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technologies you would like to see

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How about a conciousness-meter that deploys an air ballon in case of conciousness-loss?
I guess It is in development/developed, but
any ideas about how to measure atention level electronically?
How about measuring eye movement/openess
with a CCD? Brain wave pattern detectors?
I'm sure in no time at all we'll have a device that will make us forget about what used to be called 'BlackOut'
Of course this device is integrated with an electronic palm that pats you on your back after surfacing and and e-mouth that will blow air on your face to make you come to life :=)
A fish measurer that finds the distance and figures length based on that. So I don't have to decide what to do with a 21 inch halibut with a hole through his side.

Also Underwater GPS would be great for SCUBA.
I'd like a special mask that somehow compensates the absobtion of color according to the depth and the conditions one dives in. That way one could see even vibrant reds at any depth where there is still light. Like night goggles but "color goggles" :cool:

Originally posted by DeepThought
I read some years ago some article about science-fiction like nanotech inventions.

One of them that was for medical use was some kind of micro-spheres, that can hold about 100 times more o2/co2 than red blood cells. It's supposed to have a selective membrane that can regulate the gasses in the blood.

The idea is that having your blood filled with those, even after you have a cardiac arrest, you'll still be able to just walk down the street and catch a taxi to a nearby hospital. They estimated that you can stay alive 4 hours with no circulation.

I didn't know what freediving was at the time I read it, but the first thought in my mind was going for a 4 hour underwater stroll, or fill my air spaces with fluid and catch a ride on a spermwhale.

That kind of invention could change mortality (and freediving:)) as we know it.

Good One mate.

Nano tech. rely on atom to atom construction (as i remmember from old times) its even possible to be immortal with this technelogy.Producing artificial organs and etc...
The nanospheres with oxygen wouldn't work so easily. Sure, you would have enough oxygen for 4 hours without circulation, but where would all the metabolic waste products go? You would get contractions within seconds from all the CO2 which would have nowhere to go, and it wouldn't even be pumped out of your brain!

You would black out from overly acidic blood within less than a minute.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Originally posted by DeepThought
...some kind of micro-spheres, that can hold about 100 times more o2/co2 than red blood cells. It's supposed to have a selective membrane that can regulate the gasses in the blood...
CO2 isn't supposed to be the problem. Other metabolical wastes might be. But with current technology, it's an imaginary nanosphere anyway, so it could virtually deal also with other metabolical wastes and spread some anti-oxidents and derordorant around your cells while at it...:)
For interesting developments with camo :


Dynamically camoflaged suit - basically in prinicple you become very hard to see, although in reality the technology will be problematic underwater (based on light etc).

Recently read a very scary article in the Ecologist magazine on the dangers of nanotechnology - they were equating the most common type of carbon nanoblocks with the most toxic substance so far known - I don't have the article to hand - but these blocks can move between the blood/brain barrier and cause havoc very quickly. Apparently this type of block is starting to be made on an industrial level for tv screens etc .... Scary stuff.
That cloak is amazing.

When will i be invisible? How cheap would a trip to the supermarket be?

They will be banned I am sure. The perverts would ruin it for all of us :p
One day while free diving with my buddy Jim Glynn, I got an idea to eliminate the need to drag the float around with the rope in it while performing other dives without the rope/float, gear, etc. The diver would wear some sort of a reflector or beacon on his hood, mask, etc. The float would contain a servo-steered mini electric motor that would track the diver automatically once he is 10 or 20' from the float. Once within a specified range, it would cease to seek the diver, thus preventing "overshoot" and correction. One could even carry a remote to summons the float when ready for a drink or needing something stored in it. The motor and battery could be tiny, as the payload would be minimal compared to the weight of a diver. It would be like some one always there to hold your camera, spear, water, etc.

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If it hasn't been posted yet, how about a swim-bladder implant? No more need for those damn weights!

Something I want or I'm going to make for myself is
stainless steel weights, I'm sick of lead.
Wouldn't it take more SS weights to equal the same weight in lead?:D
It might be a little more bulk, but I only use 6 pounds so I'm
not worried about it.
What about the price difference?

Obviously 6lbs is not gonna be too expensive but will be more costly than lead for sure.
Think about this- right now the stores selling weights
in my area must display a health warning next them.
The new stainless ones could be marketed as a healthy
alternative. I don't know about the area where you live,
but in southern california anything more healthfull sells.
I think I'm going to start selling them.
If you want durable weights, make them out of aluminum-bronze, not stainless steel. SS will corrode eventually.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
WHat about getting the required amount of weight in titanium and have it surgically implanted. This will allow a more hydrodynamic shape to the freediver.

Not sure how you would "Take a dump" in case of emergency ;)
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