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New Rabitech Apex Spearguns

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Not exactly sure what you are referring to, but it comes with a single removable 20mm band. As with any railgun, you have the option of two 16mm bands, but one of them must be built onto the gun itself. This is one of great qualities of SA railguns. You can tie the bands yourself and therefore customize the exact length that is best for you. It gets rid of the screw-in bands. The barrel thickness is I believe 3mm on the new carbon guns. Hope that helps.

Rat, are you from the workshop? My name is Blake.
Re: Bands

Originally posted by Rat Cunning
The guns can come standard with single or dubble 20ml rubber.

That why i thought they load it with double 20mm.


You are right. Its not a wise to overload the euro gun and take off its all advantages. But its about feeling safer with stronger mech, even if you only load it with double 16mm.;)

BTW i have a question who those have OMER Alluminium. If i won't able to sold it till next summer and get Totem, I am thinking about modify it for AJ hunting. I want add one top energy 16mm band on it with 7mm shaft. Can it handle this?
why not? Omer always state how dependable their mechanisms are... I think you should try.... or get a set of 16s instead of 18... to be on the safe side...

Murat, we tested the Omer Aluminium with one pair of 18mm bands plus one 18mm circular band. Works fine, but I think you will need to stick a track on the barrel to keep the precision level of the original Aluminium gun.

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Yeah may be its time for track. But i will wait till next summer to wait and see if i can sell the gun.


I already have pair of 18 on it. I am thinking about second (circular) band. Till the next summer my new 18mm band will be weakened a bit so it will be much like double 16. But i will hope to sell it... Upgrade is second option...;)
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More Apex Info

1) On the colour of the grip, which is orange, some people don't like this, RabiTech have moulded black inserts that can replace the orange (available on request)

2) The line release ... will remain orange. However, a stainless steel line release is available as an optional extra.

3) On the longer guns, 1.4m upwards, only when using 2 x 16mm rubbers, do they suggest using 7.5mm shafts. The reason being that "spear-whip" becomes evident on the 7mm diam spears. The result is a loss of accuracy. The reason 2 x 16mm rubbers are used on longer guns is not neccesserily to increase power, but to facilitate ease of loading. The increase in power with double bands is marginal, but the loading becomes considerably easier.
is it safe to assume that they still use the Rob Allen muzzle? And can you use a Rob Allen spear in the new handle? I know know that was a problem with the previous handle/ trigger mech.

Hope someone can answer these questions, 'cause I just orderd one, and it would be nice if I could use some of the same component from my RA.



I have similar concerns too.;)

My questions;

1. Do they sell threaded spears for slip-tips?
2. Has anyone rigged it with a reel?

Regardless, as a buddy of mine would say; "It's not the arrow, but the indian".

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Rolando, let's put on some cylinders and go kill fish in 15 ft of water. What do you say?

Geez, f*&^%ng pathetic. Be right back, gonna go throw up again.
Rolando, just like with the RA's, you can easily put an OMER pelagic reel on it. I think.
The OMER pelagic reel will work. Rabitech is marketing their own reel in the near future. The RA parts should be interchangable. Not sure where the problem came about on the spears. All seers are the same on those guns, so any arbolete spear should fit. The spears they come with are very good quality. I doubted this and bent my Riffe shaft on the first fish I shot. I have shot a 100 with the stock spear and no problems. Antonio, what sizes did you get? You will like them. Let me know any rigging questions you might have and I will get answers for you as soon as possible.
In the old stealth's they used the Sporasub viper handle. This didn't allow for the use of the RA spears. The opening was to tight. I still used a RA spear, but had to grind the end a little thinner. But I guess I'll find out soon enough when the gun gets here.


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That makes sense b/c basically Rabitech is just some stud divers making their own stuff that decided to start selling it. Early on, I am sure they used a mish-mash of parts, but not anymore. Actually, it is cool to hear them talk about the lessons they have learned during the process of perfecting the products.


We ordered a few 120s, a couple 130s and a 140 I believe. Plus a few accesories. All Carbon Apexs. I ordered the 120 with one 20mm bands and an additional two 16mm.
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Rabi-Tech Apex Feedback

Herewith, answers to your assorted questions:

1 >>> The muzzle is slightly modified from Rob Allen Muzzles, but the diameter of the barrells is such that the components for these guns are interchangable. The modification is subtle, in that it enables you to put in slightly larger rubbers, and eases the work you have to do to load new rubbers by making the holes slightly larger.

2 >>> Yes, the trigger mechanism will enable you to use Rob Allen Spears. In fact, some of the other European spears.

3 >>> Yes, Rabi Tech reels are available for this gun, and the gun is standerdised so you can use other reels too. A breakaway system is also available if required.

4 >>> Differences between the Stealth and the Apex. Here are the major differences between the two guns:

a.)Apex: Body and cassette made from glass-filled Nylon (very strong same material as RA grips), whereas Stealth is from composite 50% polycarbonate + 50%ABS (not as strong as gf nylon, but still stronger than 100% ABS plastic)
b.)Apex: All metal components made from Solid Stainless Steel. Stealth: bended or formed s/steel components (ie. not solid s/s therefore not as strong as the Apex.
c.) The line release works in a slightly different way, in the case of the Apex from a cam system from the sear and not from a cam locating on the spear as in the case of the stealth. This is minor and not material, but is a difference.
d.) Apex: Moulded in loading butt. Stealth: removable loading butt which is held in position with a s/steel pin. Result, not as streamlined, or as strong and durable.
e.) Apex: Carbon Barrel: Wall thickness is 2mm, Stealth wall thickness: 1.5mm

These are the main differences. The major advantage of the Apex will be on the longer guns for blue water hunting (pelagics) Consider the following: Loading up with 2 x 16mm rubbers usually causes barrel "flex" on the Aliminuims and Stealth Carbons. This has been eliminated with the 2mm wall thickness on the Apex. The thickness prevents barrel "flex." This carbon is strong, very strong.

5 >>> Sizes: The Apex comes in 10cm increments from 90cm throught to 140cm. However, these guns have been selling like hotcakes, so stock is running low in some of the length ranges.
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Rat, Rolando, or Rabideath

Where are you guys getting the new Apex's from? I might be interested in a 130cm. What's the price?

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