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Scuba fins vs. freedive fins

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
I would have gotten my fins in 3-4 days, but my order changed, and all sorts of things. Bottom line is, I got my fins today!:D The first thing I thought was, gosh they're long. They fit well with a 3mm sock.

I can't wait to try them out in water...
oh yeah

Any recommendations for care and storage for these fins? With their length and all I feel like just leaning them up against a corner, I don't know if that's right or not.
I see what you guys mean about freedive fins being more flexible than scuba fins. I tried my new Sporasubs in the pool the other day, and I was surprised at just how soft they were. It took a while to figure out how to use them, but I do appreciate the wake they create on the surface when snorkeling:t and it doesn't take much to move off the bottom. I kicked two or three times, then just glided up to the surface.

I also liked the feel of the footpocket better than the open-heeled fin. It felt less like it was going to fall off and more like an extension of my foot. I need to work with them some more, but I'm very pleased so far, thanks for the recommendations.:)
jets vs Garas

Thanks to all for the info, real good thread, but I am more than a little mystified, some of this does not match my experiance.

I switched from standard jet fins to an early model of Gara 2000hfs about 22 years ago, now wear 2000hf"s which are supposed to be a relatively stiff freediving fin. I used both types for scuba and freediving, 1000s of hours of both. This is my experiance.

The jet fins are short, stiff and great for manuverabilty and good on short acceleration, like going after a fish you just speared. Also good for body surfing if you have very strong legs (which I don't). They are great for doing surface dives, much better than Gara's. After 5 or so hours in the water, sometimes my legs would get crampy, but not much.

The Gara's (relative to the jets) are long, very flexible, and not very manuverable above or below the surface, slow on surface dives and terrible on acceleration, but once you get moving there is nothing like them. I could not tell much difference in max effort top speed, but for steady effort, the Gara's are vastly more efficient and faster. They considerably extend your depth range freediving. I think they are a little easier on my legs than the jets. Overall, they are far superior to jets for scuba or freediving and , I suspect, superior to any other "scuba" type fin. Split fins I don't know anything about.

This all seems quite different from some other posts. I sure would like to know why the difference.
--Great thread, everyone! I appreciate the excellent posts, as I've wondered if anyone else uses a longer (closed) footpocket type fin for scuba in warmer waters, or for freediving. I started with the Cressi Rondine Light and found them perfect for snorkeling/ freediving in the South Pacific. Lost one here in Cal. in some rough surf...and replaced it with a Cressi Rondinella (the Rondine Lights are no longer being manufactured)...I've wondered about the HR 2000's...and ya, I agree that the footpocket can cause a bit of soreness, depending upon the fit. The soreness passed when I spent more time doing lap swimming (without fins) and worked on my endurance. My experience with Scuba shops is mixed, as far as shopping fins. Some clerks have told me the Cressi HR 2000s are 'too stiff' and steered me towards Mare Quattros (which I found too soft.) A good shop will have no problem allowing you to try fins and return them if they don't suit you. As far as storage: keep 'em out of the sun and away from much heat. Rinse off after using.
Peace out, OceanSwimmer :)
Hey Rach, just noticed this.. how are you're new little toys holding up? :D
Hey Loop

They're maah-velous. I used them when I went freediving in Monterey Bay. I keep wanting to go diving in the lake, but no buddy...:(

But the fins are nice.:)
They're not too stiff, I wasn't sore at all after using them and didn't get real tired either.

As for too soft, I don't know. They didn't snap back as quickly as I would like after a kick, maybe I need something stiffer. Or maybe I need a different kicking technique.:)
Yeah, that's what I find about the plastic fins.. they don't have that much spring back in them.. that's where carbons are good... but don't try em on unless you can afford them hey, or you'll want something you can't have :)
Quite true. I've been eyeing a c4 monofin, but that would be a colossal waste of money at the moment. I'd need to try it out to see if it fits, and everything would be downhill from there.
Nah this one's made by Finis, although I don't think they make carbon monofins anymore. I could get it for the price of a fiberglass fin, oh if only....
Do your feet fit, or will you need to like stuff it with tissues or something? :D
My bare feet don't fit, I think it may work better with my boots.

If that doesn't work, I'll have to try something else, tissues doesn't sound too viable though. How'd you get that idea? :D
Originally posted by loopy
stuff it with tissues or something? :D

Loopy, Loopy, Loopy. I said a potato Mate! A potato! tissues will never work in your little speedo!

Batray: have you tried making an "insole" out of a peice of Neoprene? make sure it works befor you use any glue...

I'll never look at a baked potato the same way again...

I've had a couple more chances to use my Sporasubs, those things are pretty awesome for dolphin kicking. My feet cramped up though, that wasn't too fun.
Feet cramping? well if you let it cause you problems you going about it all wrong!

There are these little cute things that sit in towers, wear red shirts? I see them at the pool a lot...

"Oh lil'cutie, can you help me stretch this out? just a sec, I'll move the potato...."


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