is that it is really hard to poke yourself with it.
Skeleton knife

I saw one of these no - name 'skeleton knives' in an online store. It is stainless steel and has no plastic handle. The handle has 4 or 5 big holes drilled through it. It looks just like a throwing knife. It has a hard black plastic sheath with a springloaded clip which clips into the first hole in the handle to keep it in place

Anyone know what site might sell it ? I cant remember where it was. i must get another one.

UNIRDNA: Do you have any sources for IcePicks? I just shopped around to buy one - guess my old one grew legs. can't find anyone that sells one!

Have a new idea, will post picts as soon as it's finnished. New toys....

Pirate scuba has the Sporasub Murena on sale. I bought
one and it looks just like the Riffe Kniffe (I've only seen the
Riffe online). The Meruna is nice, but the sheath is not too
great since the knife is held in with a rubber loop over
the handle. However, for $20 it's prtetty darned good.



  • sporamurena.jpg
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You keep capitalizing 'IcePick'. So I just want to clarify that you aren't talking about some specific piece of name-brand gear (in which case, I would have no idea what you are talking about).

I just have a hardware store special. Nothing fancy. I did however opt for one with a wooden handle. Two reasons: 1. It floats 2. I can sand down two sides of the handle so it can fit flush to a surface (as opposed to a round handle). I'm just using a bungie attached to my float to haul it around for now, but soon plan to mount a neoprene sheath to my wetsuit to hold it - I just have to make sure I pick a spot that never flexes because [needless to say], it would be a very bad thing If I ever contorted my body in such a fashion that would send the tip inward. The thigh or calf is probably the safest, most convenient location.

I almost bought this one instead. It comes with a sheath. Although the website states that it is designed to mount to the side of a tackle box, I'll bet a guy with half an imagination could figure a way to get it on a belt.


I'll post photos of my setup when I finish it.

I have a picasso Tiagre... when you get it it has a rather wicked point for stabbing ect... but I must admit the blade is rather blunt... Havent had it long enough to see if it will hold an edge yet, but will get back to this post when I know. Nice weight... perhaps a little small lengthwise in the handle as when you have a glove on it is a little fiddly.

Cheers Rob
Skindiver: Here in Oz the "skeleton knife" goes by the name of "economy knife" 'cause it only costs $25 aussie pesos.

I have one, Nice edge, good point, rusts real quick. But after a coat of surfing wax its faring a lot better.

I coat all my knifes in surf wax, especially the part where the blade meets the handle. Best method so far to stop the rusting...
Mate try silicon spray, works wonders by putting a thin coat of silicon on the blade.

Doggy - I've got the Tigre as well mate, and I've never been able to get it sharp. I also find the dagger bit can be a little too short, so I think I'm gunna relegate it as an ab knife, and then get a cheap and nasty like Sash for spearing.
Hi Skin

I got my "skeleton" from kings sports here in durbs, R100. Realy good knife and i wont cry too much if neptune claims it.

BTW, I must still get going on that freediving clinic. been snowed under here with my thesis. good luck for the nationals.


Skeleton knife

Hi Griff

I felt the same way about mine as you, till i sharpened it. It fillets fish beautifully now.That steel is a as hard as hell never goes blunt, rusts unless you coat it with Q20 or silicone etc and i'd armwrestle neptune for it...

I must get another one incase i lose it.

Originally posted by loopy
Mate try silicon spray, works wonders

Hey loopy is that slicon spray works for mask/snorkel, longblade fins, speargun/bands, and other stuff as well. How you use it? After the dive? First you wash the gear then apply slicon spray? Our dive shops don`t sell slicon spray for diving gear is it ok if i get one from hardware shop?

Yeah, the silicon spray we use isn't from a dive shop, it's from a hardware. I think it's used in electronics? It's jsut a spray can, like fly spray or something, and you coat your knives with it before you go in the water, then again once they're clean and very dry. It should extend the life of anything metallic tenfold, it's great stuff :)
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silicon and masks

your mask skirting is made of silicon and it is the residue of said material that you try to remove when you first use a new mask. You know that silicon residue makes your mask fog endlessly no matter how much spit or defogger you use. I use the standard white tooth paste not gel to clean my masks as for the of your metal hardware go for it. If you want something a little more environmentaly friendly look into finding a zinc tab that attaches to your hose like the type that is used when washing down boats.
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Does anyone have one of these? I've always used the sporasub snake, but have found this to be pretty good since I can wear it on my upper arm(handle pointing down) which makes it quite accessible. It's made by Cold Steel.
Here's the top view. I picked it up because of the thickness of the blade.
Re: silicon and masks

Originally posted by gitano
. I use the standard white tooth paste not gel to clean my masks as for the of your metal hardware go for it. If you want

I also use gel toothpaste or detergent for antifoging. I read that if you coat your shaft and rail with slicon spray it will dramatically increase shaft speed. Just want to share with you, i didn`t try it yet.
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