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New Rabitech Apex Spearguns

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
your new rabitech has a "cavalero arc" grip !
I had this gun when I begane ten ago, it's not a new grip.
It's an old french grip. Cavalero is now owned by beuchat.

sorry guys:D
Almost Correct


You are almost correct on this, and credit to you, you clearly know your spearguns.

The Rabi Tech Apex grip is indeed based on the Calvero Grip, specifically a grip called the Arc 2000, and so it appears to "look" very simmiliar, particularly the width of the handle. However, the guts of the mechanism have been completely modified and there are some substantial differences that are not immediately obvious to the casual observer like Glass Filled Nylon vs. ABS plastic, molded stainless components, line release mech, loading butt etc.

Beuchat had an excellent grip but for reasons best know to themselves, replaced the Arc with the Mundial grip, which on a variety of levels was simply not as good.

Anyway, good spot.

If you could tell me which gun the Rob Allen Grips are modelled on, I will be well impressed ?
The new handles are different design? The last RA I got is only a year old and it has similar handle as the Picasso.

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Hi Guys

I am going to Rabitek this week, I can take a pic of the new range of Apex guns and post it here if anyone is interested.
There is also the new apex Carbon in stock now.


Oops, just went right back to the start of this thread and saw the pics already !Not paying attention ! Guns look awesome, have only had a Rabitech Stealth for a couple months, but ready to trade it for the apex Carbon as soon as finances allow for a 2nd gun !

I know this is an old thread, but you had said that the old stealth carbon and alluminum barrels had flex issues when loaded with double 16's, so the carbon barrel on the Apex was in creased to 2mm. Reading some info on other sites I see that the alluminum barrels thickness will not be changed for the Apex. Is it safe to assume the flex issues have not been addressed?:confused:

If thats the case its unfortunate since the mech seems to be top notch, too bad its set up for a 28mm barrel otherwise it would fit nicely on to a RA barrel.:eek:

Attached is the inards of the APEX mech, very nice.



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Hiya Hamrrhed

I have fitted a stealth handle to my 1.1m Rob Allan Carbon (Saracen) barrel. Does fit without too much fuss. The newer apex handles should work too, because i've fitted one to my older stealth guns with no problems.


Good news!

When you say not much fuss, does that exclude sanding, grinding etc? How well does the handle fit in you hand, it looks a little wee, eh? I have med. sized paws.


Always shopping for a new TOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Will you be at the Freedive Champs. in April? If so, Rabitech is sponsoring some equipment at the event. Also, Team Rabitech will there with a full range of their equipment. As to barrel flex, I have had zero problems with it. I have used just about every size gun they have from 110-140 and had no accuracy issues. The APEX handle is a bit small and I prefer the stealth myself. Hope to see you in Bayport. Look us up, we will be glad to show some of their stuff. Blake Gaylord, Cam Kirkconnell and Rolando Veloso...
I use their equipment. I am just happy to show others what I consider to be a good product.

And your problem with that would be....
not picking on anyone here - but just throw in a little "it would really be nice if.."

If anyone here is sponsored by a company the Staff here at DB would very much appreciate you to put it in your signature. Not saying anyone is Biased, but if it's all out in the open then the reader knows there are know hidden agendas.

I'm really keen on Omer equipment, but am not sponsored by them. Maybe such is the case with Rabideath? you just really like your SA guns :)
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NO PROBLEMO (Terminator Jr.)

Listen Blake, I'm a veteran of this sport. I am a past national competitor and have been involved in the sport for 20 years.
I try to keep a low key but when I smell a rat I don't hold back.
I read in International Spearfishing and Freediving News and elsewhere you did well at the Omer tournament and that you are sponsored by Rabitech.

There is no problem, maybe Rabitech is great equipment but someone who is sponsored tends to plug the guys who hook them up with free gear:duh

what you are doing is plugging your sponsor.

I didn't realize that I tried to mask that, considering my screen name and all.

As to my association with Rabitech, I am only sponsored in the very loosest sense of the word. I am not, nor would I ever claim to be, a great diver and I always defer to more experienced guys like yourself. I am an Army officer (for two more months) who dives when I can, nothing else. However, I do resent being called a rat. The first gear I owned from them was purchased with my own money. Subsequently, I have been offered some equipment to test out and to show to other spearos in the American market. I try to do this when I can. My offer to the guy in Tampa was nothing other than that. I like the guys from South Africa and respect what they are trying to do.

I am still trying to figure out why anyone would question my posting on a Rabitech thread under the name "Rabideath." It is beyond me why anyone would consider it underhanded that I offered to show someone some equipment (not drugs) while I was in town. It wasn't like I was bashing anyone for anything.

Seriously, it seems so ridiculous that there aren't any hard feelings on my part. Just kind of giving my opinion.
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Proof is in the pudding...

Recent outing in which I shot my Rabitech six times without a miss on grouper, snapper, and mackeral...


I will be in Oahu (Northshore mainly) May 17th thru the 21st. PM your number and perhaps you can go spearfishing with me and an old-school Cuban spearo. I will gladly let you shoot one of my guns and it would be a pleasure to dive with an experienced local hunter. Afterwards, the pineapples and cocktails are on us...just make sure we get "layed"....if you know what I mean:D



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Rolando, from all the time I've known you.......well, I know that you pick up more chicks than me, you have beautiful boxer and I have a mutt, you have a clean car while my El Camino has tobbaco stains, your weiner is bigger than mine, etc. etc. etc. You know that I have never ever been jealous of you, until today.

You were mentioned in the same sentence with Blake and Cam. I'm green! lol
nice snappa'

Recent outing in which I shot my Rabitech six times without a miss on grouper, snapper, and mackeral...

Its da indian not da arrow my friend. Glad to see your nice fish and I see you must be part of Team Rabitech too with Blake. You must be coming to Hawaii to scout for Nationals.I'm happy on my own, my dive partners, my spots and don't care to go diving with you. Thank you for the invitation though and sorry it ain't my style.

Its more than twenty years I have seen new gun, fins,snorkels makes come and go and have seen companies with good ideas but less quality so this is why I form my opinion. I was racing motorcycles for a long time almost on the Pro circuit and saw the same thing happening in that industry.New companies, with cool names, new lightweight products that seemed trendy and through grass roots marketing they could hook the novices onto trying to compete with the big MFG's and after a couple of years they was gone....Why, because they didn't have the expertise and the backing of the big Co's for all the right R&D'ng and they cut corners. Today it is unreal for me to see brands that seem praized like D.Wong and Rabitech and this and that over companies like Riffe and Omer and Rob Allen that have been doing this much longer and have put their time in. All it takes is looking close to these guns to see the quality and the difference in production. Try looking closely sometimes at the details of these over the big boys and you will be surprised to see what a serious manufacturer has that a garage workshop part-time can't hang with. People easily fall into these marketing traps

Good luck at Nationals with your new guns, well if you aren't sure bradas about new products check wid' me because me has seen it and tried dem'all likely, mahalo, Truehunter
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