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New Rabitech Apex Spearguns

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Re: nice snappa'

Originally posted by truehunter
Its da indian not da arrow my friend.

As maybe but look at those spear holes, it may be me but thats good shooting with an accurate gun :king
Awsome :)
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You have read me all wrong, my friend. First, I have never competed in a formal tournament. Second, I will not compete at State or Nationals this year. Thirdly, I am not sponsored by anyone particular Rabitech. And Lastly, the trip to Hawaii is to accompany a friend, who will compete, not for my own personal gain at achieving notoriety.

I spearfish (freedive-only) because of the challenge. I don't really believe in formal tourneys, although I'll never rule out competing someday. At the end of the day, I'm a novice at best.

I extended an olive branch and you greeted me with an iron fist. Classy.

Take Care,
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Sorry I upset you my boy, but at my age you become cynical and although you embrace new things that work you learn to be skeptical of every new crap that comes out. You may question my class but if you saw the way I raised my children and the lessons we learned the hard ways motorcycle racing and spearfishing, breaking the new shit on the block pumped up to everyone by studs like you, you would understand that this bra was entitled to his rightful opinion. I like to read this forum because there are lot's of new ideas and I enjoy retaining my unanimousness to avoid judgement cast upon by others for telling you exactly the way I feel about equipment without any politically correct icing on the bull. I could care less whether you invite me to your birthday party or not. I enjoy my life now and spearfish several days a week.

Those guns are all starting to look the same to me, either close copies of Omer's or Beuchat's and there's only so much improvement that can be made in that sector. There's no night and day comparison, the qualities of a good euro gun are what differentiate them from the wooden and bluewater gun class gun like a Riffe, two separate schools where the head of the class are still far ahead of the ones who started doing their homework first, the rest play catchup most of the time and copy the other's papers...

truehunter, it sounds like you're really enjoying the "rugged individualism" you've earned in your middle or old age!

I know how "good" it can feel to fire off a cantankerous post; it helps to remind myself that their are real people behind these monikers, avatars and opinions of cyberspace. It sounds to me like there are some guys on this thread that are just enthusiastic about the gear they're using, whether they're semi-sponsored or not. It's hard to imagine someone being commercially corrupted in the low $ sport of spearfishing.

If some spearo from Florida was coming out to So Cal and offered to take me out spearing with himself and "an old-school Cuban spearo," offered his gun to me and offered to buy me drinks and what-not while we were out chasing p***y, I would consider that a generous and gracious offer of old world hospitality and would be all over it. :cool:
But that's just me.:confused:
Future warning.

DO NOT have a bottle of wine when you are pissed at a friend and you have a keyboard in front of you.

You instantly get diarrhea of the the mouth. Not good!
Re: nice snappa'

Originally posted by truehunter
Today it is unreal for me to see brands that seem praized like D.Wong and Rabitech and this and that over companies like Riffe and Omer and Rob Allen that have been doing this much longer and have put their time in.

Firstly: Daryl Wong has put the time in, has most definitely put the effort in, and produces a superbly engineered gun. Everyone I know who has used one, has complimented it. To top it off, he's an extremely helpful guy and answered a ton of my questions about the way he builds his gun. Which I then promtly incorporated into my own gun design. So lay of the dude...
Oh, Im not sponsored by him, know him only by his repute and via email, yet am still willing to give him his due credit.

Companies like OMER, Picasso and Beuchat produce guns that are suited to European conditions. Rabitech and RobAllen designed guns for South African and Australian conditions. Which is why many spearos here in Oz start off with a Picasso or OMER, and end up using a RA, or Rabi. Very few use Riffe, 'cause our dollar is a bit weak vs the greenback. Jay Riffe is a pleasant bloke to chat to, but I ain't handing over $1500 of my ill gotten loot for a plank with 6 rubbers (sorry Sven). Gimme my Railgun any day.

So maybe the new guys do produce a good product? Just because you aren't aware of a particular brand, or its relatively new, doesn't mean its no good. Change is just that, change. Good or Bad, it is inevitable...
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Altruistic Hunter,
One of the best things about the sport of spearfishing is the commraderie that is found within a relatively small, but tight community. It was amazing to me how willing the high level guys in the sport were willing to take anyone under their wing without passing judgement. Even though I was nothing but a young jackass, these guys were willing to talk and share knowledge with anyone- just for love of the sport. For this reason, I would pass the same courtesy on to any person I meet. How lucky I was to not be around a cantankerous, dried up has-been! This same inclusive attitude is what makes message boards like deeperblue so cool. It is unfortunate that a person like yourself, undoubtedly with a vast knowledge of the sport, chooses to bring negative karma to an otherwise cool place.

Other than that, I'd love to look you up next time I am in Hawaii for a bit of diving and a beer to smooth the whole thing over!
Nice red and mutton.
I am one of those Med spearos who grew up on Beuchat, OMER , Esclapez and Cressis. A 5-lb seabass or dentex is considered a trophy fish there. Amberjacks are about the most powerful fish you can encounter there (excluding tunas which not many Med spearos have landed). I have since converted to Rob Allens for the fish and conditions in S. Florida. I have not used a Rabitech, but seems like a very nice gun and I would pick it any day over most European guns.

yeah no body can know value of the big fish more than med speros... and we generally hunt smaller fishes that most of you can call them baitfih (except some species like grouper, AJ, dentex) thats why european guns can differ a bit from SA and US guns. In here we (me and my friends) measure the accuracy with milimeters not with inches:t

Just throw a "virgin" med spero to the big blue in the SA or Aussi or even US and see what will happen;) I can assure first words will be " hey this is to big to be a fish":D
Originally posted by Murat
Just throw a "virgin" med spero to the big blue in the SA or Aussi or even US and see what will happen;) I can assure first words will be " hey this is to big to be a fish":D

Take a swim around the QLD reefs, and you'll be swimming over 5kg fish and not giving them a second look, because youre after the big ones...;) :D
Originally posted by RabiDeath
It is unfortunate that a person like yourself, undoubtedly with a vast knowledge of the sport...
Rabideath, I wouldn't even give this guy the benefit of the doubt. This guy sounds like he's full of hot air. Real pros don't talk like he does. The only cynicism and skepticism here should be leveled at "true"hunter.
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Originally posted by Shadowkiller
Take a swim around the QLD reefs, and you'll be swimming over 5kg fish and not giving them a second look, because youre after the big ones...;) :D

One day...;)

I will first need to improve my skill in deserted sea of here then i will be fully "euquipped with skills" and with bloody hungry eyes looking for fish. Grrrrr....
Blake and the AJ

What happened to some respect for the guy who shot the 88 pound AJ in my tournament last year:D I don't know if you guys are going to Nationals or not in Hawaii this year or not but we hope you can make it to Hatteras this August.

Our new T-20 line is a big improvement for big game fishing back to our first generation gun line of the MB and Master line over the Excalibur competition line. We are working on 130cm and bigger models in the upcoming year too in the Master America series. Our new T-20 line is good enough reason for the south africans to worry about. Truthfuly though, new companies like Rabitech are good because they keep companies like us on our toes and looking more into "oceanic" lines instead of competition models like the Excalibur series.

On some days like this we really got to evaluate the gear throughly, here we were still following the "more the marrier" aproach 5 years ago when one day we stumbled upon a "new" spots like this. Lot's of pompano, grouper, cobia and Amberjacks. Today we try to be more conservative obviously and times change. We took all these fish with 100-120cm Omer MB's(T-20's) and Master's. Sorry if this picture might offend some, it is not ethical. We did this breath hold diving around sharks and it was a once in a year hunt. Ciao,

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Hey Mark.
Depends on how things play out at the championships. I just got married and I am transitioning out of the service, so that means that we won't be able to work our scouting mojo to the extent we might like. I do like our chances nonetheless.

My views on OMER, as with any company, have to do with the interaction I have had with their representatives. I think you guys are doing awesome things at Technosport. God knows that you all know what you are talking about and care about the equipment you put out. In fact, I was talking to someone recently (in person) about the C-4 test you did just for a few people's satisfaction. Regardless of any affiliations, I think the world of OMER stuff and most of all the people behind it.

I will say that the atmosphere at the OMER tourney was the best I have ever seen. I would go again just to hang with the crowd, shooting fish was like a secondary matter.

Nice fish too...
thanks big Blake

Hey Blake, thanks for the kind words. You have the excitement and enthuisiasm of someone who is an embassador for our small sport. Freedivers and spearfisherman like us have been just factions of guys like you and me until just a few years ago thanks to the internet. In another month or so you will be able to pick up a copy of HSD at Barnes and Nobles for anyone who is not connected to read. Congratulations on your wedding, I'm a newlywed myself and it's a great feeling. The only problem with getting married is it's even easier to put on the pounds, ciao,

Who was that guy who shot the big AJ at the Chesapeake Light Tower last summer, Mark? 80 pounds or something like that?That wasn't even with a 130 or anything close to it. Dreamng of NC; feeling the urge to submerge.
Mark J,

John Maguire, a second season diver in our club. He had a 75cm gun with 18mm bands, not what you call the gun of choice for that size fish but it punched through the thick fish :D He got a "lights out" shot and rolled the fish over. He was hooked after that. Have a nice weekend Mark and we'll see you in NC soon, Mark
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