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Rubber Peeing!

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Have you ever piddled into your wet suit?!

  • Yes, if there is no other possibility!

    Votes: 75 37.9%
  • Peeing is fun! I water my suit regularly...

    Votes: 104 52.5%
  • No, never! I would rather die!

    Votes: 19 9.6%

  • Total voters


depthcrazy wreckhunter
Nov 11, 2002
Hy all you Waterlovers out there ...

Everybody knows that pain - you've prepaired yourself for the dive and wait for your buddies. Suddenly you feel some pressure on the lower part of your belly. You hear the slight dabbling of the water, but you don't want to get rid of your equipment again. You hover down to the water and the pain get's harder and harder and suddenly ...
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I'll say ONLY AS A LAST RESORT. and I mean LAST! Like 60min deco on the way, long drift dive, girlfriend's mom is waiting on shore....

kinda like owning $500 Neoprene Huggies.....

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I usually wait about 5 minutes....I can't fight it! Especially once contractions start.
The main benefitis that nobody ever asks to borrow my Picasso then ;)
Erik Y.
Warms ya up a treat!:D

But then again diving in 16 degree water has some unpleasant effects on bladder control.
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No Way No How!

I'll tell you what, I have had some VEEEEEEEERY long 15 minute safety stops that seemed like they were an eternity and then, stripped out of my gear and been back in the water so quick that the dive operator actually thought I fell overboard as opposed to jumping but never peed in the suit!:yack

I figure, I can handle an hour and if I need to, I will go BEFORE kitting up. Then I know I can wait an hour.....

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I remember diving down to and getting out of my suit, and then .... getting the gear back on is the hard part..but the Relieve..:mad: how nice,.. and then you can keep diving for a long time..
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It seems that we both posted the same incident.. but since my story is more elaborate.. here it comes:

Funniest scene ever, during my freediving career is as follows:

We were diving with my brother Pekka in sharm el sheikh red sea. Pekka was wearing just the pant part of his escaplez spearfishing suit. On a nice day of diving occured a strange event.. :D

Suddenly my brother swims to me and hands out his weightbelt.. I look at him with a expression like question mark. Well he doesnt really give any reasonable answer but instead swims a bit farther, makes a quick breath up and fights himself to the bottom at around 15 meters.

Now at the bottom of sea he begins the most obscure dance, in order take of the pants. after a little time of strugling he is able to reveal himself of the pressure he seemed to have. Now revealed he swims to surface.

I give him his weigthbelt and we both started laughting.. ;)

Anybody else tried to do similar tricks?

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the funniest time i can remember about peeing in a wetsuit is on a 70ft wreck dive (non-penetration) in florida, i was wearing my 5mm omer (which fits me like a glove), after suiting up, my dad and i jump straight into the water, with no air in the BC and give each other an OK while were not completely in the water (i know bad practice but oh well), droping down the line in less then 40 seconds (ah, the wonders of clean ears), anyways, no water managed to get INTO my wetsuit, so when i got to the bottom, i couldnt straighten out, i had wetsuit squeeze (the things they fail to mention in OW class), being a 2 piece wetsuit w/ hood, i tried to let water in through the hood, and then up the jacket, non of the water managed to get where i was being squeezed, so i took a pee and it managed to open reach where i was being squeezed, i flushed the suit as best as i could and kept diving...

when we surfaced my dad asked me what i was doing, i told him, and the DM overheard, we had a good laugh:D
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this really pisses me off...

I'm with Erik, the Guru of the Gastrointestinal tract, :king on this one. A couple of steamers of French Roast and the water reflex pretty much personalize my suits. Not that I'd lend them out though...

Here's an interesting question then, or something to look into- is there actually a medically identified "water reflex" as I call it, where just like when you were a kid and slipped your sleeping friend's hand into a bucket of warm water and crept back to enjoy the show ;) , that the same occurs with the body's complete immersion? Brings back to mind my asking here for the best suit cleaner/antiseptic/antiscent.

SpongeBob bubble bath notwithstanding. :inlove

that reminds me of

It was about 1970 when they invented nylon lined neoprene, or that's when I saw it first. The builder talked me into wearing the nylon on the inside. The first and last suit I ever had like that. After a few months, the suit would jump into the water by it's self.
An old ab diver said "Vodka is the answer" Sven. "Pour it between the body and the suit to kill the stink or down your throat and you won't give a damn."
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make it a double.

This ol' ab diver tried that Bill, in many respects. Nah, I'll put up with the stink in that case. Though I'd imagine a quick douse in the rubbing variety would kill anything off. Wondering what it do to the rubber...?

The intro of nylon was just becoming the thing when I started, with my second suit, from Imperial having the nylon in. I think back and just have to shake my head... and a few years later, Bailey's came out with that Plush lining, the terrycloth stuff. A couple of shops here switched over all their rental gear to it and they were out in the trash with air fresheners within the season.

Hey Sven, I read that not too long ago on a medical page... apparently when you get wet, not only does your body relax (the hand in bucket of water thing) but it also secretes some wierd hormone too/from your kidneys that makes you pee... I'll see if I can dig up the ref for you :)
Found it! The complete article is at http://www.dansa.org/medical/breath.html

Courtesy of DANSA
Another interesting effect - the bain of municipal swimming pool keepers, is the effect that immersion has on the kidneys. Bladders fill very rapidly in immersed individuals!. There are several reasons for this which all lead to a very common phenomenon - urination. The increased blood supply to the kidneys in the absence of gravity pooling of blood in the legs, combined with a reduction in anti diuretic hormone (anti "pee" hormone or ADH) are the leading causes. Over a period of time immersion will progressively lead to a state of dehydration if fluid intake is not matched.

See, now we all have an excuse ;)
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when i was working as a D.M. a once a week Dettol bath was a must. We used to have competitions on who did it the most(without actually trying). In a 45min dive....2 times, one hour and the third was pretty normal.
....couldn't help it....don't know if this is strange but you soon find comfort in it.:eek:
Its almost like a primitive dive watch...:D

I usually get out after the 3rd "Occurence" 'cause it means Im getting cold..:eek:
Nice job, Loop! Have a little karma. ;)

What's this Dettol stuff Pete? Some kinda down under low level thermonuke cleaner for the Sheila's? Is there a US counterpart? Remember that the stuff has to be non scent... it's a spearo thing. :p

Dettol - Good Stuff!

Originally posted by icarus pacific
Nice job, Loop! Have a little karma. ;)

What's this Dettol stuff Pete? Some kinda down under low level thermonuke cleaner for the Sheila's? Is there a US counterpart? Remember that the stuff has to be non scent... it's a spearo thing. :p


Hey Sven,

I ran across this stuff too in Hawaii at the Dive Shop that I dove with plast year. After each and every dive, they would take the suits, toss 'em in a BIG tub of fresh water (the tub had a few holes poked in it to allow water to flow out as well), and then they would pour a good quart of Dettol into the tub, and slosh the suits around for about 10 minutes... It is some sort of disinfectant stuff that deosn't leave a stink (as far as I could smell) and doesn't rot the neoprene like alcohol can. I asked why all the precautions and they replied "Well, ya never know if a suit has been peed in or not unless someone tells us and NOBODY EVER tells us! :yack So, they just did it as part of the after-dive ritual and then hung them to dry in the shop. The stuff came in what looked like a 2.5 gallon plastic jug....

Hey Sven - we use it a lot in Saudi - same thing - keeping the Funk out of our rental suits. If you want some I'll bring you back a bottle - PM Me. I get back Jan 2nd.

I'll take a peak tomorrow - they might sell it here in Canada too.

and yes - it does have an odor strait out of the bottle, but not sure if it lingers in the suit. great stuff though!

After soaking in Dettol give the suit a rinse in fresh water .
Have not found a discernible odour afterwards to spook fish .
A friend of mine is just learning to dive and he has borrowed a lot of my spare kit (we all know it's an expensive business Guys)

He is smaller than me and I wouldn't lend him my wet suit anyway! As we are soon to fly to Sharm, he has been keen to HIRE a wetsuit (that's because he hates to spend money!)

I've repeatedly told him that people piss in their wetsuits and I could not think of anything worse than a hired suit. I told him that could hardly imagine the kind of bladder action or other more frightening action those suits have seen (e.g. the Sinai Squits - I'll say no more)

Well I've now sent him a link to this thread - he phoned me 10 minutes ago and asked where I would recommend he buy a wetsuit! GO FIGURE

As he has not thanked you Guys - I'll do it....................


;) ;) ;)
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