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Recreational Drugs in Freediving

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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Have you ever dived under the influence of drugs?

  • Yes

    Votes: 17 19.1%
  • No

    Votes: 65 73.0%
  • Only Alcohol

    Votes: 7 7.9%

  • Total voters
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emm sorry xsaul
What's the difference between illegal and legal recreational drugs?
For me, the only difference is that the state can get some profit (taxes and inner production) from legal ones. If they see they cannot get profit, they illegalize them (check USA history about banning cocaine, heroin and marihuana). Then comes Europe and copy USA banned substances. Sorry for the off-topic, but was surprised but this sentence:

"I furiously DON'T believe in using recreational drugs--especially illegal ones"

BTW alcohol is the most hardcore drug, measured by the three objective drug factors: tolerance, security margin,abstinence.
It has a huge torelance factor (three beers today same effect as two beers a week ago) , a short security margin (double you usual intake and you can get an etylic comma) and hard abstinence syndrom (cold sweats,delirium,etc)
The known drug with the highest tolerance factor of all is nicotine. You can go from one cigarrette one day to a pack the week after.
Of course it's legal. USA is full of tobacco farms. Tobacco is taking more lifes away than AIDS and road crashes added. But who cares!! It makes our nations richer
and it made a whole legion of Humphrey Bogart-wanna-be look 'cooler'. BTW the adventurous Marlboro cowboy died from lung cancer.

Sorry for the off-topic, but was annoyed by reading that alcohol is ok as a drug compared to illegal ones. The 'illegal' factor is only a question of economic expansion. What a pity. This is our 'ethic' world. We have heroin junkies just because we do not profit for producing opiates derivatives in out countries and these junkies so are shooting 10% heroin with this LEGAL substances added: strichnine (SP?), chalk, anti-mosquito powder etc. Most of the addictive factor is because of the substances added (besides from the opiates addictive factor by itself). You know, the dealer wants to earn money from the poor stricnine addict

Well I thought all these things are well known world-wide, but I'm afraid (as I see) they aren't. I hardly recommend Andrew Weil's book 'From chocolate to Morphine'
about drugs.

Again, sorry for the off-topic :D
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DP Speaks Again

OK guys; we've opted to allow this discussion to run its course, but I see that from time-to-time, some intervention is necessary.

Let's be clear that Blue's post is his own opinion, and should not be represented as fact, and is not considered "information" by DeeperBlue. In fact, little of the discussion posted in this thread should be taken as "information" - only opinion.

It would be great if some of you drug experts received some training in pharmacology or toxicology before you post, but again, this thread is opinion . . .don't anyone mistake it for information.
Originally posted by BlueIcarus
We have heroin junkies just because we do not profit for producing opiates derivatives in out countries and these junkies so are shooting 10% heroin with this LEGAL substances added: strichnine (SP?), chalk, anti-mosquito powder etc. I have a friend who is a doctor and have tried several times morphine (as lots of doctor actually do but hardly recognize) and has no problem with that. The addictive factor is because of the substances added. You know, the dealer wants to earn money from the poor stricnine addict
I understand and agree in some sort of a way with most of the stuff you said in your previous post, except that part. I think that you got carried away a bit.
My sources (which I have no will to talk about) tells me otherwise. Opiates are defenitly addictive! regardless of their purity. Let me rephrase that: Opiates defenitly have an addiction potential.
A friend who is also a doctor (which as itself doesn't make it as a much higher autority in my opinion) who had some harmless fun with morphine is not an emphiric proof, there were enough doctors that got hooked on that stuff (medical, not from the streets) to disproof it.
Claiming such a thing with utter certainty seems to me untrue and dangerous.
Some reseachs say that 99% of heroin overdoses are due to the added stuff then the heroin itself, I think this is one of the reasons why people make such claims, eventhough logically they are not connected.
Michael: You're right about it. I didnt' wanted to mean that.
I've edit my post to better suit what I was meant to say, but just in case, of course opiates are near the most addictive substances on earth. I just wanted to remark my personal opinion that in this case, the illegal status makes more harm than good.

cjborgert: I understand DB's position here. It's just my opinion. I don't have any studies regarding this subject, apart from lots of personal and other peoples experience and lots of books and reflection about this subject. I'm not a formal expert so I remark It's just my opinion. As I'm worried about people misunderstanding what I have post (I don't encourage to do drugs at all nor even I do them for a long time) you can just delete my post If you consider it harmful. No problem. I didn't measure well my words before posting. My fault
It's cool by me for folks to disagree--and agree to disagree, but for this little Water Rat--NO DRUGS--except medicines I absolutely GOTTA take!
magical nature

i would never do somthing as stupid as freedive while on any sort of drug but i will tell you one thing.....

If you have ever tripped on a psychedelic drug (acid, mushrooms, mescaline etc.) you can appreciate the beauty of nature and the underwater world in a way the other people can't. I don't know how to explain it with words but nature just looks so much more amazing, ancient, and mystical after you have had some psychedelic experience.

My (limited, responsible) previous use of psychedelics has enhanced my experience of the underwater world.
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I believe that if you use drugs, and illigal substances at all, you dont deserve to dive. I am a firm believer in the US Navy's zero tolerance policy, and have busted many people for using illigal substances. It is these people who make the world a worse place, and they are a threat to others who have enough sence to say no. It is not a hard thing to do, say the word no. IT IS A TWO LETTER WORD! When you mix drug usage with anything else, (diving) you are aksing to kill yourself, even if you are not under the influence at the time. If somone was a drug user, and I didnt know, and we set up a dive together, then, afterwards it was over, I would inflict severe pain and suffering on his side. Not only in a physcal way (mabye) but in a legal way as well. I would look to get him thrown in jail for some reason or another. These people are a risk to us non-drug users, and are an endangerment to our lives. I dont even talk to people who use drugs. I think that they are the total scum of the earth. I would rather be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life than use drugs. Drug users have NO INTEGRITY, THEY ARE NOT TRUSTWORTHY, THEY ARE STUPID, CARELESS, HAVE NO HONOR. A drug is still a drug, wheather it is somthing hard, or not! I could be your best friend in the whole world, but the second you use drugs, you are gone. That is my two cents. If you dont like it, I dont care!
I cant believe I am reading this on deeperblue! All you guys think it is okay to use drugs? that is just plain retarded!
"I could be your best friend in the whole world, but the second you use drugs, you are gone"

What an intereresting and altruistic definition of friendship!!
Makes me just want to stay as far from you as posible.
Say that if I'm in trouble you'll go away!! Wow!! Beautiful!! What an evolved and grown up personality!! Maybe you are a bit brain-washed in blue and red colors with little stars flying over there??

Of course, said by one US Navy member, which is the body with more alcoholism problems on earth. Alcohol is a HARD drug.

I'm sure I do less drugs than you (no drugs at all, nor even alcohol or coffee), so using your principles of friendship, I'll stay away from you!!!

I can't believe I'm reading this on deeperblue!!!!

PS: My mother can't sleep at peace at night because of your Afganisthan attacks.
Neither can I

-believe I am reading this . . .and I don't believe it is in the best interests of the readers or the forum to allow it to continue. The thread is now closed. If it continues to raise discussions or generate other threads, we'll have to remove them altogether.

Sorry guys, but a few have lost the privilege for all.
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