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What The Hell Happened...

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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May 28, 2002
A year ago this forum was buzzing with hunters from all over the world. I learned much and even met many spearos that I now consider my best friends here...hell, I even met one of my groomsmen here. Hunters made DB and accounted for the majority of the posts. Now there are a handful left or maybe some just dont have anything to contribute(I have found myself in this situation for the last few months) Now the majority of the posts fall under crap like "what star sign are you?"

I was thinking about this the other day and it irritates me. I even browse other forums and notice people that havent posted here in a while as regulars on other sites(you know who you are :D ). I have even been participating, on a limited basis, at another forum but have a hard time finding people like the old DB community...found alot of arrogant, ignorant, rednecklike people out there :head

I dont know about others but I miss the old DB, even Sven and Abri:ko Wonder if maybe my computer is just broke and not showing me the kick-ass threads... :hmm

Seeing the post from Aquiles made me miss the good times we all had showing off the catch of the day and ribbing each other...oh well, guess all good things must come to an end. Maybe 10 yrs from now we will have a DB reunion...if the Brady Bunch can have one, so can we!
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Oh yeah...Aquiles, dont get too comfortable. The winter bluewater tuna/wahoo run will be cranking up soon. You need to come up here and swim with the makos:crutch

I think we both need to shoot a yellowfin before Andrsn...that would kill him:friday
Yeah, and we got experts in their own minds posting on any and all threads connected to spearfishing. We know who you are. Sadly, the newbies don't. You see or shoot anything interesting lately Rig? What happened to Iya? He used to have some of the best stories and theories on the forum.

Iya is hanging out on the spearboard...kinda natural I guess as most of them are primarily tank hunters like him.

Shot a nice cobia last outing and a couple tournament winning barracudas(37# and 36#). Lots of average fish but no real mosters for me. The AJ's were holding to deep for me...I was at 80' and could see them circling the rig at about 140-150'. Oh well...tuna season is upon me and I getting mine this year:head
Mike, you’re right.

The reason people choose not to post their pictures and stories any more is the judgmental crap they have received. Some people have become more interested in finding fault than encouraging, sharing, and joking. Others, I believe are so concern with their perceived standing in the forum that they are jealous of anyone who posts pictures and stories. Yea I too miss the good old days.

Iya eventually had enough. Funny thing about him hanging out at spearboard.com is that even though he’s mainly a tank diver, he seemed to get along better with us spearos. He hardly ever posts anything about scuba diving.

Maybe it’s the love for guns that made us like him and he like us. Freedivers seem to care more about guns, I guess, because we have fewer, more important shots. He also respected and understood us. He knew freediving spearing was a choice we made because we wanted something more demanding than sinking to the bottom and shooting several fish in the same drop. Something few scuba divers understand. But then we respected his diving too, because he reviled in the difficult demanding scuba spearfishing, like pelagic hunting. I don’t think he ever respected the kind of scuba hunting a lot of us see.

I started to write what I really thought about a few things, but decided to let what’s in the past stay that way. But I will say this, if you haven’t posted any pictures of your catches or stories in the last 1 ½ years, than maybe you don’t have a right to make a negative comment about someone else’s.

And one more thing. If you’re new, don’t feel bashful about posting a picture or sharing an experience or even making a comment. The board is to learn, share, and most of all, have fun!
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i hear ya..

Sorry, but the last cool adventure I had was way back with this bum. :hmm

Maybe I'll write about it when I get a chance and mispel a bunch of words for someone to critique. :t

I think we've just lost some of our "catalysts" here. But, maybe we've just learned all we think we need to know? :confused: Maybe we're just all happy with our equipment and dive partners? Dunno, yer guess is as good as mine. :D

I will mirror what you've all been saying - things here are slowing down. Myself included. I just got back from dema and have some really interesting product review articles to write up. My truck was stolen friday, recovered, but completely gutted and I'm still dealing with the insurance people to try to get that fixed up. keeping me busy.

Found a new lake that is FULL of Burbot, and will be hunting it this weekend. hopefully posting picts as soons as I can get them scanned.

As to the BS over posting picts. tell the would-be critics to #uck-off. you won;t get any argument from the Mentors (me anyways) glad to see the concern over this - I really hope we can get more interesting topics. I miss the heated arguments too

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I should also add that this is what has been keeping me extra busy as of late - she's turning out to be an amazing shot and now wants to learn to freedive/Spearfish!
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come up with an idea then see it through.

Wassamattah, Don? You still feeling sore? :D

I will make note of a couple things- one is that this place is still a freebie- I'm sure as hell not getting paid to hang out here, so I'll cop to being pretty busy with the day to day stuff that keeps me from getting wet. In the ocean. :hmm

Second- of the members that have posted here in this thread so far, one has seen fit to enter in this month's Contest. This place is what you make it; you don't want to participate, don't bitch that you're bored. Come up with and monitor daily a contest, as did Iya in his ripoff, er, borrowing, uh, sampling of the Contest here, then get set to get mails asking where their T shirts are..., sponsor and do the legwork to host a Keyz Kraze or an Ab Grab, and visit and call your compadres. And correct their spelling and grammer, (Reveled, not reviled...:head )

I said before in another thread that the back and forth about girlie :girlie guns with Abri elicited a great deal of laughs once evryone figured out that we were on the same page- we used what we liked and defended it to the funny bone. You'll also see that some of the busier threads were the loudest in terms of voicing outright indignation and outrage at the actions of a few vs the author's opining about the "long view". Those individuals said flat out that they wanted out and off this site. Fine. But they're still here... So you've got question their sincerity as well as commitment to the sport and themselves. Again, this was what was driving these pages. Then too by this time, more than a few were all saying that they were going to make it to the Keys, and look at the crew that actually showed... :hmm It's the genuine participation. I haven't seen a lot (as in two words...) of eagerness in hooking up some of the newer, easily recognizable as genuine, divers here, short of Bill and Erik. But like Mike said, there are a lot of bullshit threads asking how tall you are and showing pictures of girls they're trying to scam on. Maybe we Mentors need to filter some of the stuff a tad more thoroughly, but then comes the issue of what's correct and whats censorship.

So while it's all well and good to try and explain off the why's and pontificate the if's, it comes down to just putting yourself out there and being prepared to defend yourself should your shit be called. Somebody say's you're wrong, OK. Everybody says you're wrong, look at the mirror.

Now go enter the Contest. :t
Originally posted by Amphibious
I should also add that this is what has been keeping me extra busy as of late - she's turning out to be an amazing shot and now wants to learn to freedive/Spearfish!
6 pack and a sleeping bag, eh???:D
you better belive it!

2004 worlds in Vancouver.... less then a year.... MMmmmm....
Alright...I did not start this thread to piss anyone off, but on the other hand I had to post something I knew would get a reply so I could see who's still creeping around:hmm

In an effort to bring a little life back to the board I challenge all of you to start one new thread that might be of interest. Many of us havent started a thread in 6 months or more and I know you have a new piece of gear, shot a fish, or daydreamed about some hunting adventure and dammit, Id like to hear about it...

I personally vow to start at least one thread per week for a little while so stay tuned...:duh
What the Hell happened....

Good question, Mike!
--- Perhaps it's the onset of Fall and a seasonal thing that's caused a bit of a slowdown on the site. Someone, somewhere is fishing/ freediving !
Your point is well taken; as in any worthwhile effort, steady even pressure is required! [ = consistency, you filthy minds! ]

I'll have more to say once I've used the new suit and fins a bit and gotten more dive time.
Here, the Red Tide is s l o w l y p a s s i n g and I've certainly been in a diving 'slump'. Luckily, a DB member lives nearby and we'll schedule a dive soon. Or I'll pester the fellas in my freediving club....

What isn't seen, gentlemen, is the action Off-Forum: some of us have made friends with divers we've met here, and been lucky enough to dive with them. That's an 'unseen' bonus; a site that allows me to read a member's attitude and make that first contact when I think he or she could be a kindred spirit...or vice versa...

...and again, sometimes Life throws a Hello in the chops. Like Hurricane Irene....or....being 'let go' from work....it's nothing personal.

I like your rise to the challenge, Mike. Good attitude!

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I'm busy as hell at the moment ...

I've been taking guys out left right and center, Moz is buzzing at the moment. I haven't even had time to develop photos of my my last 6 trips ....

Took some yahoo's out to Shelly beach last week for deep-sea fishing, and they hopped and popped and hooted and looted. After the first fih came out (8Kg yelowfin) I hopped of the boat with my gun (whilst they were fighting 3 rods at the same time ... pretty stupid) and popped a 19Kg Yellowfin right under the boat. After that it went downhill fast - the guys went back to shore and got themselves a gun each. Next day we got 16 Tunnies on the boat, none under 6Kg's and the biggest a whopping 28Kg's.

Some fun. I'm busy packing for my next trip (leaving tonight) to Shelly beach ... amazing what word of mouth does for one's bussiness.
Oh yeah - Mozambique is PUMPING with action. Was there 2 weeks ago. On the first dive of the trip this one guy popped a 30Kg GT before the second guy was of the boat. It kinda carried on like that for the next 3 days ... he he he.
Originally posted by rigdvr
What The Hell Happened...

I think I have an answer Rig, guys... I've seen it happen in other places and it's a very common thing for the so called web communities.
It just got too personal... :head
I haven't been in here very often partly because of my job and partly cause my experience is in the Black Sea, which is even more peculiar than the Med. Lately I've been participating even less, cause as some of you know, I was kept away from the spearfishing for more than a year already and I'm getting a bit rusty in my opinions and experience. However, I still keep coming back, cause the plase is.. well.. interresting and informative and sometimes I still have something to share. At least it used to be like that.
I am sure you all got hooked up for the very same reasons...
Later some of you were lucky enough to make friends. You got to know each other, even met each other in person. And this is all really great and I even envy you guys for that, but concerning this forum - well, for you it became something more than what it has been designed for. It became the place where you can hang out with your buddies. The feelings got involved.
My not so frequent visits to the forum kind of allowed me to feel the evolution of this community. At first everyone was really eager to talk and share info and be helpful to everyone and just to Participate!
However, once those friendships started to grow and groups to form, the rest of the people felt a bit left out of the general discussion. I bet the newcommers feel like a kid that has to switch schools - it's hard to fit in an already developed community. What I am trying to say is that this place kind of sealed itself. Most of the newbies ome here, drop their question and after they get an apathetic answer they rush away...
Such web places grow old really fast and the lack of "fresh blood" kills them.

No matter what, newbies would still appear from everywhere with the same irritating questions and different opinions and if the place is to be kept alive someone will have to answer those questions over and over. And there always be people who will criticise and think they know everything best. As a lawyer I can tell you - hell the World is full with such morons! I've "crossed sabres" with one or two people here and it was just cause I felt it I'm right about something. If you just say "hey, let the moron be, that's ok. But if you allow things to get too personal, where would that take you and the whole DB community?

That's what I think, guys. I don't really have a sollution to this problem cause more or less it's a problem for every community, virtual or real. I just hope the impression I've developed from a more or less distant position might help.

I miss reading those compeltely opened discussions about everything too.

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Hi folks!

It's an interesting discussion. Obviously as the guy that owns all DB stuff I have an rather 20,000 ft view of the whole thing.

I dug into the stats for the forums and it makes interesting reading:
  • In Sept '01 there were 3,992 individual visitors to the forums and they viewed 29,171 pages.
  • In Sept '02 there were 4,843 individual visitors to the forums and they viewed 97,114 pages.
  • In Sept '03 there were 7,084 individual visitors to the forums and they viewed 162,980 pages.
So you can see the year on year trend is a tremendous growth and popularity to the forums. Of course this isn't broken down by the major sections.

Hunting has been a rapid growth section of the forums, so much so that we decided to split it out into it's own category earlier in the year. This raised the section profile and split discussions into various sub-forums. This may have contributed to the fact that "less" people seem to be posting as they are now spread across multiple sub-forums instead of one big forum.

As to the "community" atmosphere - here I have to agree with Wishbone to an extent - as a community grows up, the number of "lurkers" increases and the same old people tend to get bored of posting all the time. People segregate into small groups (just like an community) and a whole set of politics grow around these circles. Luckily we have a group of mentors who cross most of the larger groups in the forum and can keep the peace (that is their primary purpose).

Another aspect to consider is the fact that most people might actually be out diving at the moment. The diving season is coming rapidly to an end for a lot of people in the northern hemisphere so people tend to come back to the site once they are out of the water (as I should expect!!).

A lot of comments i've heard recently is everyone seems to be busy with new jobs or roles that keep them away from the site - I certainly know that I can't spend as much time as I'd like browsing the forums - which also has an impact, especially of some of the more prolific posters have to cut down.

Overall - the forums are growing, and as a forum grows the less of a small "community" feel it has to it - we want to try and keep it "homely" but there is only so much we can do.

If anyone has suggestions or comments on the forums - please always feel free to contact either myself or one of the Mentors.

Re: Re: What The Hell Happened...

Originally posted by Wishbone
However, once those friendships started to grow and groups to form, the rest of the people felt a bit left out of the general discussion. I bet the newcommers feel like a kid that has to switch schools - it's hard to fit in an already developed community. What I am trying to say is that this place kind of sealed itself.


Yes Ivan...

Thats what i was felt some time ago. In my opinion sometimes this forum lacks of hospitality for non US divers. Somehow they don't let you become a part of their community. To be honest i found that Australian guys showed more welcome to me in other forms but this place still my favorite;)I am spending hour or two eveyday in this form but i couldn't be the part of their's conversations. Everytime when i say my opinions i get the reaction like what do you know about it you are just a beginner! ! !. Ok, i am beginner like all of us onced used to be so what is the big deal about it, everbody deserve some respect wheather beginner or pro. Especially someone who has more than 1000 posts, may be this does not mean much to you but at least i expect some appreciation for effort that i put on this form. Lately there is a grouping of european divers.I feel them more close to me. They just simply does not judge your every comment wheather its true or not. They are all giving friendly advice and trying to establish friendly and warm environment. I think this is the way that DB should be...
Site Activity

This is actually the 23rd post I've had on this site. However, I visit it at least a half-dozen times a day. I don't believe quantity necessarily equals to a quality forum. Whenever, I have a doubt or question to a topic related to apnea training, freediving spearfishing, etc..., I always come here first and perform a search. That being said, I love the "international" flavor this site has as well as the feature articles. I know I've gained a wealth of knowledge reading Etzel's, Rick's, Anderson's and others columns.

I see Murat's point, but I'm sure the forum mentors don't strive or promote such behaivior from members. We are all free to comment and "chim" in as we please. There's not much control to what others say. I know I've been guility of such in the past. Nevertheless, "If you build it they will come". With more spearfishing related topics and pics, I know that as a strictly freediving spearo, I'll contribute as much as I can. Although, my level of knowledge only brushes the surface of that of others on this forum.

Finally, this site offers additional "smiley faces ":naughty :waterwork :confused: :duh , etc...
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Stephen, I understand the stats but take a second to browse the hunting threads...85% have been Memo and Murat.(not saying anything bad about either individual)

As for you Murat, the problems you8 had is when you were giving advice and opinions that started with "I read..." before you even had a pair of fins. Your posts now are entirely different because you have grown as a hunter. Go look at some of your earlier posts compared to now and you will see the change, I bet you dont gat near the negative replies you used to;)

Rolando, incase noone has said this already, welcome aboard. I know you as RJV already(I believe). This used to be the premier site for spearos and will be again soon...
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