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Sven's Caption Contest!!

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
That ear block really did effect Sven’s hearing when he decided to take the advice of finding a better breast holding technique…..
Ok this image may be puzzling for many of you - but for us sun bronzed Aussie divers the answer is quite a simple matter of Fish Identification for tropical Pacific affeciandos
In the cooler more temperate zones - there is a well know fish called the "Southern Blue Wrasse"
Now the interesting point of this species is that in the event of a lack of females in the area - males can change sex and become female
Now the common name for this fish is the : "Grooper"
What is obvious from the picture is that a large cross dressing male Wrasse aka Grooper has been caught in the middle of cross dressing whilst changing sex -
Hence the title must be -
Whilst the Brits have Blue Tits - the Aussies have two better
My captions and hello! (new feller)

"Bottoms up, or top from the bottom?"
"Spearos version of the mile-high club!"
"Dangit, and I was gonna do a full-body mount on this one"
(taxidermy don't ya know!):D
Caption Contest

Got Milk?


Step 1: Firmly pull rubber all the way to base of shaft

Step 2: Always keep fingers, hands, or appendages away until absolutely needed. There's nothing worse, or more embarassing,than having your spear go off too early.

Step 3: Always ensure you have your gun pointed in the proper direction.

Step 4: Ensure nothing will restrict your floats when your spear is released

Step 5: Diving solo can be fun at times, but there's nothing better than going deep with a partner.


Whoever says size doesn't matter is obviously happy shooting smaller targets.


Wish I could see those around my reefs.


Associated Press- United States- Spearfishing enthusiasts the world over were extrememly pleased today when the confines of a new protected species were released today. Spearos were heard saying how great it was to see "these swimming unhindered."

In addition, scientists in the various location where these were released have been unable to explain the cause of mirky water and diminished visibilty.

thanks for the training tip

"reach for the top, improve your bottom times"

The Caption :

" Look at what my left hand can do ............ what do you think my right hand is doing right now ? "

"To do or un-do ............... is the question"


Blue Blue my World is Blue, Blue is my world at "D" size blue.


"I'm sorry those were way too big, I have to see if they are Silicone or for real "


"No, I didn't do this on purpose...... Look here Gal, Didn't I tell you never be in front of my JBL when I try to load it "


"Good idea Missy, my pool's chlorine level might ruin the blue colour, let me put it somewhere high and safe"

"The other one ? Well if you insist........... there are two floppers anyway on my JBL rock tip, it can hold both....no problem"


The spearfishing Guru were saying :
"Missy, before the hunt begin, you must know where the wind is blowing from. Let see what we can use to "cup" the wind ................. Hell yeah.... this will definitely do !!!! Why didn't I think of that ? BTW, You got another piece to spare to detect the current direction ?


"Don't worry Missy, my wife can't see what we are doin', she is colour blind"

:duh :duh
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one thing's for sure

It doesnt get any better than this

Sven, do we get a rundown on the origins of the photo after the votes have been counted?
The best humour often lies in the truth.

'You did WHAT, Oedipus?'

'I made a clean breast of it -
Prof. Freud,
- with my junior speargun'.

'you naughty, naughty boy ,
- you may leave now , ahem - but:
... do send in your mother'...

...peter, www.juprowa.com/kittel
Wow, you really do have 10 liter lungs under there!

and da weiner eeezzz!

Time for the announcement!!

Ok folks, here we go: The true and proper definition of a caption as suggested to me by Bill, of alliteratory fame, is a word or short series of words to describe something, often a visual. Not a photo or excerpts from the King James of humor on your nightstand! Sheesh!:head That said, you clowns are costing me some ducats! I had to go the way of category's, dammit!

First off, I think everyone was blown away with Anderson's early entry of pasting and posting genius with his movie poster. The lucky little *#@^! gets a shirt.

Second, in the category of too much time in his/her hands... and this is disconcerting as my Daughter, Alicia liked the TesteBlue thing... Octo scores a win. (I'm going to have to have a talk with her :rcard )

In the actual category of a caption , it came down to Lou, Jay, Vodouch and Porky. We struggled for this with a stalemate for hours, well OK, ten minutes and I brought in the actual owner of the blue item in question for her, yes, her opinion. (Buncha perv's out there...:inlove)

Nice job Vodouch. You got it. (and please change your screenname to one not decribing a feminine cleansing problem...:mute )

Here's what all you losers, er, uh, winner's do now: PM me and give me the size and addresses of where to send your booty, you lucky dogs. I'll forward them to DB Hq where it'll be up to them to lose it in the mail.

Hope you all had fun, and we'll do this again soon. The Karma button is a click away, kids.

sven DB's camp counselor:king

We was robbed. I demand a recount and an handicap. In a battle of wits, some of us only get an army 50% of the size of others.
Congrats, to the winners.
What are you going to do with more of a handicap there, Big Guy?;) Thanks for your participation. My fertile mind is conjuring up another tasty and compelling photo as I type...:ban

Sa-weet. :)

Congrats for the seemingly endless imagination of the winners and the one-and-only Sultan of Smooth. (..sound of trumpets..) :D

Next time I want those votes counted down here.......in Florida!

Thanks for the fun Sven!

I know it's to late....

"I heard things look bigger underwater......"

I know, I know.....

hey, Ladies!!!

Vodouch and Anderson- Email or PM me with your addresses and shirt sizes or I'll go back to using the shirts for the dishes.

just in..


the cuban and i just got back in from g.cayman. :cool: i'm still in florida, but headed home this afternoon. i'll send you my address soon and will send you some keys kraze t's, too. glad you liked the poster. :D congrats to the people who actually played by the rules! rofl

What abunch o' friggin comedians ;)

Good stuff Svenski,
your pal,
Erik Y.