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Underwater fin surfing...

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
As soon as the shoulder has healed i will be in it i would love to get some waves at Rotto (I have Boat ) were do you go Bullets ???
Did you get to Strickos and Saturday with the N/E winds it would have been epic
Had to sit on the Beach and watch last weekends surf, Saturday morning was grinding in Perth must have been good down South.
I planned the shoulder opp thinking July-Aug would be on shore and pussy but
Huey has seen to it and the Surf has been good almost every weekend, just my luck.
Shoulder should be strong enough around November so will contact you then.
Have fun in the Green Room

Greetings Noa and the team.

Sorry if you thought I deserted the cause, I thought you had all deserted as well!!!. i've been waiting for emails to come in saying that there has been a new post but for some reason they stopped coming :waterwork

Oh well, i'm back now. Theres not much action where I'm at, mainly, because it's winter and Im a girls blouse but I should be swimming again in a few months.

I'm just gonna have a read of all the new posts now so you can expect some more input from me from now on lads (and ladies??!?)

OK no ladies from what I can tell.

I feel a bit like a kid in a candy shop with all these new posts. Still haven't read all of them. rofl

Anyway greetings all those I haven't had the pleasure of meeting before (if thats what you can call it) It's pretty awesome to have people like Ken on board.

Noa - keep up the good work ;)

Now down to business.
1. I gotta see that promo ASAP. Could someone pleeeease email it to tim@smarttalk.co.nz. Thanks in advance.
2. Noa, I do, and always have felt the same way you do about the potential for this thing and would love to help you on your adventures.

I personally think that in order for this to really reach the masses we need a DVD. I think thats probably obvious and I can't wait for the full version of Ken's, but I think in order for it to really crank and get people who would otherwise just say "Cool"... to actually get amongst it, it needs to include stuff like... breaching (aerials. something I'm especially keen on. Would personally love the waves, know how and equipment to take this to the next level) some science (a wave technologist explaining how and why. in fact it would be cool to invite one to this forum to help with our understanding) equipment (the recorded evolution and development of some specialised equipment i.e. a mask that will stay on after breaching) some extreme stuff (like tanker surfing - bags not) sponsorship, decent cinematography, a website (which I will get on with if we're all agreed on a name) etc, etc,

It can all be done and I'm down like James Brown with getting it cranking. (in between paying wages, invoicing, and satisfying the ladies that is)

So for all those that just want to enjoy this awesome thing for what it is - much respect. For those that want to crank it up a little and have some fun with Subsurfing out of the water as well, theres no time like the present.

Tim a webpage or for everyone to post pictures and storys and quicktimes would be a great 1st step I posted you my trailer Ken
Noa, what's the latest on your Hawaii gathering? Last I read the idea seemed to be headed to Australia? I would still be happy to help find some lodging and show some of you all around the breaks here on Kauai. The wave machine up north will start to pump soon, about another month. Hee hee hee!
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Hello to everyone, especialy Tom and Tim who i'm really glad to have back. Tom i was just about to try to contact you again as my previous attempts have been unsuccesfull. The verdict has been to stick to Hawaii and since you're still keen on being involved that helps us greatly. We now need to know who i definetly interested in order to get an official number so we can sort out accomodation. So lets get our names down and let Tom who is willing to help us know how many we are. The best time for me to do this gathering is in November or December (the lattest).
November's probably a little less crowded and easy to book as it's before the holidays. Cost and logistics for you all? Plane tickets to Oahu and interisland tickets to Kauai or a direct flight to Kauai from L.A. or S.F. (we prefer those because it saves a few hours time and about 140.00 ticket cost)
Then there's the rental cars, either individually rented or sharing a van,($?) the house when shared is possible to get down to 50.00/night but can go up depending on how many people are there. Food; if you get a house or condo it's got a kitchen so eating won't be too costly. You fly in, dump your stuff at the house and go find some waves!

A swell actually came in yesterday from the North (3-4'). A gift because August is usually flat as a pancake.

Hello Tom,
still waiting to see who will come for sure so we can proceed on booking things. at this point in time it looks like Ken and i are the only definates but i'm sure others will join. will keep in touch for sure. good to see god sent you some swell to play in, do you ever surf the south shore in the summer, any waves there ?
Yeah sorry guys. I explained to Noa via email that I probably won't be able to make it to hawaii this time round, the biz will fall to bits without me there. Will shoot for next time. :waterwork

I'm more than happy to help any other way I can.

Ken - had any luck with DB about our own section?


Took me a year, but I finally found a set of kaiman goggles. They work much better than anything else I've used. Thanks for the tip. Good luck in Hawaii.

Hi Noa,

I'm afraid I can't make it. No more vacation left. I was hoping for a Jan/Feb event, but I am sure with the interest this thread has generated there will be other opportunities to do this kind of thing.


I understand that it's a difficult comitment for you guys to make this trip. sad to see all of you slowly but surelly drop out though. Ken e-mailed me telling me he might not be able to make it either. if that is the case, i'm then left alone which makes me doubt the purpose of the trip. all is not lost of course and one must always be ready to flow and adapt to changing situations. if one moves in water, one must move like water...
even if you don't come you guys are very important to this whole movement so whatever you do, don't disapear. Pete, Ken and Tim are trying to get a section on subsurfing started on this site, could you help in anyway ? keep you all posted on developments.
Noa - Keep the faith brother! :D

Catching up with you and whoever else is keen for a mission is definately right up there in my "things to do" list. Just got to find a way to make it all happen. For me at the moment its about finding a way to start working on my business and not in it.

As soon as we hear back about our section in this website, we can start adding content. In my opinion, getting exposure, or more to the point, maximising returns from exposure, relies on having a system in place to ensure people can quickly and easily follow up on a Subsurfing encounter.

What do I mean by that?
I mean that if someone down the beach, a passing TV crew, invited parties see you subsurfing and say, "wow thats cool", instead of just saying "....ummmm... yeah" , you can say, "yeah! checkout www.whatever.org its a really cool site with heaps of pictures and movies, detailed howtos even their own forum. If you want I could send you a DVD about it. MAN you should see what those crazy cats in down in New Zealand are up to!!! :martial ... etc etc"

Until we eventually meet we could start getting some momentum by doing things like designing logos and T-shirts, start a not for profit organisationy club thingy, register and setup a www.whatever.org website, start promoting via targeted emails and links to here/new site, making banners (for events), strategising, and most importantly - SUBSURFING HARD, pushing the boundaries, honing those skills, discussing it here, and getting plenty of footage, digital photos etc.

If anyone has any footage, pics etc - Email me at tim@smarttalk.co.nz I've setup an FTP site on one of my servers and I'll tell you how to place content on there (usernames passwords etc). It will act as a good central spot for storing content and its really easy to use.

Feedback??? - Make any sense???
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Hey Tim, i have faith by the truckloads, thanks for the encouragement though. your ideas are spot on and should be developed. thats why this meeting would have been great in order to gather material for a comming site. a good site needs good photos and all we have so far is what Ken might kindly provide for us. this is just a matter of time as i'm confident we'll soon have adequate photo material.
I think that if you would ask Stephan for a forum section here for a newborn water sports he would oblige. Don't assume he has time reading all the threads here.
Anyone been out subbing lately??? I'm a month or 2 off getting back into it yet, Im waiting for the water to warm up a little :( . A few weekends ago I went out with a mate to get some paua (abalone) but for some strange reason, over the last 18 months my wetsuit has shrunken to the point where I can no longer get it zipped up. It s a very strange phenomena.

So anyone been out???
It's surf season again. First swells have rolled through Hawaii. I Googled Body Surfing the other day and one of the first articles was about three blokes from England who have entered the Pipeline Bodysurfing Contest. They have only got experience surfing wind chop and are training by eating pizza, drinking beer and smoking. After last years 20'+ faces on the third reef sets I'm going to go back just to watch. (and to share some beer and Pizza with them)
Hello everyone,
i'm moving this thread to a new Australian bodysurfing site www.bodysurfing.com.au and will be posting there from now on regarding this topic. for all freediving topics deeperblue rocks, but subsurfing is better suited there. see you all soon.
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hey mate,
I do this all the time and my mates think i'm weird.
forgive me, i didn't read all of the responses so this may have already been asked.
i can catch the waves to the shore easy but how do you get a barrell like the dolphins and even just cruise along the wave, do you paddle along the wave as you catch it or is is manouvering when you are on the wave. This has been troubling me for ages, if you can shead some light i would appreciated it.
peace mate,
p.s. all the best with trying to make it happen in Hawaii, i respect people like yourself
I can't speak for anyone else, but I have always caught the wave as a normal underwater takeoff, and then, while ramaining underwater, I start doing the manouvers. Minor changes in body position in the wave have drramatic effects.

BTW: I met another underwater bodysurfer here in Anchorage, AK last night. I was training for freediving when he came overt to talk. From the freediving it expanded to bodysurfing and general water games. We're slowly expanding everywhere
(No, I don't do any body surfing up here. Its a little chilly; I wait for my annual trek to hawaii)
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