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What The Hell Happened...

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
I haven't kept up w/ the forum as much as in the past. I ck in frequently but don't respond too much just due to lack of time and not getting out much myself. Hopefully this will get better this fall. The crazy weather patterns this year seem to of put a damper in alot of peoples plans(I know it did mine). I promise I'll do better. Later.
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I predict a revolt at the next KK and a new king will be crowned...:king
I guess this has to be public b/c Scott wants this to become a pissing match...I tried to contact Sturgeon about the post dragging up the past and flogging specific people. All things that I thought we were moving on from. His reply was not too positive. I find this funny from a guy who said he was going to try to be more like Donmoore whereas he would make positive replies even to negative ones yet he was the first one to drag crap up. He tried to tell me he did so only to let people know why he is hesitant to post stories/pics. Well Scott what would have been the big deal with saying something like...

...in the past I have had problems with posting stories and pics. But with renewing enthusiasm on the board I hope to start posting more...

There was no need in the things you posted except to stir the pot. You have a problem with me for things I said on another forum...well they still apply. I have never dove with anyone that had a high opinion of you. No I have not met you in person and I will reserve final judgement until then but many people I know and respect have influenced my current opinion...even people you have dove with on a regular basis(some of these names might surprise you, but there is no need in dragging others into this). Should I have to state this here...absolutely not. My opinion of you is just that MY opinion. I do not wish to sway members who do respect you like Donmoore. Likewise I respect Don and just b/c we have differing opinions about you does not mean I respect him any less.

My private message to you was to uphold the integrity of this thread. The intention of this thread, as I have had to state to several others was to renew interest in the forums, NOT to renew rivalries. If you didnt learn from the fallout last time I predict your second time around will be short lived as well.

To each his own! As long as you're having fun with it, that's all that matters.

Please keep in mind that I neither need your approval or permission to post what I please, nor do I seek it.

Also, please keep in mind that I don't get involved in pissing matches anymore. Sorry to disappoint! You have a free pass to bash me at will. You’ve got a good start going, so you might as well keep it up. People like you and Sven will not chase me away from this Forum again. There are too many other great people on DB that I enjoy conversing with to be run off by the likes of you.

Scott T.
Originally posted by sturgeon
Can't we all just get along???????????????

Seriously though, it's the personal attacks I don't like and that's what drove me away. It seems everybody’s saying post pics and tell hunting stories but to tell the truth, I'm a little gun-shy to do that much anymore. I once posted a picture of my World Record mutton snapper and got slammed for it by Aquilles. He demeaned me for turning in a World Record. I guess he was too cool to do such a lowly thing. And lest we not forget what happened when I proudly posted a picture of my 2002 Nationals catch. Sven started a thread entitled "Spearfishing competitions, ethics or pathetics" where he proceeded to bash me beyond belief. I think that's when I left the Forum.

So, now I try to stay away from the controversial stuff, don’t reply to or argue with the few assholes still left on the forum,

I’m also trying to structure my replies in a better manner such as Don Moore and several other members always seem to do. I’ve noticed that certain guys on DB always find a nice way to respond to posts and get their point’s across no matter how antagonistic of a reply they are responding to.

Scott T.

Maybe you sould proofread this. I havent seen such contradictory statements since the last presidential elections. :D First you ask to all get along and point out how you dont like personal attacks but right after that you start slinging the mud around. Can you not see that you started this? I think this is what you do...you start stuff so you can make yourself out to be the victim and ask why you are getting picked on. Right after you bash Sven and Aquiles you proceed to say how you are trying to be more like Don...well guess what? Don didnt bring up all the old beef even though he was tempted to. Check his post.(Nicely done by the way Don;) )But you just had to. I have even tried as of late to be more civil in my attitude toward you but in the pm you tell me to voice this publicly and that I am a f*cking a*shole so you can act like I am bashing you when I voice this...whatever:hmm

Be mad all you want at me for what I said on spearboard...I didnt start that topic someone else did. I notice youre not too welcome there either. Why is it everywhere you go, the shit hits the fan? :duh

I don’t consider stating facts as bashing. All you have to do is read the thread I specified and you can see for yourself that what I wrote was the truth. There is also no contradictory statement in my previous post about how I am trying to reply positively to all posts I contribute to. What I said to you in a private message is different than the way I would address you as a stranger on a public internet Forum. Even though I don’t like you personally, I will do my best to show you respect when I converse with you publicly. It’s pretty funny that you posted what I called you here though. I guess you were trying to embarrass me. You haven’t. Neither of us should even be engaging in this conversation. It’s not what members come here for. I’m sure everybody is tired of the stupid bickering that goes on in Forums, including here at DB. I for one am somewhat ashamed and apologize to the members for my role in this childish exchange and will not write another response to this thread.

I almost forgot, I'm not a member of Spearborad (never have been). Too many SCUBA divers for me, not my sport. A friend told me about your post. I subscibe to DB to learn stuff about freediving.

So, back to my original post: “Can’t we all just get along??????”

Scott T.
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Whoooaa slow down guys. I really don't know what happened in the past but can we leave it in the past? I mean yes mud was slung, feelings hurt, and people offended but can we let by gones be by gones? I have a temendous amount of respect for the both of you as do most others on the forum. When I see your names next to a post I will usually read them carefully. There are other names that when next to a post, are not taken very seriously. Others are a good comic relief. Both of you usually post very informative things that have helped me in the past and without a doubt have also helped others. We did have a little confrontation earlier which I will admit, I may have been a little too outspoken. Opinions were voiced, mud was slung but in the end all parties involved backed off. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and God knows that I myself am an opinionated person. There are times that we need to be the mature one and either shut up, apologize or agree to disagree. I'm not asking that you two kiss and make up, become best buds, and possibly future dive partners. No. What I am asking is if the two of you could burry the hatchet and put an end to this bitterness? What do you say guys?

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Here's what I say...

I started a thread calling into question some blatantly questionable practices that are considered common practice in todays sprearfishing competitions. You took it as a personal affront Scott and proceeded to make yourself and those practices an even bigger target through not only your juvenile accusations but your ill thought admissions. You wanna be a big player -fine. You wanna be a big boy- be ready to have your shit called.

You went way over the line here as well as earlier and your comments to rig about he and I have only made you a bigger pompous fool in our eyes. I figured from your defensive and elementary writing that you were an wannabe, but having received mails from here and from conversations with your cohorts in the field, of which I'm still active, I've revised my opinions of you to this- you're a complete lying, cheating and ignorant jackass.

Your hope that I get banned from here is laughable. And if you wanna call me an asshole, do it right here and now rather than in some chicken-shit PM to a close and valued friend that's also a better diver and helluva lot better person than you.

You chose to continue this Sturdgeon. You better nut up because if I tee into you, your whole scam is going down.

I'm sure you'll go crying to DB management about your shit being called and this post will be removed. Fine by me, but my opinions match enough of those around here and out there that you gotta be feeling awful lonely.
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dude...you outta come with your own warning label:mute

Dont let him get you all riled up...thats what he wants. He wants to get certain people all juiced up so he can do the "yall are pickin on me" stuff again.

I have said my piece and I think that the posts speak for themselves. I know people here can read between the lines and we dont need to persue this any further.
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Andrsn and Aquiles just called on their way in from a hunt in the keys...well if A's boss is reading I meant the doctors office cause he's sick:hmm ...and they had quite a day. Ill let them post but I figured if I mentioned it they would be forced to share....:D

Dude, that's awesome. Hope they log-on soon and provide some nice pics. This forum is heating up with some interesting and exciting threads, let's keep it going!

Can't wait to read the report and see the pics. If it's anything like the Rigs fishing trip, then I certainly can't wait. :D
Rig, Thanks for the nice words. I’m glad you clarified your feelings for me. That didn’t sound real good, did it? You know what I mean. Anyway I have a lot of respect for you too and especially that you don’t try and control who I like and I what I think. I also agree that bringing up the past should have stopped several posts ago, but it didn’t and since it didn’t maybe we should go further and get the feeling out until we either agree, or agree to disagree.

Brad, great post.

Sven, Your right about one thing, “Competitive Spearfishing - Ethics or Pathetics” was an interesting and relevant topic. But the problem was it was also a personal attack on Scott and I seriously doubt there are few people who could read your opening post and not see that. Yes there was previous baggage before the thread, but by including the attack in the thread, especially the opening post, made it a “pissing match”. Which appeared to be the intent.

The question posed in this thread was why people weren’t contributing and a few have answered that they didn’t like the pissing matches. Maybe pissing matches are good for short-term volume, but there are some who think the long-term result will be different.

"Calling into question some blatantly questionable practices in today’s sprearfishing competitions" was a topic Scott had been open and honest about before, because he didn’t agree with these practices either. The only thing you guys disagreed on, in that topic, was the measures to take. He felt that by not doing those things himself and being willing to openly discuss it, he was doing something. You felt his involved in the competitions was approval of the practices. So can’t we have some differences of opinion?

If anyone has to see what all the fuss is all about, here is the thread http://forums.deeperblue.net/showth...Spearfishing+competitions+ethics+or+pathetics If you feel you do not really want to know, that’s probably an even better attitude.

Sven, also Scott never saw your post last night to ask for it to be removed. Don’t know who or if anyone did.
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Originally posted by rigdvr
Andrsn and Aquiles just called on their way in from a hunt in the keys...

Awww, that's gonna make his little dip into the balmy 52 F degree water here in a couple of days all that much more enjoyable. To watch. :blackeye
That was a bit disgusting to read.
Like those celebrity deathmatches with the only difference - there are no celebrities here. I din't see even one valid argument in any of the posts - only some generalized opinions.

As far as the thread about the competitive spearfishing - I've missed it before unfortunately, but now I can see it was way too far from what I'd call a constructive argument.
You can't deny "certain practices" by generally bashing the sport and insulting the athletes, especially when there is a scent of it being actually a personal issue. When you do that you should be very well aware of the trends in the sport and to specify that your comments apply ONLY for the US competitions. I'd suggest reading the CMAS International Spearfishing Rules before generalizing.
And you can't act like you're 6 and someone stole your desert when trying to defend such obviously important issues for you.

Did this Competitions thread have any positive result? I really, really doubt that! And the way this is all heading, this thread wouldn't enjoy a better faith...

I was wondering whether to post this, but this went way too far methinks!


P.S. - Feeding fish - this is the most odious practice I've ever heard of, by the way.
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