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Nose clip?

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Yes, the better fit you get betwin the square holes and the square rod the better he works...

I'm thinking to try to heat/curve the rod to have more clearance once opened with out have such a big nose clip.

Rectangular rod may work evend better (more surface)?
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a rectangular rod, with the hole being vertical, will have more surface area contacting to produce more friction and subsequent grip.
but the thin width will make it harder to get a tight fit.
conversely, the same rod used horizontally should make it easier to get a tight fit - but there will be slightly less grip.

experiment with both options perhaps.
i'd say a roughly square rod is probably the best bet though.

anyway - i had an idea™. maybe im on crack, but it seems logical.

see first image (attached). consider that a cross-section looking down on the sideplate. that's what'll be happening at the moment. the minute gap left allows the side plate to tilt slightly - contacting edges - causing friction -> resistance. which is why it 'locks'.

if you create the hole as per the second image (in next post), then you (should) get the following advantages:
more friction, with the whole rear side contacting the rod, compared to just the angle on the edge. so better 'lock'.
more tilt on the plates means the rear ends will be closer together, meaning you get more clearance when fully open compared to a clip using the same size rod but no slope in the hole.

does that make sense? i think it'd work anyway. you can test it out easily with some spare bits of plexi and see how well it goes. if you don't get the slope perfectly straight, it won't grip as well, but should still hold i assume.


  • noseclip-normal.gif
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red line indicating how you'd cut/file the edge in a slope compared to the black line, which is how it'd be normally.


  • noseclip-modified.gif
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I really need a nose clip and i'm trying to get one but i can't one:(
I didnt really understand what were you talking here about making the nose clip, so if anyone has some link to a web page or something like that where i could read about making the nose clip....
If anyone has it i would be very gratefull...

Ignore the spelling:)
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Nice work zag0r :cool: , will ad your idea to the next one.

Mlaen: I don't know about any web... but there goes my poor atempt to help you (ignore the spelling too)

Joint a 3D picture of the basic elements for one of those clip noses:

A square section plexiglas rod of about 5*5*35.
Two rectangular bits of plexiglas of about 5*18*38
A wine (no hole on it) or champagne cork.

Once the plexiglas is cut and smooth out, you just need to drill the square holes on the side plates. On my case I use a 4mm drill bit though both plates, and then work the pieces with a thin tapered square file. I place a piece of masking tape on the file at the point where the measures reach 5*5 to be sure my holes don't get bigger than needed.

From the cork you cut two slices of about 4mm thick, and you work a fillet on one of the sides with some fin sand paper. You then glue them on the side plates at the opposite side from the square holes with some polyurethane glue (liquid nails work OK).

Fit the rod on the holes and try the nose clip. See how much rod you really need and cut the rest +3mm. Heat up a flat screw driver and appy to the ends of the rod until you deform them a bit (rivet like effect): that will sop the sides to fell of.

You close the nose clip by applying to the nose and firmly pressing together the sides. To open it you just need to pull apart the sides at the holes/rod point.


  • nose clip.jpg
    nose clip.jpg
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Hi folks,

if you put some small grooves in the top of the square rod you get a ratchet type effect and it goes click click click as you push it together. I've made them with and without the grooves and don't have a preference as they both work fine

Thanx Pablo... I'll try to make it...but i still dont understand how it holds when it's finished...do you have any more pictures
No probs... ;)

Zag0r's drawings show how he blocks... but don't worry if you fit the holes to the rood correctly, the nose clip will clamp your nose as hard you want.

I'm working on another one, and will send you picts.
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Like many others I noticed that the paradisa noseclip is good but hard to get hold of.
http://www.chez.com/paradisia/index.html is the paradisa webpage but the email box is full so you cannot send a email and the company that owns the fax number said their last contact with Bernard was in 2001 and they do not know how to reach him. Sounds discouraging. Anyone tried phoning him?

Luckily some of you came up with good ideas of building your own noseclip. Really great ideas. Very nice descriptions and images too.

But for those who would like to buy something, are there no alternatives? I saw a piece on extreme sports with tanya streeter last year and she had a different model of noseclip for her variable weight record attempt. There must be other models of noseclips too. Does anyone know if this (or other) noseclips can be bought (+where?) or if they are all homemade?

Could be a nice business opportunity if someone would manage to make a bunch of nice noseclips. Could make you famous or popular. zzz :duh :thankyou :inlove :king
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The only nose clip I have found that will work besides the PARADISIA is the Wildwasser Nose Clamp. I have both and its definitely not as good, but I do use it for my dry statics at work, so I can keep my priceless PARADISIA in the safe at home. ;)

Here is a link to a picture and a place that sells them. http://www.backcountrystore.com/store/WWS0007.html?AFC=CJDataFeed There are several places on the internet that sell them.

The problem with all nose clips that rely on spring pressure, is that with the frenzel you can easily create enough pressure to open the spring and lose air. The tightness of the spring also tends to hurt more, but this one is not nearly as bad as the swimming ones.

The good thing about the Wildwasser Nose Clamp is they are dirt cheap, and use of them should also improve your equalization technique, because you cannot rely on brute air pressure alone to open the Eustachian tubes. Instead you have to start using the tensor veli palatini, levator veli palatini muscles more. But for just helping hold contractions in static or dynamic, they work fine for me.
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I bought a very similar nose clip at a local kayak shop, actually I bought two and tried to double up the springs. It didn't work any way I tried it. As soon as I try to clear my ears I end up blowing the thing right off my nose. It does work nice for dynamics in the pool, but that's been about it.

I did show some of the photos on here to a couple of underwater hockey buddies of mine and am trying to coax them into making me something. I'll let you know if I am succesful.;)

This one I made is "test" nose clip :)
It's ugly so I wont put it here but I make a 'reall' one a soon as I finish with school...for now I dont have any time:(
See ya...
A friend of mine made a nose clip out of the same plastic you see in the photos I posted earlier but the locking mechanism was even simpler as it didn't require cutting a square hole(the hard bit). It looks much the same, works just as well and I'll get some pics to share with you.

Sorry about that... It is a mate of mine who builds special effects stuff for movies and he is working on a movie at the moment so isn't in town. He gets back on the 24th (1 week) and I'll see him then and get the pics to you. He has also built a sled and we'll be trying that out as well if we can find someway to make it work on my little boat.

....I hadn't forgotten that I said I'd post some pics;)

Noseclip made out of sheet material

....better late than never right! Here is the pic of the nose clip a mate of mine (Dave Goldie) made out of sheet plastic. The nice thing about it is that you use the same principles for it but it is a lot easier to make as it doesn't require you to make fine tolerance pieces and to create a square hole.


  • nose clip2.jpg
    nose clip2.jpg
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