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Underwater fin surfing...

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
i don't wanna be a pain in the ass but like i sead i'll reply to questions and post about this subject on the www.bodysurfing.com.au site. see you there...

I purchased a Specialized monofin from a freediver by the name of Deron Verbeck, in Hawaii. I am interested in pursuing this in the same manor as you have described above, wave riding, using the Monofin. Do you have any photos? Do you know of any videos of others doing such a thing? I live in San Diego, California. Do you have other monofinners that I may contact in Southern California?

if you go back in the thread a little you will find links to photos and a video from Ken. sorry, don't have any Cali contacts for subsurfers.
Hey, first post on this, but just wondering if you've seen the jack mccoy film 'blue horizon' - dave rastavich does quite a lot of underwater surfing, without fins, just kicking with bare feet. It looks very cool indeed.

Sorry if this is old news... ;-)
Is that the movie though? I saw Blue Horizon and there were, I think, two or three scenes of Rasta doing some great stuff. There's another movie though, also with Rasta, which is only underwater surfing/sub-surfing. It's a short and it was shown at some surf film festivals last year. I'm still trying to find it but without any luck.

Happy New Year everyone... hoping to make more time for the ocean this year, I've been pretty dry these past 6 months.
hm, it's an extra on the dvd, which may be the same as the short. it's about 4 minutes long & is called something like rasta into the blue or something similiar.

I just remember it stood out to me because he was barefoot, but still catching the waves really smooth.
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Is it called "Rasta Into the Sea: underwater bodysurfing by Rasta"? 'cuz that's the one I was looking for. I couldn't see a list of extras on amazon.com but if you say it's on there I might pick it up and try and get some tips.

I don't know if anyone is still interested, but I found an old copy (from about 97) of an English magazine called Surfers Path when I was tidying up to move house and there is a 4 page article in there about a guy who's been fin surfing pipeline for years. I also have a few clips of dolphins subwave surfing and also a clip of Laid Hamilton doing it too.

If anyones interested in seeing the quicktimes of the dolphones or Laird, or would like to see scans on the magazine pages, then just PM me and let me know :)


I posted some Bodysurfing videos (Scenes of A Broke Down Melody, from Jack Johnson). Kelly Slater & Mark Cunningham. There's one where Slater jumps outside the water as a dolphin does.

Could be found here:




Amazing bodysurfing pics and links could be found at:
Hey, good to see some new video just in time for the winter season. My computer was slow so I'm going to have to try again for good uninterrupted grooves. The one with Kelly Slater was the "kick like hell underwater toward the on coming wave and then get launched out the back" manuever. I was hoping for a video account of true porpoising which is underwater riding and popping in and out as you go. Let's go get a camera. Keep it up, posting soon.
aloha, tom
Anybody catch the surf today on the Florida East Coast? Flu did me in, but the pics look like lots of 8-10 ft. Oh my!

Hi Noa and the rest!

Wow, I just stumbled across this strand and I'm so stoked!
I'm a South African freediver living partly in Sweden and partly in Cape Town. My house is on Muizenberg beach in CT, one of the world's most reliable and constant breaks. A long sandy beach, and rolling waves varying from small- XL. I started surfing when I moved to CT as freediving with all those great white sharks freaked me out!
But this is so perfect! I've also spent hours watching the dolphins surf,
but I've never had the self-confidence to copy them...
Thank you for the inspiration all of you!
If any of you are passing through South Africa, let me know,
I think our waves could be super for this!

Hanli - am jealous of that house on Muizenberg, that was where I had my first surf, about 14 years ago... unfortunately after being threatened by the locals at Llandudno and then getting pummeled at that corner break at Nordhoek (can't remember the name) I gave it up and started climbing and stuck to bodysurfing at Clifton to cool down. But I still have fond memories of slowly crawling up on my malibu at Muizenberg and loving it! There's no surfing where I live now unfortunately, but lots of freediving so I shouldn't really complain.

Good luck with this stuff, can't wait to get to a decent break somewhere so I can give it a shot. I should be in Cape Town next year so I'll definitely be hitting the beaches and I'll give you a ring.

Hi, only let you all know, i,m using my mono to take waves. With snorkel and swim mask, just as finswimmer. Good experience as soon i can take big waves i let all know if it's reasonably or not.

Bye !!!
Morning all. Winter's coming on here on Kauai and I had some recent research results to share. The longest underwater rides available for me are at point breaks that have just the right angle to the swell, enough power to pull you but not too much, as maximum velocity under water is reached in pretty mediocre waves from a standing surfers prospective. The other best ride is from beach breaks with a long gradual bottom for the approaching wave. ie, not a steep beach. I've been practicing catching the wave as far ahead of it's breaking point as possible. Yesterdays observation is that the most energy of the pre-breaking wave is on it's high leading surface. Plunging down too deep to take off loses the energy. Just slightly submerging as the wave approaches captures more of the energy. Once some of the energy is captured and you begin to feel a pull roll the head and shoulders a bit to make a wing shape and real assimilation into the waves energy occurs. It's a past time for days when bigger, faster surf is absent. Once it's overpowering then the whole things just turns into the "underwater take off". Waves like Pipe and Teahopu seem generally too critical for underwater play although I've seen a woman named Judith use underwater take offs at Pipe during a contest, very short quick underwater take offs.

Aloha, Tom
wow, this sounds like fun, i will definatly take my mono to the north shore once things settle down a lil bit.
although....if someone did this at Jaws or wiamea it would be totally gnarly!
find that video of laird, i couldnt find it
good luck guys, TY NOA!!

peace, blue
its not really all that hard been doing it hear for years, usally after freediving offshore do it onthe way in. just do it the same as you would normally body surf but go under water bigger the wave eaiser it is.
Hi guys,
I just spent a great half hour composing a witty reply and then lost it somehow. First I explained my thoughts on the difficulty of underwater body surfing with a monofin and underwater bodysurfing larger waves.

Then I explained my thoughts on the physics of body surfing,

Then the ecstasy and the metaphysics of body surfing. (Well, it was this concept that bodysurfing was more than just surfing, it was riding the initial vibrations caused back during the birth of the physical universe and extrapolated all the way out and into an ocean wave)

Then I lost the whole damn thing. What a kook.

So the heck with it, I'm just going to shut the F up and go surfing.

tp :)

But you should have seen it, it was a beautiful thing.

Keep it up! if you get to Kauai e' me and we can go surf.
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